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Thanks again! (Smg34 story) by Allicoro
Thanks again! (Smg34 story)by Allicoro
Photo from lsmg3l on twitter 🫶 this will suck bc Idk how to write romance. I was inspired to write my own smg34 story (Updates every Week if not on break or tired )
Smg4 Alternative: Brother... by PhoenixFirebird19
Smg4 Alternative: Chicken God
Credit to BaconBloodFire on DeviantArt for cover This is another what if, same one I did for Behind The Retarded Mask. However, this is one that kills my heart. This tak...
h. college  by loveresue
h. college by b.
lams lol tw i guess all characters from hamilton
Revelations  by herty-47k
Revelations by herty-47k
College what could go wrong got the 2 guardians and we got the strongest which is Mario along with his group what could possibly go bad All characters belong to Smg4 N...
The Legend of SMG5|Season 1: The Rise of Y/n L/n aka SMG5 by Dracunyan1987
The Legend of SMG5|Season 1: The Neo Flippy/Fliqpy
[SEASON 01 - The Rise of Y/n L/n] You arrive at the Mushroom Kingdom to search for Mario at Peach's Castle to help him find the man with the Power of Memes aka SMG4 and...
If mario was the last person on earth (Alternative universe) by TopperHatter
If mario was the last person on Hatter
contains some mario X smg3 (but it focuses on the main plot more)
Another  one? (SMG4 and SMG3 x male!reader) by AlexisKindness
Another one? (SMG4 and SMG3 x
So for this one you're a male. (Sorry to the ladies!) You're either gay. Also credit to the person who made the cover! More information will be in the info page! Also I...
Memes n' Evil - SMG4 x Reader x SMG3 by ThatOneIdioticUser
Memes n' Evil - SMG4 x Reader x Idiotic
Y/N, a girl who ran away from home when she was a child due to abusive parents, found herself falling into the Mushroom Kingdom. A certain Youtuber and his pals took her...
SMG34: The prince and the servant by Axvill_0
SMG34: The prince and the servantby ✨Axvill 0✨
This is a story about the SMG4 cast living in the medieval times. Read "introduction" to find more about it. (Sorry if the cover is bad. I try so hard to make...
The Legend of SMG5: Season 2 - New Faces, New Enemies, More Adventures by Dracunyan1987
The Legend of SMG5: Season 2 - Neo Flippy/Fliqpy
[SEASON 2 - New Faces, New Enemies, More Adventures - Waluigi Arc] It's been a while since Y/n L/n aka SMG5 have been living in Peach's Castle and gone through some craz...
SMG4 Fanfic: There's Something Up with Mario by DS123Products
SMG4 Fanfic: There's Something DS123 // DS123 Productions
Mario has been acting weird... and everyone is concerned about him. What really is the matter with Mario???
SMG4: He's Gotta Be Safe by ZER09294
SMG4: He's Gotta Be Safeby ZER09294
MUST WATCH "SMG4 Movie: IT'S GOTTA BE PERFECT" BEFORE READING After the whole "Perfect Video" incident with SMG4, SMG3 vouches to never let it happe...
❤️⭐️Hamilton Smut⭐️❤️ by ouiouismesme
❤️⭐️Hamilton Smut⭐️❤️by ouiouismesme
Title is what it says. If you aren't interested, please do not read. MOSTLY GOING TO BE GAY AND KINKY BECAUSE WHY NOT (very kinky) Pls be nice to poor me :( jk do whate...
Smg34 Oneshots ‧₊˚🖇️✩ ₊˚🎧⊹♡ by LOSER_wazhere
Smg34 Oneshots ‧₊˚🖇️✩ ₊˚🎧⊹♡by DONNIE!!
I like gay Mario recolors [PICTURE NOT MINE]
Helpless {Lams}[Completed][Mute Alex] by SunkissedChild5
Helpless {Lams}[Completed][Mute SunkissedChild5
[Lams High School & College AU] Alex, a mute high school student, finishes his senior year at Lin-Manuel Miranda High School. He ends up meeting John Laurens, a sweet bo...
Lost [A SMG34 Fanfiction] by F1shee
Lost [A SMG34 Fanfiction]by F1shee
After the whole "It's gotta be perfect" incident, Smg4 has been isolating himself more and more out of his guilt. He reluctantly agrees to a camping trip with...
SMG4 Fanfic: Mario's Desert Bus by DS123Products
SMG4 Fanfic: Mario's Desert Busby DS123 // DS123 Productions
When Mario accidentally screws up SMG3's progress on Desert Bus... Mario is forced to play the game with no brakes. However... Unexpected turn of events occur.
Playwrite ~Hamilton Lams AU~ by StariiStarlings
Playwrite ~Hamilton Lams AU~by melanie king apologist
A Lams AU cause why not, everyone loves Lams. Cringy description time; Alexander Hamilton is a rapidly growing author who would much rather be left alone in his college...
The Masquerade Arc (SMG34) by a_user_or_something
The Masquerade Arc (SMG34)by a_user_or_something
SMG4 has fallen in love with a stranger after meeting them at a masquerade ball. Their mysterious aura and way of charming him only draws him deeper into something unkno...
SMG4 Fanfic: The Horrific Incident (FINALE) by DS123Products
SMG4 Fanfic: The Horrific DS123 // DS123 Productions
The wait is over... it's time for the epic final battle!!! Dylan Cumber needs to be stopped... CAN MARIO AND MEGGY SAVE THE DAY?!?!?!