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His Daughter|| Yandere Father Sauron x Daughter Reader by Lost156
His Daughter|| Yandere Father ❁𓅊FANCY𓅊❁
Just a story about your life with your possessive father Sauron (Don't own any pictures) (NOT INCEST)
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Return of the Eldar by Ranelwen
Return of the Eldarby Ránëlwen
{Present Day} Heartache follows Estela like a shadow. When an uncanny accident enables her to see into an invisible realm of warfare, she learns a mysterious secret abou...
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Of Love and Torture by iinactive_account
Of Love and Tortureby iinactive_account
This is an Angbang/Silmarillion fanfic written by me and the incredible @SweetieDoggie. In which an irritable Melkor, a disaster-prone Mairon and an unfortunate Maedhros...
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Silmarillion Imagines by kammie_darnold
Silmarillion Imaginesby Kammie Darnold
Imagine all your favorite Silmarillion characters doing normal, everyday things and that's the summary of my book. Highest rankings: 1- Silmarillion, 1-Melkor, 1-Fingon...
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Melkor's Birthday by SheWhoArisesinBeauty
Melkor's Birthdayby Lindorië
Oh no!! Melkor's foot has been injured in direct combat with the mighty Fingolfin! What's a Dark Lord to do?? Nothing much, aside from lazing around in his bed all day (...
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Oneshots (Silmarillion) by xxWinterCloudxx
Oneshots (Silmarillion)by xxWinterCloudxx
Oneshots referring to J.R.R. Tolkien's Silmarillion and time around that (Like different wars, the first age or the time before). Some gay ships, but nothing too 'hard'...
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El desertor by Menelwen_
El desertorby Menelwen
Sauron nació de la luz y luego abrazó la oscuridad, convertirse en el señor oscuro significó dejar atrás su origen. He aquí la historia de cómo todo comenzó. Discalimer:...
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Another World Ago by Silentx13
Another World Agoby Silent
What if Eru did recreate the world and that's the one every knows. What if the world before there were a large group of people who got speared from the destruction. They...
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The Void by NyghtOwl
The Voidby Ashlynn
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Baptized in Blood and Flame by Brigid_H_1300
Baptized in Blood and Flameby Fëanorian stan
Lord of the Rings/Hobbit/Silmarillion fanfiction Tauriel Thranduiliel had run away. She couldn't take it anymore; after the death of her mother when she was scarcely 1...
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Similarities between the Silmarillion and Christianity by WriteroftheNorth
Similarities between the WriteroftheNorth
An essay explaining the undertones and overtones of Tolkien's Catholicism in the Silmarillion.
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Elthamaril: The Elves Awaken by QueenXirinOfArvada
Elthamaril: The Elves Awakenby Lyssa
Lost memories, unknown fates, Elthamaril must choose her path, lest the shadows of the past return to claim her. And as Melkor continues to threaten the lands of Cuivien...
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Stained Cheeks from Black Tears: Lamentation for Melkor by SheWhoArisesinBeauty
Stained Cheeks from Black Tears: Lindorië
"Nienna wept not only for the loss of Valinor's sacred Light, but also for the Enemy who had firm plans to conquer all of Arda with a cruel domination, marring all...
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Luz fúlgida (Premio Primer lugar de ~En la Torre de Barad-dûr~) by CireneMQ
Luz fúlgida (Premio Primer lugar CireneMQ
Memoria del Rey de la Oscuridad. Con mucho cariño para @Sidaluz
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Siren Song~~A Silmarillion Fanfiction by AmdirethGoldleaf
Siren Song~~A Silmarillion Amdireth Goldleaf
A wailing cry. A cursed prince. A mystical pool. Fingon may have rescued Meadhros from Angbad, but the young King now grapples with himself, desperately trying to fre...
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tales of tirion by arathorns
tales of tirionby divine;
modern silmarillion au || enter tirion. a gleaming city of perfect houses, the living dream. maedhros, the son of a wealthy jeweller, is in university and the worst that...
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Time Stands Still by Elrond_Earendillion
Time Stands Stillby Megan
Many people know of Ñolofinwë and Fëanáro, but few know of their past life together. They were not brothers off blood, but one found a brother in the other. Sadly, all t...
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Menelmacarin Reihe: Teil 1 Die göttliche gefährtin by Mephistoria
Menelmacarin Reihe: Teil 1 Die gö rebictoliko .
Eine Geschichte, deren Ranken sich bis in eine lang vergangene Zeit Ardas ziehen. Die Elbin Turwen wohnt Bilbos einundelfzigsten Geburtstag bei und begleitet Gandalf, a...
I will save my beloved (Russingon). by RavenFallenAngels
I will save my beloved (Russingon).by RavenFallenAngels
A oto one shot z Russingon, czyli shipem MaitimoxFingon. Jeśli coś źle napiszę związanego z książka, to proszę się nie złościć bo nie bardzo znam się na silmarillion. m...
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Valar Rising by AverageHouseplant
Valar Risingby Not Your Average House Plant
The War of The Ring is impending, but Melkor, the first evil to darken Middle Earth is returning, and light has to rise to meet it. Four children of the Valar - the Gods...
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