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Taking in a Dirty Rockstar by rockgroupie5
Taking in a Dirty Rockstarby rockgroupie5
"What the hell is this now? Take in a Dirty Rockstar Foundation?" "Jen! Be nice!" my mom yelled at me. "Yeah, Jen, be nice," he smirked at...
  • gunsnroses
  • fanfiction
  • duffmckagan
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Love Of Mine - Guns N Roses Slash Fanfiction by itsallrocknroll
Love Of Mine - Guns N Roses Slash...by TUZZ
Who knew? Sometimes a drunk confession can make you realise that you're in love, and that was the case for Slash and Rachel. The best of friends, Rachel and Slash find t...
  • rock
  • wattys2018
  • gnrslash
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heat of the moment. // slash  by rocketquccn
heat of the moment. // slash by baby t.
in the summer of 1985 heather rose mckagan began spending more and more time with her older brother michael, who goes by duff, who is in a rock band titled guns n roses.
  • nsfw
  • axlrose
  • wattys2018
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Dance for Me? Little Dancer. [A Duff Mckagan Fan Fiction]  by warpeddreams
Dance for Me? Little Dancer. [A Du...by warpeddreams
Skyelar Johnson, or Skye for short, and her best friend, Alexa Thompson were at the Whiskey a Go Go one night, just trying to have a good time. That's when they saw the...
  • mckagan
  • nothinthislifetime
  • duff
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It's So Easy | Duff McKagan by vanlepjovi
It's So Easy | Duff McKaganby vanlepjovi
When you get dealt a bad hand, do you immediately fold and wait for the next round? Or do you drop a couple of cards and hope for the best from the deal? I'm not proud t...
  • romance
  • classicrock
  • friendship
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Curiosidades: Guns N' Roses by AxlSweetLoveOfMine
Curiosidades: Guns N' Rosesby Anaid.
Bienvenido(a) a mi nueva historia sobre curiosidades de una excelente banda como lo es Guns N' Roses,aquí podrás encontrar un poco de todo además de datos acerca de la b...
  • izzystradlin
  • slash
  • axlrose
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Rocking and Rebelling {Guns N Roses// Slash} by therealKH
Rocking and Rebelling {Guns N Rose...by Therealkh
I never knew I would love a cigarette so much, nor would I ever have thought I'd need a light at the right moment. ________________________________________________ I gr...
  • comedy
  • romance
  • axlrose
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Donna Eats The Space | Guns N' Roses by unexpectedsong
Donna Eats The Space | Guns N' Ros...by women are powerful.
Donna Eats The Space is an up and coming band on the Los Angeles strip. The band consists of four girls; Donna, Misty, Nova, and Phoebe. They have been fighting their wa...
  • music
  • rock
  • gunsnroses
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So if she's somewhere near me... by danirocketqueen
So if she's somewhere near me...by danirocket
"Did you ever really need somebody? Really need them bad? Did you ever really want somebody? The best love you ever had. Do you ever remember me, babe? Did it feel...
  • slash
  • duffmckagan
  • 80s
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Wild Side || N.S. by coolliketre
Wild Side || N.S.by coolliketre
It's 1987; the year of sex, drugs, rock n' roll, and the self destruction of two rock stars who can't admit that they're in love. [Started: 02.25.19; Finished: TBD]
  • vinceneil
  • sixx
  • slowburnromance
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CAPITAL T ( Guns'N Roses story) by Solstj
CAPITAL T ( Guns'N Roses story)by Solène
Hannah is all about getting in trouble. She doesn't know this will lead her to meet her dad, Guns'N Roses ex-guitarist Izzy Stradlin. -------------- This is my first fan...
  • gunsnroses
  • fanfiction
  • izzystradlin
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It's a Jungle, Baby by BrookieLynn1304
It's a Jungle, Babyby Brooke
TJ is small town and hates it. Her brother Axl left for LA when she was seventeen, leaving her with an abusive stepdad and unknowing mother. After finishing high school...
  • axlrose
  • gunsnroses
Wasted Time | Steven Adler by Tolkienite3791
Wasted Time | Steven Adlerby estranged.
-strong language warning- Steven and Akira had been close ever since they were 10 years old in San Fernando, CA. They formed a deep bond, with Steven being a good escape...
  • rocknroll
  • rockstar
  • friendship
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My Thoughts On Ships by EverydayBattles
My Thoughts On Shipsby shewuzast8rboi
This is just another shitpile that I need to post for. Request away.
  • ledzeppelin
  • queen
  • thebeatles
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Middle school love  by lovegerm689
Middle school love by lovegerm689
What is it like loving someone ? That the number ONE question that has been on my mind since I can remember .
  • goodgirl
  • badboy
  • smoke
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Sounds of 85' | Guns N Rose's  by TheEntireUniverse
Sounds of 85' | Guns N Rose's by RadioHeadass
"So, what I'm hearing here Stevie is, you found four girls at the skate park, and all of them are from the future?" "That's exactly what I'm saying Axl!&q...
  • music
  • girlband
  • gunsnroses
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- Rachel Bolan is the Type - by beggarsday
- Rachel Bolan is the Type -by mckagan
Habia muchos "Is the type" pero faltaba uno del no muy conocido, pero hermoso Rachel Bolan, asi que, ¿Por que no hacer uno?
  • glam
  • skidrow
  • skid
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Strictly Band Buisness (Slaxl) by thehippiewriter
Strictly Band Buisness (Slaxl)by thehippiewriter
When Axl meets Slash, he grows a hatred for him. He only wanted to be strictly band mates and that's it... or was it?
  • slash
  • axl
  • steven
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He Who Plays the Guitar  by christianloveforever
He Who Plays the Guitar by christianloveforever
Helen and Slash's relationship hit a bump in the road.
  • romance
  • music
  • overdose
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