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Ask and Dare App Humans  by LynoleyTpayne
Ask and Dare App Humans by Stay hydrated
It's all in the title, my good lad. HAS BEEN #1 IN ASKANDDARE
Social Media Comics by purpleevilbird
Social Media Comicsby gingerbreadsnapps
I drew a bunch of comics over on Amino and Deviantart for Social Media Humanized/App Humans, but I thought it'd be nice to have them all here as well. Some are colored;...
A Random Countryhumans/Planethumans Book by Ditto_Dittie_Dit
A Random Countryhumans/ Just A Ditto
Ok uhhh hi! This might be very random until I figure this out, but oh well! ♤This book includes mostly pictures and once in a while life updates that I don't want to sh...
App Humans Randomness Book ✔️ by LynoleyTpayne
App Humans Randomness Book ✔️by Stay hydrated
Just a crazy book about App Human stuff ~HAS BEEN #1 IN RANDOMNESS BOOK~ 19/11/19 ~HAS ALSO BEEN 1# IN SOCIALMEDIAHUMANIZED~ (Not trying time show off I'm just saying t...
Anon's dumb ArtBook by nickh989
Anon's dumb ArtBookby Anon
yeah, i draw, i guess Originally Nick's but changed to Anon. Please only refer to me as Anon from now on.
App Humans | YouTube x PornHub | Book 2 by LynoleyTpayne
App Humans | YouTube x PornHub | Stay hydrated
HEY EVERYBODY! BOOK TWO IS HERE, I REPEAT, BOOK TWO IS HERE! If you haven't read the first one, GO AND READ IT! I wouldn't have ever made this continuation if it wasn't...
Random. ( AppHumans oneshot ) by nickh989
Random. ( AppHumans oneshot )by Anon
a random oneshot book i guess, uhh yeah. Book cover art is by me
Apphumans oneshots (requests open)  by reddcordandhtflover3
Apphumans oneshots (requests open) by Reddcordandhtflover3
I love this fandom so I'm doing this. Will do: Lemons/smutt Fluff Yandere Tsundere Angst Sad Light smutt Reader x app Website x app Website x website Website x...
{DISCONTINUED} App Humans | Deleted | YouTube x Reader | by LynoleyTpayne
{DISCONTINUED} App Humans | Stay hydrated
What Is This World? You thought. There was many like you; apps. All inside an app (App Store). All inside... home. Or like beings on the outside called it: The Phone. R...
! APPHUMANS [-] ONESHOTS by clappedComrade
heyy please make sure you've read the first chapter before interfering with my book ~ ...
✤Blooming Love✤ REMAKE ᪥ Apphumans PHxYT ᪥ by Braxxers
✤Blooming Love✤ REMAKE ᪥ Brax :)
As i said, in the earlier well, version, everything was going a liiiiiiiiiilllll bit too fast, how they meet stays the same, but their relationship is slowed a bit. Atl...
App Humans | Deleted | YouTube x Twitter  by LynoleyTpayne
App Humans | Deleted | YouTube x Stay hydrated
Yeessss I ship this badly so here we go,, I have like a million stories but whatever,, (COVER CREDIT GOES TO @Oceanartist1 ON INSTAGRAM) So here is THE BLURB!! (Yes I...
The Surface Web || Webhumans x Reader [DISCONTINUED] by shoxkauwu
The Surface Web || Webhumans x .
(Y/N) is your ordinary teen, relying on their cellular device almost all the time. But one day, she was dragged into world inside her phone. "Welcome to the surface...
Oneshots by HhoneyLavenderr
Oneshotsby Cheesecake Factory
Season, country, state, planet, and social media humans (Pretty sure I made seasonhumans) Title art isn't mine, credit to original artist
App Humans | Invasion Game by LynoleyTpayne
App Humans | Invasion Gameby Stay hydrated
So, this was inspired by the 'chess for kids' book, which is actually pretty good. It's not tutorials, it's a story which teaches you how to play chess. So, why can't T...
🧡 Reddcord Oneshots 💙 by pissguardian
🧡 Reddcord Oneshots 💙by ÒwÓ
one day I will have to answer to a god who will not be as merciful as all of you. anyways.... reddcord, of course. Feel free to shit on my ship I should be ashamed of th...
App Humans Texting Stuff by LynoleyTpayne
App Humans Texting Stuffby Stay hydrated
Inspired by @JohnHamiliton052 Please enjoy~ Ranks - #5 in socialmediahumanized (17/11/19)
Social Media Humanized/Apphumans Oneshots :') by MyNotifsGetBoners
Social Media Humanized/Apphumans Trash
Yeet Yeet. Requests are open. Like you can request whatever the hell you want as long as it revolves around Social Media humanized shiz and it ain't fucked up. Your req...
[DISCONTINUED] Discord meets Discord Light Theme by epikalduck
[DISCONTINUED] Discord meets duck
COVER BY THISISFROG what the hell discord finds his long lost brother what the hell discord light mode you are going to be dow discord light mode you are going to be do...
Oh god kill me by Russiathecommie
Oh god kill meby Your mom
I don't even know it's just social media humanized ship bullshit oh fuck fffffffffffff