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Memes Lotr and Silmarilion by IslandTrooper
Memes Lotr and Silmarilionby Anditwasknownas
Mostly Morgoth and Sauron's shenanigans but also all Lotr relates memes I see around. Enjoy, sons of Eru ❤
The Other Ranger [ Lord Of The Rings x Silmarillion ] by Silmarilz1701
The Other Ranger [ Lord Of The J | Julianne
#1 in Tolkien, #1 in Silmarillion, #1 in Lord of the Rings, #1 in Elrohir, #1 in Dunedain First in LotR series, Fëanoriel Chronicles. *** Miril has been raised by Halbar...
Ask the Elves! by The_Owlery
Ask the Elves!by Helena
Ever wanted to know something about Legolas, Thranduil, Elrond, Galadriel, Lindir, Tauriel, Celeborn, Glorfindel and all the other elves? Yes? Well this is the book for...
My Home is Where You Are: A Maedhros/OC Fanfiction by SheWhoArisesinBeauty
My Home is Where You Are: A Lindorië
When the Noldorin heir crossed paths with a shy Vanyarin maiden amid a lush forest, their lives were altered forever. Shortly after the Nirnaeth Arnoediad, Maedhros has...
A Different Kind of Heaven by Silmarilz1701
A Different Kind of Heavenby J | Julianne
Official Wattpad Tolkien Fanfic Top ranked #1 in Silmarillion, #1 in Tolkien Top 10 in Silmarillion from 2018-2021 *** Eve, celebrating her birthday on New Year's Eve, e...
Circles by meletiel
Circlesby Ruiniel
[A Haleth × Caranthir fanfiction] Haleth has led her people well, dedicating her entire life to duty. Now an old woman, she reminisces of the past. A short AU where Cara...
A broken Voice - A Silmarillion Fanfiction by Silentx13
A broken Voice - A Silmarillion Silent
An AU where instead of Maedhros being taken to Angband, it is Maglor and how his life changes when they steal something precious to him. -I do not own the Silmarillion
To Follow the Stars by ElizaMayTyto
To Follow the Starsby Eliza May Tyto
"Mana sa ve ana hilya i elena?" He asked. What is it like to follow the stars? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Born on the shores of Cuiviénen, C...
SEAFOAM by rachelanne017
SEAFOAMby rachelanne017
In this short series, you are one of the First Children of Iluvatar, an elf living in the midst of Arda's awakening. You meet Ulmo, Lord of Waters, a powerful Vala who l...
A Different Kind of Purgatory by Silmarilz1701
A Different Kind of Purgatoryby J | Julianne
Sequel to "A Different Kind of Heaven," but takes place thirty-six Valian Years later (340+ Earth years). *** Eve and Findekáno are enjoying their courtship. T...
Exploring Westernesse [ Lord of the Rings x Silmarillion ] by Silmarilz1701
Exploring Westernesse [ Lord of J | Julianne
#1 in Silmarillion, #1 in Caranthir, #1 in Elrohir Third Installment of The Fëanoriel Chronicles. - * - * - In the third decade of the Fourth Age, and at great persona...
Vanafin: Fulfilling Feanor's Oath (Under Re-Write) by EndellionHolly
Vanafin: Fulfilling Feanor's EndellionHolly
(This is currently under re-write. The new story will be out very soon. It is being designed in a way where those of you already having read this will not be required to...
My Golden Flower by nightwing2
My Golden Flowerby Alfred F. Jones
Ages ago, the elves awoke upon Arda. A story, a myth, and a forgotten pain is all that is left from the time before the first age. Two Vanyar elves woke in a beautiful p...
Disarm Me With Your Loneliness(Thranduil Love Story) by INeedYourSkull18
Disarm Me With Your Loneliness( Deep Shadows & Brilliant High...
Amillyse was raised in the forest of Greenwood the great by her mother an elf of Doriath and her father a fae. When her parents were killed in a battle with orcs, a...
Introduction to the Airequalmë by Silmarilz1701
Introduction to the Airequalmëby J | Julianne
Welcome, dear reader, to a collection of various non-chapters of The Airequalmë series. The series is a Silmarillion take on Girl Falls into Middle Earth started on Janu...
Tolkien Elves Halloween Works by LadyVanya95
Tolkien Elves Halloween Worksby Savvy
A collection of Halloween Prompted and Requested work for the Tolkien Elves!!
Silmarien by SilmarienTauroniel
Silmarienby Silmarien Tauroniel
Es war einmal ein Mädchen, in dessen Adern das Blut der Elben und der Valar floss. Doch sie wurde in eine andere Welt gesandt, um sie zu schützen. Viele Jahre dauert es...
Do not run Away From me (Elrond/Glorfinel) by Elrond_Earendillion
Do not run Away From me (Elrond/ Megan
Celebrian was killed in the Red-Horn Pass and her husband began to push himself away from the people in his city. With dark nightmares the Half-Elf shuts himself and his...
Silmarillion Imagines and FanFics by Caldar_the_Green
Silmarillion Imagines and FanFicsby Caldar Greencloak
A random collection of fanfics and imagines that I have decided to write. Fanfiction on your favourite Silm characters! I will CONSIDER requests.
Tolkien Song Parodies by SheWhoArisesinBeauty
Tolkien Song Parodiesby Lindorië
From The Silmarillion to The Lord of the Rings, the Elves, Dark Lords, and other races sing their hearts out with songs of our modern music world. I do not own the amazi...