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All Mythical Things by November_H
All Mythical Thingsby November_H
Erika's vacation has a string of bad luck. First, it was ruined after a jealous witch cursed her to be something she never imagined to be and found herself in a weird pl...
Beneath Starlit Skies by crowned_chaos
Beneath Starlit Skiesby M. S. Christie
In which a twenty year old human becomes a twenty year old elven child after unforeseen dimensional travel and lost memories are slowly regain. Or: in which she awakens...
Tolkien Memes and Posts I Find by SkysTheLimit084
Tolkien Memes and Posts I Findby Skye
Lotr + Silmarillion memes I find on Pinterest. Enjoy. Warning: Some of these may contain swearing. If you are sensitive to that read at your own risk.
Between the Rivers: A Tale of Haleth by Andreth88
Between the Rivers: A Tale of Andreth Leigh
Young Haleth is thrust into a position of authority as the last of her house and the standing leader of her people after a brutal victory against an orc horde of Morgoth...
Avadis - A legolas story (slow moving!) by HeyHiDontMindMe
Avadis - A legolas story (slow alex
The eagles in LOTR don't have much of a purpose besides appearing and saving the day, so this book brings a new race to Middle Earth that has more involvement with them...
Art of Middle-Earth  by SallySocker
Art of Middle-Earth by SallySocker
Fan art of different characters and ships from Tolkien's world. If you don't like one of the ships just skip that chapter. Enjoy!
I walked with you once upon a dream (Mandos x OC/Reader) by LarkinaMeadow
I walked with you once upon a LarkinaMeadow
Námo (Mandos) is the most feared of the Valar. Because of this, he has no one to love until one summer when he is given three months to find a wife. Going to Rivendell...
Dragon Slayer- A Hobbit Fanfiction by theironwolf26
Dragon Slayer- A Hobbit Fanfictionby Ironwolf
Gandalf is working on a quest. A quest to take back a homeland for the dwarves. He has travelers and even a burglar. All he needs now is a warrior guide. And he knows ex...
Lost in the woods:A Silmarillion fanfic by JustAWanderingPotato
Lost in the woods:A Silmarillion ~Niquelótë~
My life was normal. I had a job, I had a beautiful cat and i was living in a small flat among many in New York. For a long time nothing have changed. And I liked it.Unti...
Danafinwe Feaelenion Feanorian (Book 1) by BernieWrites22
Danafinwe Feaelenion Feanorian ( Bernie Writes
My name is Danafinwe Feaelenion Feanorian. Some call me Dana. Others call me Danafinwe. Very few call me Feanaro. Feanaro is my Father. Grandfather Finwe and only Grandf...
L.O.T.R. Memes by AnotherVeronica15
L.O.T.R. Memesby # The Lord of the Memes
Basically the title Also The Hobbit memes and Silmarillion memes .Few chapters with lotr art.❣️ Enjoy! One meme to rule them all... ( Sone phrases are in greek don't try...
The Other Ranger [ Lord Of The Rings x Silmarillion ] by Silmarilz1701
The Other Ranger [ Lord Of The J | Julianne
#1 in Tolkien, #1 in Silmarillion, #1 in Lord of the Rings, #1 in Elrohir, #1 in Dunedain First in LotR series, Fëanoriel Chronicles. Written in 2012. Awaiting rewrite. ...
A Different Kind of Hell [ Silmarillion ] 3 by Silmarilz1701
A Different Kind of Hell [ J | Julianne
"Few remember the name of the woman recorded in the histories only as 'Fingon's Wife'." Final story in the Airequalmë trilogy. Top ranked #1 in Silmarillion, #...
Do not run Away From me (Elrond/Glorfinel) by Elrond_Earendillion
Do not run Away From me (Elrond/ Megan
Celebrian was killed in the Red-Horn Pass and her husband began to push himself away from the people in his city. With dark nightmares the Half-Elf shuts himself and his...
Legendarium [ Tolkien One-Shots ] by Silmarilz1701
Legendarium [ Tolkien One-Shots ]by J | Julianne
"Though in all lands, love is now mingled with grief, it still grows, perhaps, the greater." There are stories waiting to be told from all eras of Middle Earth...
A broken Voice - A Silmarillion Fanfiction by Silentx13
A broken Voice - A Silmarillion Silent
An AU where instead of Maedhros being taken to Angband, it is Maglor and how his life changes when they steal something precious to him. -I do not own the Silmarillion
Sons of Destiny   [CURRENTLY EDITING AND REWRITING] by QuirkyQuill8
Sons of Destiny [CURRENTLY QuirkyQuill8
Life and Death are out of your control when you are a child. Things happen-things adults can never explain away. Fortunately, siblings are always there for you. Wether i...
Ask the Elves! by The_Owlery
Ask the Elves!by Helena
Ever wanted to know something about Legolas, Thranduil, Elrond, Galadriel, Lindir, Tauriel, Celeborn, Glorfindel and all the other elves? Yes? Well this is the book for...
Disarm Me With Your Loneliness(Thranduil Love Story) by INeedYourSkull18
Disarm Me With Your Loneliness( Deep Shadows & Brilliant High...
Amillyse was raised in the forest of Greenwood the great by her mother an elf of Doriath and her father a fae. When her parents were killed in a battle with orcs, a...
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