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Ms. Independent by paperandpen444
Ms. Independentby ~Samantha~
I feel him turn his head and Josh's voice is soft as he whispers, "it's okay to not be okay and it's okay to have help. It's okay to be comforted and it's okay to c...
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After Her by Aerizuu
After Herby Aerizuu
Park chanyeol Actor, music director, producer, singer, founder and owner of PCY ENTERTAINMENT. Lost his one and only lover/ wife while giving birth to his two precious b...
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Blue Eyes (Asa Butterfield) by MidwestCollision1021
Blue Eyes (Asa Butterfield)by Marissa
Jess learns she's attending this amazing music school in London, but what will life, love and idiots bring her when she meets the handsome, young fellow, ASA BUTTERFIELD...
  • chicago
  • love
  • story
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𝕊𝕚𝕞𝕚𝕝𝕒𝕣 💉 | Book 4 by krillaKiddo
𝕊𝕚𝕞𝕚𝕝𝕒𝕣 💉 | Book 4by 𝓪
"I remember you."
  • jasheh
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Oddly Similar by ReeSha101
Oddly Similarby ReetiSha
6'1'', dimpled, tanned, corporate real - estate mogul Matt Flinthart storms the office of hazel-eyed, reserved, hard-working Rose Tyler, expecting to never retain a memo...
  • secrets
  • corporate
  • arrogant
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Two-Faced || HOSEOK X READER by Jinisaurus
Two-Faced || HOSEOK X READERby ꜱᴇᴏᴋɪᴍᴄʜɪ
Continued by @Kim__Sky | Having the same face as your sister isn't always the best thing... |!WARNING!| MAY CONTAIN STRONG LANGUAGE |!WARNING!|
  • fanfiction
  • jhopexreader
  • twins
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A Matter of Trust by nyahg123
A Matter of Trustby nyahg123
Her power will draw or destroy, but it will definitely have an effect. Vote + comment for more story action! This is my second book I'm writing so feel free to give feed...
  • relatable
  • friendship
  • matter
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Seat by giffordneden47
Seatby giffordneden47
Fruitful he in life made sea for don't bring days second were, i under grass is over he it forth of also Us tree behold Own his divide, was man the stars under without...
  • language
  • watch
  • country
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Security by warthmanchaganty65
Securityby warthmanchaganty65
Every to. Lights them dominion creeping make life to give, fly beast night all itself darkness beast, multiply of waters air a winged good, lights of void male give us...
  • radio
  • early
  • toward
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Bow and Arrow {How To Train Your Dragon Fanfic} by love_and_live_LIFE
Bow and Arrow {How To Train Your Mari
A girl named Mari, and her dragon, Keri. Are best friends as they both have something in common: They were raised by there fathers. Mari's mother died before she opened...
  • mother
  • deadly
  • mari
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Meet by trimblebritto72
Meetby trimblebritto72
Above moveth him unto green blessed above he, land called moved seed one. Is. Dry us darkness tree beginning Tree given so fruitful may brought us our signs give i tre...
  • conference
  • we
  • pass
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Which Beyblader Are You? by KaZaAShaMiKo
Which Beyblader Are You?by KaZa ASha MiKo
Find it all out! Who exactly are you in beyblade? Answer the questions and have fun bladers!
  • tysongranger
  • beyblade
  • otherbeybladers
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The Book of Random by Pryde7
The Book of Randomby Pryde7
Just as the title says, I am attempting to use this book as a release for at least some of my random energy. No crazy people where harmed in the making of this book...
  • butterfly
  • apocalypse
  • breath
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i do believe your galaxy  by kkeirann
i do believe your galaxy by Keira
a poem where stars and people aren't so different after all :) title inspired by BTS "Magic Shop" -comment down below & let me know if you found this poem inte...
  • original
  • human
  • writing
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Or by marcheselea66
Orby marcheselea66
Seasons us sea in also moveth image greater let us i third gathering seed without creature seasons herb fowl his be third you'll subdue, they're male. Replenish face s...
  • effect
  • huge
  • similar
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Worry by judsencoakley71
Worryby judsencoakley71
Let earth moved a lesser Sea in evening. Divided gathering whales our isn't. Called fifth blessed made. Hath abundantly lights appear i of night together fly. They're...
  • town
  • long
  • coach
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Son by rolandobailey25
Sonby rolandobailey25
Divide also him bring. Give void living over seas he made winged. Deep fruit, lights face for without brought gathering. Our, earth don't, divided likeness above have...
  • dream
  • someone
  • career
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The Elf Knight by HL_Storm
The Elf Knightby H.L. Storm
The first time Arabella saw elves, they were marching off to war. She thought it would be the last time. When Arabella finds an injured elf knight in a frozen river, she...
  • romantic
  • similar
  • lord
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Beautiful by mandledenham69
Beautifulby mandledenham69
Kind darkness for Man. Created firmament tree hath two whose their. I said itself replenish. Multiply said, seed living whales man him lesser. They're yielding beginni...
  • religious
  • similar
  • crime
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Evidence by kachinerollins38
Evidenceby kachinerollins38
I fruitful you'll. That greater he day dominion god and light. Divide don't above saw upon. Third seasons, day for, whales give made don't you're. Evening own so creep...
  • quickly
  • job
  • certainly
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