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Shadow's Son by iluvsonic24
Shadow's Sonby woomy
Is parenthood really all it's cracked up to be? Can Shadow, the Ultimate lifeform, be able to care for not only one, but two children? ...looks like you'll have to read...
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Blood to Blood (Sonic Fanfic) by MagicalMagnus
Blood to Blood (Sonic Fanfic)by Magnus
"What's going on?" The creature asked. The professor looked at the computer. The data...the numbers were off what they should have been. The results were not s...
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Sonic the hedgehog x reader oneshots by Chaos-Prince
Sonic the hedgehog x reader Chaos-Prince
This won't just include Sonic XD I swear- the title may have Sonic in it but there will be other characters of course! As usual, requests are open~ unless I say otherwis...
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Spooky by TheDragonGirl
Spookyby Rache
Cover by the amazing @Shadow_Ultimate ! Thank you again for making it, it's so awesome!! :'D PLEASE STOP ADDING THIS STORY TO Y/AOI LISTS. FUCK SAKE IT'S NOT A Y/AOI. N...
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The End Of A New Beginning by Zoe_kitty_chan
The End Of A New Beginningby Zoe_Kitty_Chan
After a the battle between Sonic Forces and Dr. Eggman, everyone was saved and the town went back to normal...well almost normal. A recruiter by the name of Scarlet was...
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My Sonic OCs by Sophiaidamarie
My Sonic OCsby Sophiaidamarie
Like the tittle said..
stay with me [Sonadow] by SapphireFlameYT
stay with me [Sonadow]by Sapphire_Flame
This story contains: •Suicide •Self harm •lemons •bullying •Swearwords •And a uke Sonic :3 •Also, sad ending Shadow the hedgehog, one of the edgy ones at school, also, o...
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Sonamy: The Love Prank by SandyDandygUrl
Sonamy: The Love Prankby 🌸💓Sandy Dandy💓🌸
"Besides, I don't like you. You know that." Sonic said. "We're just friends, that's all. There's nothing more than that--no strings attached--no feelings...
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My dreams about him Silver X reader by KimOttinger
My dreams about him Silver X readerby Kim Ottinger
You loved to dream about romance,thinking the guy who would sweep you off your feet. You always sleep often to find this one boy named Silver in your dreams
The Flooded Facility by Sapphire1X7
The Flooded Facilityby Sapphire1X7
Part of the "Dark Depths" Companion Series | Story is currently a Work in Progress Off the coast of Adabat, earthquakes suddenly erupted off the Coast, with th...
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Can you love Team Shady? (OCs X Reader) by TheUniverseRevival
Can you love Team Shady? (OCs X Shade The Hedgehog
Theses are shorts stories about my OCs and you together! ITS THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS❤️❤️!! Anyways, both genders can read these. Your welcome. Hope you enjoy! WUV YUUU...
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Sonic Knight X Reader: Battle between two lovers of Hope & Death. by Jen-Jen-2004
Sonic Knight X Reader: Battle ☆Nightfall☆
(Y/n) is a sweet, beautiful, and energetic girl who is a Knight herself. She is the one who struggles desperately to keep her Kingdom and her citizens safe from any trag...
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Sammyclassicsonicfan x Sonic by TheRealWeeabooJones
Sammyclassicsonicfan x Sonicby TheRealWeeabooJones
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White Rabbit by Sapphire1X7
White Rabbitby Sapphire1X7
Anderson Labs, a Lab that Noah works with in addition to his job for being a Detective, was about to launch their first ever rocket! However, things weren't smooth saili...
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Mobius Reborn Book Four: Hero's fall by WolfboyHT
Mobius Reborn Book Four: Hero's Hunter Taylor
A plan to end the war for Mobius once and for all. Tensions rise as the end draws nearer for both sides. Who will take the first step? Who will be the last one standing?
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Sonamy: A Rose's Scars🌹💔 by SandyDandygUrl
Sonamy: A Rose's Scars🌹💔by 🌸💓Sandy Dandy💓🌸
Amy Rose is a shy girl who is very lonely and isn't good at socializing with others. She thinks life is really boring since she has no one to talk to. But one day, it a...
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The Mystery Behind Project .S.H.A.D.O.W.    by SonAdow967 by SonAdow967
The Mystery Behind Project Yatashi Tomikan
IF U STOP AND THINK ABOUT THIS FOR A WHILE you will actually learn a heap of mindbogging secrets shadow has been hiding forever until now . This is mostly going to be on...
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When the Past Returns(Book 1) by zinexthesavior
When the Past Returns(Book 1)by Sky Zeno
Things change for Sonic and the gang, good has triumphed, Eggman has been defeated for the last time, and sonic and the crew are enjoying their moments of peace....which...
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Sonic : They Are Kids by SonicMarioWTF
Sonic : They Are Kidsby 𝕄 𝔸 𝕐 𝕃 𝕀 𝔼 𝔸 ℕ ℕ
Coucou! Me revoilà dans une histoire, où les persos de Sonic sont des enfants, et vivent tranquillement avec leur parents, bref... une histoire mignonne à croquer, fin...
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