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❤️⭐️Hamilton Smut⭐️❤️ by ouiouismesme
❤️⭐️Hamilton Smut⭐️❤️by ouiouismesme
Title is what it says. If you aren't interested, please do not read. MOSTLY GOING TO BE GAY AND KINKY BECAUSE WHY NOT (very kinky) Pls be nice to poor me :( jk do whate...
Ask and Dare Hamilton by Water_Bottle_Drunk
Ask and Dare Hamiltonby Hufflepuff 💛
The Hamilton characters are open for askin'! Join the Hamilsquad, SMFDR, The Schuyler sisters, and others as they discover more about eachother. Oh my god this sounds s...
Hamilton Roleplay by Water_Bottle_Drunk
Hamilton Roleplayby Hufflepuff 💛
I will explain everything later-
Hamilton One shots by Water_Bottle_Drunk
Hamilton One shotsby Hufflepuff 💛
This will mostly be Jamilton or Jeffmads but I will do other ships like: •Lams •Mullette •Meggy And more! SO ENJOY!!! I take requests- Fluff, smut, and angst are all...
Helpless {Lams}[Completed][Mute Alex] by SunkissedChild5
Helpless {Lams}[Completed][Mute SunkissedChild5
[Lams High School & College AU] Alex, a mute high school student, finishes his senior year at Lin-Manuel Miranda High School. He ends up meeting John Laurens, a sweet bo...
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Hamilton Oneshots by blue11086
Hamilton Oneshotsby blu
uuuuuhh....I swear I'm not obsessed none of the art is mine, unless I state otherwise requests are [CLOSED] A- angst F- fluff O- other
Aeris X Meggy by AerisEreway
Aeris X Meggyby Aeris Ereway
This story takes place in an alternate timeline. Here, SMG4 and friends have 2 other companions: Aeris and Trevor, a duo from another planet who have had a past with dif...
I'll Be There For You ~ Lams College AU by dashipoflams
I'll Be There For You ~ Lams jars
[UNDER REWRITING BUT YES IT IS COMPLETED!] Warning: Severe breaking of the 4th wall Ya sure? The fourth wall is broken. You can't even fix it. Okay. As Alexander Ham...
The MIGHTY HAMILTON ONE-SHOTS (Open Request) by WolfeG323
Request whatever your hearts desire. If you want a HamiShip, sure. If you want a (character x reader) why not? Smuts, fluff, angst, BET! No rules here! LET THE GAY (and...
BOOK OF HAMILSIN by OkiWrites123
*COUGH* this is gonna be a ton of s m u t- *gay coughing* I'll take requests- *cough*
Flower (LAMS)✔️ by GeekyGlasses
Flower (LAMS)✔️by 🤓
When Alexander wakes up with a flower behind his ear, he knows it means he's fallen in love. Curious to find who it is, he enlists the help of his friends and together t...
Collage years- lams fanfic by obsessed_fangirl1
Collage years- lams fanficby obsessed_fangirl1
a lams fanfic set in 2020 and they're in collage, the cover picture isn't mine so if you know who drew it please tell me and I'll tag them . Ships: Lams Mullettte Jeffm...
that would be enough || Lams by KiRafunE
that would be enough || Lamsby semi hiatus
John Laurens was a normal orphan boy who lived a normal life. That is, until the owner of the orphanage died because of sickness. Now the orphans is at the brink of gett...
Oneshots! (Smut) by Hamilsinhamilton
Oneshots! (Smut)by Hamilsinhamilton
I feel like we're all going to regret this. But here's the oneshots, any ship or kink and I'll try to make it happen
Hamilton One-Shots by fangirl_issues102
Hamilton One-Shotsby Just Dying Over Here
Just your average book of Hamilton one shots. Probably will include mature language and sensitive subjects Angst or Fluff, no Smut (I just don't feel comfortable writin...
Hamilsquad reacts to Hamilships by queer_shakespeare
Hamilsquad reacts to Hamilshipsby andré
Who will react? -Aaron Burr -John Laurens -Alexander Hamilton -Thomas Jefferson -James Madison -George Washington -Lafayette -Hercules Mulligan -Angelica Schuyler -Eliza...
Various Females x Male!Reader one-shots by Phenomenal171340
Various Females x Male!Reader Phenomenal171340
Pretty much says it all. Also posted on DeviantArt.
The guy in a new world (Male reader x harem SMG4) by BlueberryAlastor
The guy in a new world (Male BlueberryAlastor
Y/N L/N is in the awesome world of SMG4 which is weird I know but hey everything is so fucking weird as hell am I right or am I right? Get ready for weird shit!
Hamilton one shots❤️ by 8catqueen8
Hamilton one shots❤️by Cat
Lol smut warning!!! And fluff ...maybe angst T h I c c
Infinite X Crystal by InfiniteLeJackal
Infinite X Crystalby InfiniteLeJackal
A few days after the events of Meggy X Reader, Infinite is enjoying a peaceful life with his wife Crystal, but after getting sucked into the Real World and coming back a...