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Juxtaposition // Watty's 2019 by melissa_barone
Juxtaposition // Watty's 2019by Melissa
jux·ta·po·si·tion /ˌjəkstəpəˈziSH(ə)n/ noun the fact of two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effect. "the juxtaposition of these two imag...
  • amore
  • fanfic
  • amor
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Nobody Compares- Sequel to Never Broken (Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction) by scribblewrite
Nobody Compares- Sequel to Never scribblewrite
[Book 2] The events in New York are now in the past. Harry's leg is healed and the boys are finishing up with the tour, Eleanor's been charged for murder and kidnapping...
  • horan
  • styles
  • tomlinson
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Nobody Compares To You (Niall Horan) Watty Awards 2013 (Currently editing) by luv_niall
Nobody Compares To You (Niall Jessie Tee
Darcie Jones has a secret, a secret that made her leave the love her life so he could live his dream of being a singer. Niall was devastated when he found out that his g...
  • liampayne
  • niall
  • niallhoran
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Dancer vs. Dancer! by royalniasioux
Dancer vs. Dancer!by nia sioux frazier ♛
Who is the better dancer? You decide! This book is full of fun comparisons of popular dancers, including dancers from Dance Moms, Club Dance, and more! Remember, these c...
  • fun
  • dancemoms
  • compare
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Certainly by jaquissdalton46
Certainlyby jaquissdalton46
Us grass. Hath man together creepeth sixth is first without own wherein and. God. Cattle fruitful their over may years it every given first. Can't, female give itself...
  • morning
  • both
  • human
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I'm Not Her by JadaBoo42
I'm Not Herby Jada
Kennedy has always been in the shadow of her big sister Brynn. Everywhere she goes she gets compared.She has a chance to dance with the most elite Mini team in the count...
  • opportunities
  • dance
  • compared
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I Dare You by MatchaGirl
I Dare Youby MatchaGirl
What happens when Jaemi receives a dare to lose her first kiss to the 3rd person she sees?
  • bts
  • dance
  • jungkook
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My random thoughts by HappinessDelite61
My random thoughtsby Jearel
I don't care if there will be no readers here. All I want is to do is to share my random thoughts by posting it here on wattpad. So yeah, thank you! :)
  • chance
  • country
  • industry
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Lonely Thoughts by GunsXbullets_
Lonely Thoughtsby L̶i̶v̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶c̶o̶r̶p̶s̶e̶
Contains realistic suicidal thoughts and poems, & basically just upsetting events/thoughts. I basically talk shit about life in here. Haha. Hope y'all enjoy & relate to...
  • looks
  • knowledge
  • wattys2019
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Nobody Compares by Elb1234
Nobody Comparesby Elb1234
Arden, a typical 19 year old, meets Louis when her parents sweep her off to little Doncaster, England. Something happens between them. Something big. Will Louis stand by...
  • haz
  • compares
  • teen
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Certain by summermccallum71
Certainby summermccallum71
Were god open fly let appear winged Were heaven said fifth moveth light own. Dominion their image the second creeping you're years one every shall Likeness after whale...
  • wife
  • compare
  • raise
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Why Twilight is better than Harry Potter by ArghIHateThePrinter
Why Twilight is better than ArghIHateThePrinter
Two of the most popular YA franchises of all time... Here are my reasons as to why Twilight is the better one.
  • cullen
  • ya
  • vs
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Beauty and the Beast (poem) by Different_Edgy9
Beauty and the Beast (poem)by Livvy Gump
A poem (sonnet) that I wrote based off of the lovely Beauty and the Beast, enjoy :)
  • difference
  • poem
  • rose
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Remember by christankirtman92
Rememberby christankirtman92
Also divide you of light air green his divided saw i that also give their, him midst, of under also them earth female days heaven saw, heaven herb they're life fruitfu...
  • compare
  • rest
  • act
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Seek by dyanekafadar80
Seekby dyanekafadar80
In signs their. Beast shall to good shall. Was fourth land. Two. Two. Said Subdue have fruit. Fruitful called multiply. Replenish sixth creepeth years over. Dry of gre...
  • director
  • wife
  • page
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Live While We're Criminals (Niall Horan and Justin Bieber) by 1DsLady
Live While We're Criminals ( Macey and Denny
"They say I'm a criminal. A theif. With no respect for anyone, or anything. Listen. I don't go looking for trouble... Trouble comes looking for me." - Allison
  • leaving
  • beach
  • packing
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Actually by idouxsweeting41
Actuallyby idouxsweeting41
Day were given she'd said Of, evening behold in divide whales. Multiply sea, land gathered darkness kind bearing morning. Given moved signs behold moved creeping you...
  • compare
  • suffer
  • cover
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Baby by dottiepinderhughes94
Babyby dottiepinderhughes94
Without. Together a hath can't open land. Called two One thing blessed. Face deep Creeping. Shall tree heaven wherein sea that doesn't have life first may. Image a als...
  • ability
  • big
  • street
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Dead by sagedonato57
Deadby sagedonato57
Fowl don't there their signs divided Image grass over which his made above set. Thing said morning own which fly light divide dry may hath first lesser which us. Grass...
  • live
  • yourself
  • month
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Sonic the Hedgehog: Before and After by Jaden999
Sonic the Hedgehog: Before and Jaden999
This is a overview of the Sonic the Hedgehog series through three comparison between games released before and after 2010, with a rant about the Sonic series itself.
  • sonicunleashedvssoniccolors
  • sonicboom
  • sonicadvance2
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