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Hii everyone I am meena , this is my first work on wattpad . Story is about my favourite couple from tv . I do not have any idea how to describe this story in this de...
Drikshit- Open Up [Completed] by nishtha_k
Drikshit- Open Up [Completed]by nishtha_k
Sometimes it's difficult to keep the pain in yourself sustained.. so u need to open up to someone who cares... peep in to know further. This story is a fan fiction of Di...
Without TRUST There Is NO Love, Mending Brocken Relations by hiba11917
Without TRUST There Is NO Love, Me...by hiba_fathima
This is the story based on the current track but there are some changes like murari is revealed to be the real shikhar and he turns good and marries divya. In this story...
fanaa | ✓ by i-m-secret
fanaa | ✓by ■
| DRIKSHIT | ● ● ● ● heartbeats synced, thoughts didn't... ___ serial track: where Divya was in the clutches of pisachin...
Divya Drishti by tithi1278
Divya Drishtiby Tithi
It's a story about 2 sisters that get Sepearted at the age of 5.. And after they are together, then are on the mission to kill pishachini and all the other evils who are...
Maine phir bhi tumko chanuga by LipsaStories
Maine phir bhi tumko chanugaby LipsaStories
Kehete hai rab ka sabse khubsoort tofa hota hai pyarr lekin pyar ko shayad apna taqdeer lekhnie ka haq nahi hota issliye wo kismat ki hatoo ki kathputli hoti hai KABHI...
Drikshit & Dishi FF Awari Complete FF by ArishaDrikshit
Drikshit & Dishi FF Awari Complete...by Arisha'sWriter
New concept: Drishti father has work on kotha. Where they work girls selling. He is drunk man. Drishti father force her work on dance bar getting money. Because of Divy...
meri assiqui tumse hi drikshit version!! {completed} by priyankashaurya
meri assiqui tumse hi drikshit ver...by priyanka ray
She was on top of a drop dead gorgeous guy who opened his eyes to see how the hell he fell to the ground. The guy was about to scold the person who made him fall but st...
Love at first sight 1 (LAFS 1) by thekpost2
Love at first sight 1 (LAFS 1)by K
This is a story of two people from two different worlds meeting for the first time and falling in love with each other. The story will show how they cope with their stru...
WHAT WAS MY FAULT?? ✔️ by 1209queen
WHAT WAS MY FAULT?? ✔️by babygirl ❤️
A story where both Drikshit loved each other from bottom of their heart , none wanted to be seperated from each . U will notice their love , care , concern , hatred , an...
Broken Apart-Drikshit Os ☑ by Mysteriousfairy18
Broken Apart-Drikshit Os ☑by delusion 💫
Rakshit:please come back..... I'm sorry Drishti:it's not worth after all that you have done..... she said with a tear strained face... but a stern voice Drishti:it's ove...
Drikshit & Dishi FF Dewaangi (Rebirth Story) Complete FF by ArishaDrikshit
Drikshit & Dishi FF Dewaangi (Rebi...by Arisha'sWriter
A New Concept: It's rebirth story. Drikshit will take rebirth for complete their love story. Guys Dishi character include after rebirth so please don't get upset. I hope...
Aankho Dekha Sach Nahi Hota(drikshit Version) 🄲🄾🄼🄿🄻🄴🅃🄴🄳 by shrutisadrani
Aankho Dekha Sach Nahi Hota(driksh...by shru
so guys this is my 2nd FF on Drikshit.....I hope you all will like these...ab description hi padhte rahoge ya story bhi...😂
Drikshit & Dishi FF Innocent Love Completed by ArishaDrikshit
Drikshit & Dishi FF Innocent Love...by Arisha'sWriter
Concept. Drishit see her parents killed by someone in fire in childhood she went in trauma. She became mentally ill. Divya used to take care her. They live in shikhar da...
Drikshit one shot- Mrs.Jealousy Shergill by Archanarajan96
Drikshit one shot- Mrs.Jealousy Sh...by Archanarajan96
one shot on beautiful couple drikshit
Love After Marriage [SNAIL PACED UPDATES] by _thewitchywitch_
Love After Marriage [SNAIL PACED U...by Anusree K C
Everyone has a past. While some of us may cherish our past, while some others may try to avoid it as much as possible. Some even wishes to wipe it off from their memorie...
drikshit love by cocomellon19
drikshit loveby angel♡
This story is totally different from other stories in this Drikshit parents are childhood friends but Drikshit are enemies drikshits parents love rakshit the most and dr...