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Legolas Imagines (The Hobbit) by lokilas
Legolas Imagines (The Hobbit)by L.K. Eless
Romance, betrayal, angst, and more! Be prepared for a rollercoaster of emotions with this series of Legolas one shots based on imagines. For the purpose of making these...
LotR & The Hobbit X Reader by JanttuBaka
LotR & The Hobbit X Readerby JanttuBaka
Okay so here is Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit X Readers. I want you all to know that i want to avoid the fact that some characters die, so if i write about character...
Lord of the Rings Oneshots - Requests CLOSED!!! by hammockbabe
Lord of the Rings Oneshots - Reque...by hammockbabe
Oneshots with characters from middle earth. No smut but some will probably be really fluffy 😂
The Hobbit imagines/preferences by FanficLove15
The Hobbit imagines/preferencesby FanficLove15
I do not own any of the characters or pictures. Only thing I own are the ideas.
LOTR/The Hobbit by _Ale95_
LOTR/The Hobbitby _Ale95_
series of fanfiction about LOTR/Hobbit characters x reader Enjoy!!!
Lord of the Rings  Imagines by UlfricOakenshield
Lord of the Rings Imaginesby Hope Knott
lord of the rings imagines ⭐UPDATED EVERY TUE & FRI. ⭐Requests for Imagine Stories open.
My Warrior Love ~ Legolas Greenleaf Imagine by FandomNerd6841
My Warrior Love ~ Legolas Greenlea...by FandomNerd6841
Mae G'ovannen Mellon :) welcome to Middle Earth! In this story, the reader ( Y/N ) is the elder daughter of Lord Elrond and the sister of Arwen. What will happen when Le...
A Heart of Arkenstone by bleed1313
A Heart of Arkenstoneby Jericho
A fanfic of Tolkien's Middle Earth I wrote in 2012
The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Imagines by SeineLee
The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings I...by SeineLee
compilation of the imagines and reader inserts I made on tumblr ceinelee.tumblr.com I thought it would be nice to compile them here where you can read them easier and m...