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Jungkook In Trouble  by hobiholyknight7
Jungkook In Trouble by Jo
Three years. That's the age of Jungkook's marriage with an unknown man. It was an arranged marriage and he never agree to that arrangement. He run away on the wedding da...
Can You Hold Me by amorie123
Can You Hold Meby MyCupofTae
Omega Jeon Jungkook has been through poverty , gangs, etc... Leaving him traumatized later he decide to become a stripper at 21 to provide a living for himself. What hap...
 My Cold-Hearted Husband (TAEKOOK) by taekook_my_heart56
My Cold-Hearted Husband (TAEKOOK)by 💜Taekook💜
A story were taehyung hate jungkook to the core to gain revenge he married him and made his life miserable but after finding about jungkook's past will taehyung able to...
Captive-Sekook {JKxSehun} by Toplesshsk
Captive-Sekook {JKxSehun}by :)♡Jk•JH♡:)
Jungkook was left heartbroken by his ex fiance Taehyung. But that all changes when he meets Sehun. IG-Toplesshsk✨ Started: 2'16'19🕊️ Ended: 4'25'20 #4 BottomJK 7;20;19 ...
𝐊𝐈𝐒𝐒 𝐌𝐘 𝐀𝐒𝐒  by dollykoo
♡ JK X BTS ♡ Where the well known group BTS meets their new victim, but what happens when he's not really a victim, more like a sassy, pretty boy who has his favorite mo...
Beautiful  Dolly Boy✔️ by jikookever97
Beautiful Dolly Boy✔️by FortPeat JiKook
a beautiful face of jeon jungkook was make park jimin attached with him.That make jimin wants him badly. competed
other world Btsxjjk  by awolove567
other world Btsxjjk by jungkookisabottom
jungkook is known as the heartless kid in school known for not ever getting mad,sad,or happy just emotionless it's not anything in particular he just doesn't care even i...
Hit Me If You Want (feat.hit if you want me) by lazisom
Hit Me If You Want (feat.hit if lazisom
Jungkook, who transferred to new high school, met Taehyung. He likes to keep silence but annoying handsome dick never left him alone. "Aren't you acting friendly cu...
Dusk Till Dawn. (Jinkook)  by Crystaline77
Dusk Till Dawn. (Jinkook) by Crystaline.
Jungkook is a high school kid, who often gets bullied for being poor. His father didn't earn much but they lived a happy life. One day, Jungkook is anonymously, is gift...
Bodyguard or boyfriend? by ChumchumChimmy
Bodyguard or boyfriend?by MeoWtriX
Mom I guess I'm into boys I'm sorry mom I really very sorry....
My child hood marriage  by Sahinsacrg
My child hood marriage by taekook sweet
A story about taekook And it's my own story
ᴅʀeaᴍs by oceantaekook
ᴅʀeaᴍsby fᥲᥒtᥲᥱ᥉ιᥱ᥉
a taeminkook fanfiction based off of the boys in real life ♡ tops ; jimin & tae bottom ; kookie hope you enjoy uwu
Anything for You (Volume II) by bora95purple
Anything for You (Volume II)by smile
In this part, I'll be writing the next sequence, like from where it was deleted.. I'll be reuploading the deleted chapters there in the 1st volume, but here the story w...
JUST ☆TAE♡KOOK☆🐇🐅 by Ms_HuskiesRei
A CUP OF TAE AND A PEICE OF KOOKIE (oneshot stories) (fanarts (not mine)) (taehyung and Jungkook pics and gif) (ranting) (imagines) (Analysis) WARNING SO READ IT MOTHERF...
WAR OF TENTACLES by btsoddstroies
WAR OF TENTACLESby btsoddstroies
Jungkook is high school boy he's obsessed on anime sex and special sex tentacles he watched how anime girls getting fuck by tentacles and he wish if he's the one who's g...
NUMBER 4 | TAEKOOKby angel
A secret arrangement between the misfit and the school's basketball captain seemed like a good idea until unwanted feelings start to surface and neither of them know how...
Loving you is a losing game by Lucylopa
Loving you is a losing gameby Lucylopa
The story revolves around a young boy Jungkook, who fights against all odds for his love Taehyung. Yejin, who also loves Taehyung plots against Jungkook to separate him...
Holiday App  by _bunnyV_
Holiday App by ʙᴜɴ.ʀᴇᴇ
Wherein Jeon Jungkook wants his parents to stop randomly arranging him with someone for him to get marry and settle. So he end up asking his best friend's advice Top.Ta...