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Ms. Independent by paperandpen444
Ms. Independentby ~Samantha~
I feel him turn his head and Josh's voice is soft as he whispers, "it's okay to not be okay and it's okay to have help. It's okay to be comforted and it's okay to c...
Tell me a Story by Eloise2424
Tell me a Storyby Eloise Brooklyn
"Tell me a story" is about moments that makes life worthy of living, heart worthy of loving, brain worthy of forgiving. "Tell me a story" is a col...
Mistaken Id |✓| by fanaticwriterr
Mistaken Id |✓|by fanaticwriterr
Nandini Murthy is the crazy fan of a certain singer named Manik Malhotra. So certainly when she hears the news about him joining Instagram after too much requests from h...
After Her by Aerizuu
After Herby Aerizuu
Park chanyeol Actor, music director, producer, singer, founder and owner of PCY ENTERTAINMENT. Lost his one and only lover/ wife while giving birth to his two precious b...
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Falling Unexpectedly (girlxgirl) by usernamenotprovided
Falling Unexpectedly (girlxgirl)by usernamenotprovided
In a world where people are separated by economical status, Elle, a maid with a troubled passed allows her hatred for Nobel people to consume her world view. It is only...
Similar | H.S by wishofdark
Similar | H.Sby BabyHoney
"ერთ მშვენიერ დღეს, თუკი ნამდვილ სიყვარულს ამოფრქვევის საშუალებას მისცემ, დალაგებული, მოწესრიგებული საგნებიც კი ქაოსში გაეხვევა. სამყარო კი მხოლოდ მაშინ გახდება ნამ...
Similarly Different by suckerforall
Similarly Differentby Adeyemo Joanna
They are similar yet different..... Eden Edwards, cold-hearted, a Nigerian sexy god from the unknown worlds. He carries the aura of confidence but a softy with his famil...
Similar by adoringzayn
Similarby Yours truly
"They're both wild, willful, party animals and definitely not planning on settling down with one person soon. A trip to Ibiza might change everything for the two of...
Elftail and Undertale | The combined universes by _Lixina_
Elftail and Undertale | The Ky
Sans finds himself helping some new friends to their universe where almost everything is similar to his. His new friend is just like him, but different in a sort. He goe...
Can Similars Attract ?  by Manika31DW
Can Similars Attract ? by Manika Warner
Sky and Chase, the two most popular kids in their school. She's a bitch to everyone even her own family and is richer than almost every 18 year old out there. Keyword:...
Blue Eyes (Asa Butterfield) by MidwestCollision1021
Blue Eyes (Asa Butterfield)by Marissa
Jess learns she's attending this amazing music school in London, but what will life, love and idiots bring her when she meets the handsome, young fellow, ASA BUTTERFIELD...
Late Night Thoughts with Sky by Sky_Blue2001
Late Night Thoughts with Skyby Sky
I'm the author of 'His Purple Eyes' and 'Run', with a shitty mind that sometimes doesn't let me sleep till late night or early mornings. So this will be like a journal o...
Broken heart 💔  by baby_oreo821
Broken heart 💔 by !!! Dreamers_1D !!!
A heart that is broken can never be the same, it won't be whole again, you can pick up the pieces and you can try to put them back together but it will never be the same...
The Last Lie He Promised by VioLiLavender
The Last Lie He Promisedby Topaz
"Rai" - Cassandra Joy Hernandez, a Civil Engineering student who had lots of long term crushes including the smartest and good looking guy in their batch, but...
Equals In Tragedy by trilogyof5
Equals In Tragedyby trilogyof5
Findrix and Ace soon learn that the career they were both born to pursue isn't just a cool fun job like they thought it would be. The sad, sick truth is that there are p...
Similar||Neville Longbottom. {Short story for Magic Month} by neverlandhiraeth
Similar||Neville Longbottom. { Hiya Huns x
Neville Longbottom. The chosen one. Harry Potter. A Slytherin. Neville had haunting dreams each night about You-know-who, the Dark Lord, bewitching his mind and the ev...
Trapped by libertyre1
Trappedby Liberty
A girl named Lydia was in a car crash and is now in a coma. The doctors don't know when she will get out of it and wake up. They do some tests though and find out that...
TWEWY characters and the Guardians?! (TWEWY/Rotg) by DarkZexal3676
TWEWY characters and the #96ShadowMist
Only pictures of different characters that look a little similar.
Best Alternative to backpage | Backpage newcastle by elinaabhram
Best Alternative to backpage | Elina abhram
Searching for sites like backpage or and wasting your time then stop it is here. On you can post you...
My Unpopular Opinions by AliciaMcGregor1
My Unpopular Opinionsby Alicia McGregor
Learn about me through my general and unpopular opinions; we can't always be a part of the majority! I talk about my opinions on foods, movies, entertainment, and all so...