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Apprenticeship [An SMG4 Fanfic] by BStroobery
Apprenticeship [An SMG4 Fanfic]by A Blue Strawberry
When two new meme guardians appear in the Mushroom Kingdom with mysterious origins, SMG3 and SMG4 are tasked with mentoring and training them while SMG1 and SMG2 look in...
Remnant's Super Meme Guardian - RWBY x SMG4 by AngelicVampireQ
Remnant's Super Meme Guardian - Meme Lord Q
A boy was watching and laughing at some funny Memes when suddenly a mysterious force pulled him into the world of Remnant, this boy had become SMG6 and now had to tame t...
Smg5 (Y/n) The Guardian!! by Theforggoten
Smg5 (Y/n) The Guardian!!by juan Ibanos
Smg5 is a gaurdion that goes by the name Y/n, who also goes by the names of Smg5, and Steve is willing to help and find goodness in others.
smg4 Virtual Reality Arc by takadohiroganePH
smg4 Virtual Reality Arcby takadohiroganePH
yet another new adventure and now a new enemy is waiting
The Prism Arc (An SMG4 fan arc) by TypicalSMG4FanLOL
The Prism Arc (An SMG4 fan arc)by SMG4 FAN
It's time we told you the full story of the Mario recolors
SMG4 Fan Arc Notes and Drawings by TypicalSMG4FanLOL
SMG4 Fan Arc Notes and Drawingsby SMG4 FAN
Hello! For those who don't know, my username is TypicalSMG4FanLOL. This Wattpad "Story" will offer my fan arc notes and other materials. A sneak peek into the...
Light Dark and Magic. by Elderterra
Light Dark and Chaos Bringer
a familiar scene, but somethings... off. Witness the return of some old faces and some new ones in this little story i made for fun.
SMG4: What If by TypicalSMG4FanLOL
SMG4: What Ifby SMG4 FAN
Explore various alternate universes where events go...... differently. Details from my fan-made arcs, The Perditas Arc and The Vacuus Arc, will be included in this &quo...
Random Aus of SMG4 and my ocs by AlexisKindness
Random Aus of SMG4 and my ocsby
Just some short (maybe) story's of my ocs and the different aus of SMG4 and stuff. might change the title.
SMG3, 4 and 5 chat zone. by Elderterra
SMG3, 4 and 5 chat Chaos Bringer
This is just a test for how wattpad works.
Some Random Ideas of Smg4 by Potatokid_Yum2
Some Random Ideas of Smg4by Potatokid_Yum2
It's just another idea story nothing much BUT some noice Incorrect Quotes will be here!
The Treasure Arc (SMG34 RP story) by Toon4life
The Treasure Arc (SMG34 RP story)by ♡Toonie & Bgb♡
Join the SMG4 crew on a treasure hunt with wacky adventures! Full of comedy, romance and angst! Me and my friend wrote this together like a role-playing so be kind, it's...