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In a heartbeat: R.E Version [In Progress] by That_Dude_Next_Door
In a heartbeat: R.E Version [In Mysteryshacko
A fanfic based on the short but sweet animated film called, you quessed it, '' In a Heartbeat'' by Beth David & Esteban Bravo. Sherwin has always been the odd one in the...
Attention *Jonathan x Sherwin* (Under editing) by 0xGalactic0x
Attention *Jonathan x Sherwin* ( ♡Char♡
In a Heartbeat fanfic Sherwin is the transfer student, Jonathan is the popular kid. Some things lead to other things, what could possibly go wrong? Completed Piece ♥ Co...
In A Heartbeat (Sherwithan) One Shots  by AlyssaTrancy002
In A Heartbeat (Sherwithan) One ♠️Ally Stitches♥️
FINALLY!!! I'm finally making a Sherwin x Jonathan One Shot! :3 Please feel free to comment any suggestions and request, fun ideas and cute plots! But there will be r...
In A Heartbeat by storytellbooks
In A Heartbeatby Storytell Books
In this 5-part Episodic story, You are 15 year old Sherwin, who crushes on the most popular boy in school, Jonathan. Feeling like he doesn't have a chance, something odd...
In my head by Kiren202
In my headby Kiren202
In a heartbeat short film continued basically...
💌An outcasts comfort💌(In a Heartbeat) by xo1puter
💌An outcasts comfort💌(In a Bunemi
This story is about a redhead boy named Sherwin who was doing his daily chores, feeding the dog, feeding his sister, etc. When Sherwin was walking the dog with his siste...
In a Heartbeat by PITSOFHEAVEN
In a Heartbeatby ☆
Hello! I'm new to WattPad thought I'd start out by writing a fanfic for "In a Heartbeat!" It's a very cute film and you should go watch it, if you haven't alre...
Sherwin X Jonathan | In a Heartbeat Zombie Apocalypse AU by FanficHunter707
Sherwin X Jonathan | In a FanficHunter707
Sherwin and Jonathan are two kids in their late teens. Surviving trough a rough apocalyptic chaos that's taking place on planet earth. How will the two handle the fear a...
Sherwithan One-shots (English version) by YouAreMyPotato_89
Sherwithan One-shots (English Malu
So I have this other book of Sherwithan one shots, and it's written in Spanish (that's my native language). But I'm also writing this other version in English because I...
Honestly... (In A Heartbeat Story) by AnAmericanLukas
Honestly... (In A Heartbeat Story)by Lukas
(Nov.-22-2019: rewrite coming late 2019/early 2020! keep an eye out for the first chapter on my profile) -- "I CAN'T DO ANYTHING RIGHT! I CAN'T EVEN TRUST MY BEST F...
A Heartbeat Away by EnternityEnt
A Heartbeat Awayby Jake Williams
An Unofficial sequel to "In a Heartbeat", Star-Crossed Lovers Sherwin and Jonathan are separated as Sherwin's family moves from LA to Seattle. I do not own the...
In A heartbeat fanfictions  by nikqwrit3z
In A heartbeat fanfictions by my_nika
First ever bl story i did!! ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:* So apparently I'll still update this book each time i have a free time. Btw this is also my first fanfiction that con...
My heart only beats for you I In a heartbeat fanfic by GroundZ3r0
My heart only beats for you I In Katsuki Bakugo
Jonathan is the most popular kid at school, when a new kid shows up, He immediately knows he's in trouble, will he follow his head, or his HEART
In a Heartbeat #2 by Artastic15
In a Heartbeat #2by Artastic15
If you have seen my other story "In a heartbeat 💖" then this is just a second back up book because I had trouble trying to get my other story back, so without...
In a Heartbeat ❤️🌈 (Completed) by clearly_queer
In a Heartbeat ❤️🌈 (Completed)by no_name
Sherwin is about to start his eleventh year of high school, and it's already off to a bad start over the summer Tony who is known to bully people especially Sherwin, has...
Our Forbidden Love by CupidsEiffelTower
Our Forbidden Loveby CupidsEiffelTower
This is a longer version of the original animation In A Heart Beat (video is in the first chapter). The first chapter is slow and I apologize. But it's not a big chapter...
Dress (Sherwithan one shot) by JustEnoughForACoffee
Dress (Sherwithan one shot)by Coffee/Skyler
Inspired by a little comic I spotted on Pinterest. Its quite adorable really. The gist of it is, Jonathan walks in on Sherwin trying on a dress and Sherwin is so embarra...
In A Heartbeat Drabbles/One-Shots by ScarletVisiontrash
In A Heartbeat Drabbles/One-Shotsby Makayla
I watched the short film in a heartbeat yesterday and saw a lot of cute stuff about it on Tumblr, and got inspired to write this cute drabble/one-shot book!
It Takes Spirit by SkullMuffinBake
It Takes Spiritby SkullMuffinBake
My story for my Spirit: Riding Free AU.