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All Mythical Things by November_H
All Mythical Thingsby November_H
Erika's vacation has a string of bad luck. First, it was ruined after a jealous witch cursed her to be something she never imagined to be and found herself in a weird pl...
Tolkien Memes and Posts I Find by SkysTheLimit084
Tolkien Memes and Posts I Findby Skye
Lotr + Silmarillion memes I find on Pinterest. Enjoy. Warning: Some of these may contain swearing. If you are sensitive to that read at your own risk.
Between the Rivers: A Tale of Haleth by Andreth88
Between the Rivers: A Tale of Andreth Leigh
Young Haleth is thrust into a position of authority as the last of her house and the standing leader of her people after a brutal victory against an orc horde of Morgoth...
Actions and Their Consquences by Ravenclaw_Peredhel
Actions and Their Consquencesby Ravenclaw_Peredhel
In which Dior, the daughter of Beren and Luthien, is promised to Maedhros in reparation for their actions against the Princes of the Noldor. Alternatively, in which the...
Silmarillion Request Book [REQUESTS CLOSED] by Caldar_the_Green
Silmarillion Request Book [ Caldar Greencloak
Silmarillion request book! Please read the first chapter for info. Requests currently closed due to my other projects.
Art of Middle-Earth  by SallySocker
Art of Middle-Earth by SallySocker
Fan art of different characters and ships from Tolkien's world. If you don't like one of the ships just skip that chapter. Enjoy!
The Other Ranger [ Lord Of The Rings x Silmarillion ] by Silmarilz1701
The Other Ranger [ Lord Of The J | Julianne
#1 in Tolkien, #1 in Silmarillion, #1 in Lord of the Rings, #1 in Elrohir, #1 in Dunedain First in LotR series, Fëanoriel Chronicles. Written in 2012. Awaiting rewrite. ...
A Different Kind of Heaven  [ Silmarillion ] 1 by Silmarilz1701
A Different Kind of Heaven [ J | Julianne
Official Wattpad Tolkien Fanfic Top ranked #1 in Silmarillion, #1 in Tolkien Top 10 in Silmarillion from 2018-2024 Top ranked #1 in Fingon, #1 in Maedhros *** Eve, celeb...
Avadis - A legolas story (slow moving!) by HeyHiDontMindMe
Avadis - A legolas story (slow alex
The eagles in LOTR don't have much of a purpose besides appearing and saving the day, so this book brings a new race to Middle Earth that has more involvement with them...
Daughter of Arnor - Servant of Fate by vykiknighthadley
Daughter of Arnor - Servant of Fateby Vyki Knight Hadley
Book One in the House of Greenleaves series. (Final edit now in progress!!) She earned the love and respect of his people. He earned a place in her heart. In the last...
Dragon Slayer- A Hobbit Fanfiction by theironwolf26
Dragon Slayer- A Hobbit Fanfictionby Ironwolf
Gandalf is working on a quest. A quest to take back a homeland for the dwarves. He has travelers and even a burglar. All he needs now is a warrior guide. And he knows ex...
Tolkien fanfictions!! Sometimes crossovers!!
Mimi's Middle-earth Tales // Halbrand, Galadriel, Legolas, Thranduil, and more by Mimi_Lind
Mimi's Middle-earth Tales // Mimi Lind
A short story collection featuring Thranduil, Legolas, Halbrand, Galadriel, Túrin, Finduilas, Galion, Elrohir and Elladan. There will be a dragon duel, an arranged marri...
Exploring Westernesse [ Lord of the Rings x Silmarillion ] by Silmarilz1701
Exploring Westernesse [ Lord of J | Julianne
#1 in Silmarillion, #1 in Caranthir, #1 in Elrohir Third Installment of The Fëanoriel Chronicles. - * - * - In the third decade of the Fourth Age, and at great persona...
Do not run Away From me (Elrond/Glorfinel) by Elrond_Earendillion
Do not run Away From me (Elrond/ Megan
Celebrian was killed in the Red-Horn Pass and her husband began to push himself away from the people in his city. With dark nightmares the Half-Elf shuts himself and his...
To Follow the Stars by ElizaMayTyto
To Follow the Starsby Eliza May Tyto
"Mana ve hilyana i eleni?" He asked. What is it like to follow the stars? Born on the shores of Cuiviénen, Calindë, the eldest daughter of Lord Ingwë, has an...
Return to the North [ Lord of the Rings x Silmarillion ] by Silmarilz1701
Return to the North [ Lord of J | Julianne
Second installment in the Fëanoriel Chronicles. 35 years after the War of the Ring, the children of the heroes must go on their own quest to save Middle Earth yet again...
Through The Seas To First Age by StardustDreamer13
Through The Seas To First Ageby Stardust-Dreamer
All stories and headcanons from my tumblr blog
Oneshots (Silmarillion) by xxWinterCloudxx
Oneshots (Silmarillion)by xxWinterCloudxx
Oneshots referring to J.R.R. Tolkien's Silmarillion and time around that (Like different wars, the first age or the time before). Some gay ships, but nothing too 'hard'...
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