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A breaking Mind, A loving Heart (Sonadow) by GenoGlitch_01
A breaking Mind, A loving Heart ( GenoGlitch
Sonic was the Hero of Mobius for many years now and his 23 Birthday is on the Horizon. But what if his Mind holds a Secret he cannot hold any longer. Will the Hedgehog f...
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Lost and Found by GalaxyIllumimation
Lost and Foundby Galaxy Illumaination
After being missing for about 4 years Sonia, Manic, and Queen Aleena have finally located their missing family member. Sonic the Hedgehog who disappeared after Robotnick...
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Drummer Boy~ (Manic RP) by DrummerThief
Drummer Boy~ (Manic RP)by ☃ᴋⁱⁿᵍ ᴛʰⁱᵉᶠ☃
Admin: This is a rp book all about Manic! Have fun rping with Manic!
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Unexpected (Sonadow/Manourge) by SonicLoverUwU
Unexpected (Sonadow/Manourge)by Faker Besties :3
The triplets move out from the castle to start going to high school, thankfully for them, their mother never revealed their identity. Shadow the Hedgehog is the well kn...
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Manic X Reader Oneshots by _TeaNeli_
Manic X Reader Oneshotsby [On Hiatus]
Just what the title says! Manic is quite the rock 'n roll type of guy, don't you think? But who knew he could be a real cutie when it comes to dating!? My first story on...
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Sonic Boyfriend Preferences by Kawaii_Atsuko
Sonic Boyfriend Preferencesby 💙 Atsuko Satsuki 💙
Just some preferences that a couple of Sonic Boys have if you wanna date them! ^^
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Sonic boys x Reader(discontinue) by Fabulous_Fazbear
Sonic boys x Reader(discontinue)by Septiplier fan
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A Merhog's Tale Book 3 by djdude2649
A Merhog's Tale Book 3by djdude2649
Just when things are finally being to calm down for Sonic and his friends again, there is a scary new enemy, a surprising new arrival and a strange discovery from the di...
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Never Say Never (Sonic Underground: Sonic X Reader & Manic X OC) by Kawaii_Atsuko
Never Say Never (Sonic 💙 Atsuko Satsuki 💙
Your mom were best friends with Queen Aleena and Madeline. But when the three mom discovered the prophecy, you, Madeline's daughter and Aleena's children were a big part...
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Sonic Ships rp by Paperhatboiiiiiiii
Sonic Ships rpby Paperhatboiiiiiiii
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Ask Me And The Whole Sonic Crew! by Kawaii_Atsuko
Ask Me And The Whole Sonic Crew!by 💙 Atsuko Satsuki 💙
Ashley: Hey guys! Ashley here! And this is ask me and the whole Sonic crew! Sonic: Yeah. Including EVERYONE! *chuckles* Ashley: Yep! *blinks* Wait, everyone?! Sonic: Yo...
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Hedgehog Heroes by HedgehogMania1991
Hedgehog Heroesby Jacob Claus
The future is at stake, and the job's not big enough for three hedgehogs. Now, it is time for all hedgehogs to unite and join the quest to save Möbius.
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Saviors by PrincessAmeliaRose
Saviorsby PrincessAmeliaRose
When Manic's whole family is captured, it's up to him, his girlfriend Blaze, and his stepdaughter to rescue them. *this occurs in between A SonAmy Discovery and Tails to...
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Ask/Dare Manic by DrummerThief
Ask/Dare Manicby ☃ᴋⁱⁿᵍ ᴛʰⁱᵉᶠ☃
Hey dudes and dudettes! You can ask or dare me!
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SonicXManic One Shot by UltimaAlphaMileena
SonicXManic One Shotby 𝓒𝓐𝓜𝓐𝓡𝓞
This was requested it was interesting so I did it
The Gang's All Here by 0PepperMint0
The Gang's All Hereby 0PepperMint0
It's been over three years since Manic has last seen his friends. In this third story of the A Cryptic Attraction series, we'll see more beloved characters thrown into t...
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Manic rp! by _InsaneTails_
Manic rp!by Deku-Chan
Manic rp!!!! Do whatever you want!!!
Sonic Characters x Reader Oneshots by hwrig56
Sonic Characters x Reader Oneshotsby hwrig56
Just some oneshots of Sonic and his friends. I will also be taking oc readers.
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Sonic Universe RP by InfiniteJackalg4m3r
Sonic Universe RPby Infinite_Warr10rgam3rf0R_Jack...
.:/•This is all a roleplay of your favourite characters from the Sonic Universe with your own OC .:/•Just tellin ya that this is my first roleplay book. So if I do somet...
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Voltron Force's Secret by Shadowtron05Lions
Voltron Force's Secretby Shadowtron05Lions
The Voltron Force are afraid of their cadets finding out about this other Lion Froce and the Lions' secret. The other Force now hinds becuse of the Alliance but why? And...
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