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In a Heartbeat Imagines by _Strawberry_Rose_
In a Heartbeat Imaginesby death
Fair warning, 95% of these are inspired by pictures. Anywho, enjoy this gay. *Nervous in Gay* #13 Inspired
Attention *Jonathan x Sherwin* (Under editing) by 0xGalactic0x
Attention *Jonathan x Sherwin* ( ♡Char♡
In a Heartbeat fanfic Sherwin is the transfer student, Jonathan is the popular kid. Some things lead to other things, what could possibly go wrong? Completed Piece ♥ Co...
💙 In a Heartbeat 💙               Sherwin X Jonathan by FanficHunter707
💙 In a Heartbeat 💙 FanficHunter707
This is a fanfic based on the animated short film "In a heartbeat" that was created by Beth David and Esteban Bravo. The short film was super cute so I sugges...
The Fault In Our Hearts by Readingfan201
The Fault In Our Heartsby ❤Readingfan201
After the day Johnathan restored Sherwins' heart, the boys start to spend more time with each other. And the more time they spent together, the more magical their relati...
In a Heartbeat high school au by coool_kid
In a Heartbeat high school auby coool_kid
This is my first story so don't judge This is about Sherwin getting through high school with bullies and anxiety. Jonathan the popular, handsome guy bumbs into Sherwin o...
In a Heartbeat (High School Edition)  by AlyssaTrancy002
In a Heartbeat (High School ♠️Ally Stitches♥️
This is book 2, we continue our journey with Sherwin and Jonathan in high school! Please read Book 1 first so you'll understand everything. Our story left off where Jon...
In A Heartbeat (Sherwithan) One Shots  by AlyssaTrancy002
In A Heartbeat (Sherwithan) One ♠️Ally Stitches♥️
FINALLY!!! I'm finally making a Sherwin x Jonathan One Shot! :3 Please feel free to comment any suggestions and request, fun ideas and cute plots! But there will be r...
Sherwin x Jonathan Q&A/Headcanons  by AlyssaTrancy002
Sherwin x Jonathan Q&A/Headcanons by ♠️Ally Stitches♥️
Care to know more about these cutie pies? Now you can! It can also be would you rather, truth or dare, and some fun facts which is my own opinion is headcanon in my fa...
In A Heartbeat by storytellbooks
In A Heartbeatby Storytell Books
In this 5-part Episodic story, You are 15 year old Sherwin, who crushes on the most popular boy in school, Jonathan. Feeling like he doesn't have a chance, something odd...
Something Complicated : In A Heartbeat Series by ForbidsBlossom
Something Complicated : In A liberated hoe
Since there's no signs that the creators are making this as a series, I decided to make one that I would expect it would be. "Once it all started in a heartbeat...
the inside of izuku heart (mha x in a heartbeat)  by divhaneya
the inside of izuku heart (mha x •°the.ruby°•
Izuku was being framed by the lov for being a traitor and class 1a beat him up until almost to the dead, bakugo who dating izuku cheated on him with todoroki and All mig...
The Gay Babysitter (Sherwinthan) by MysteryWriter524
The Gay Babysitter (Sherwinthan)by Mystery Writer
Johnathan didn't know what would happen when he started babysitting a teen. He didn't look forward to it but that changed very quickly.
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Soft Hearts | In A Heartbeat Fanfiction by SilverfrostXxX
Soft Hearts | In A Heartbeat Ren
"Each night I ask the stars up above, Why must I be a teenager in love?" ~Dion DiMucci [an In A Heartbeat Fanfiction] #Sherwithan #boyxboy #lgbtpride •••Won 1s...
ill always choose you. by kat_Rosie
ill always choose kat_Rosie
Just a warning!! their attitude may not be similar to the cannon one and reminder its an AU!
Sherwithan One-shots (English version) by YouAreMyPotato_89
Sherwithan One-shots (English Malu
So I have this other book of Sherwithan one shots, and it's written in Spanish (that's my native language). But I'm also writing this other version in English because I...
In A heartbeat fanfictions  by nikqwrit3z
In A heartbeat fanfictions by my_nika
First ever bl story i did!! ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:* So apparently I'll still update this book each time i have a free time. Btw this is also my first fanfiction that con...
the heart wants what it wants ~in a heartbeat animated short film~ by coolergrave101
the heart wants what it wants fanfictionking
sherwin has a crush on the most popular boy in the school "Jonathan". he is in the closet of being gay, but that changes all because of his heart (literally)
In A Heartbeat Drabbles/One-Shots by ScarletVisiontrash
In A Heartbeat Drabbles/One-Shotsby Makayla
I watched the short film in a heartbeat yesterday and saw a lot of cute stuff about it on Tumblr, and got inspired to write this cute drabble/one-shot book!
The Fault In Our Hearts by bedazzledDan
The Fault In Our Heartsby kai
>>in a heartbeat fanfic<< If I made grammar mistakes or spelling errors please feel free to comment so I can fix it! It gets better as it goes I promise Jus...