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💙 In a Heartbeat 💙               Sherwin X Jonathan by FanficHunter707
💙 In a Heartbeat 💙 FanficHunter707
This is a fanfic based on the animated short film "In a heartbeat" that was created by Beth David and Esteban Bravo. The short film was super cute so I sugges...
In a heartbeat: R.E Version [In Progress] by That_Dude_Next_Door
In a heartbeat: R.E Version [In Mysteryshacko
A fanfic based on the short but sweet animated film called, you quessed it, '' In a Heartbeat'' by Beth David & Esteban Bravo. Sherwin has always been the odd one in the...
In a Heartbeat high school au by coool_kid
In a Heartbeat high school auby coool_kid
This is my first story so don't judge This is about Sherwin getting through high school with bullies and anxiety. Jonathan the popular, handsome guy bumbs into Sherwin o...
My heart only beats for you I In a heartbeat fanfic by GroundZ3r0
My heart only beats for you I In Katsuki Bakugo
Jonathan is the most popular kid at school, when a new kid shows up, He immediately knows he's in trouble, will he follow his head, or his HEART
In a Heartbeat Imagines by _Strawberry_Rose_
In a Heartbeat Imaginesby death
Fair warning, 95% of these are inspired by pictures. Anywho, enjoy this gay. *Nervous in Gay* #13 Inspired
Attention *Jonathan x Sherwin* (Under editing) by 0xGalactic0x
Attention *Jonathan x Sherwin* ( ♡Char♡
In a Heartbeat fanfic Sherwin is the transfer student, Jonathan is the popular kid. Some things lead to other things, what could possibly go wrong? Completed Piece ♥ Co...
In a Heartbeat  by thewholeenchilada
In a Heartbeat by mr.benzedrine
The point of view of Sherwin, from the recently released short film, "In a Heartbeat." WARNING: I DO NOT OWN IN A HEARTBEAT OR THE CHARACTERS -cover art mine...
In A Heartbeat (Fanfiction) +All Ages by AlyssaTrancy002
In A Heartbeat (Fanfiction) +All ♠️Ally Stitches♥️
In a HeartBeat is based on a short film made by Esteban Bravo and Beth David. It went viral this year, when I first watched it, I fell in love with it. It's about a bo...
The Fault In Our Hearts by Readingfan201
The Fault In Our Heartsby ❤Readingfan201
After the day Johnathan restored Sherwins' heart, the boys start to spend more time with each other. And the more time they spent together, the more magical their relati...
HeartBeats. by CryBbyMylasia200
#11 Mylasia/Rin
When Sherwin falls for the schools hottest popular boy,Jonathan,things take a turn.For better or worse, Sherwin decides that he won't tell him,until Shirley,Sherwin's ov...
Some Oneshot Things?🌸✨ by unknown_loverrr
Some Oneshot Things?🌸✨by Averyyy💤
Meh idk but heres the oneshot that Im gonna release all my idea for In A Heartbeat fandom or much more fandom that I'll do
Sherwithan One-shots (English version) by YouAreMyPotato_89
Sherwithan One-shots (English Malu
So I have this other book of Sherwithan one shots, and it's written in Spanish (that's my native language). But I'm also writing this other version in English because I...
In A Heartbeat by StorytellProjects
In A Heartbeatby Storytell Projects
In this 5-part Episodic story, You are 15 year old Sherwin, who crushes on the most popular boy in school, Jonathan. Feeling like he doesn't have a chance, something odd...
In Two My Heart Breaks-In A Heartbeat by -RaindropsOnRoses-
In Two My Heart Breaks-In A -RaindropsOnRoses-
This is based off of the short film " In a heartbeat" this is my first full on story and would love to ey some reads!!! This shall trigger your feels. You have...
soft spot by ratsrkinky
soft spotby 𝒷𝒶𝒷𝓎🍰
lachambers rated R for audiences that can handle smut
the inside of izuku heart (mha x in a heartbeat)  by divhaneya
the inside of izuku heart (mha x •°the.ruby°•
Izuku was being framed by the lov for being a traitor and class 1a beat him up until almost to the dead, bakugo who dating izuku cheated on him with todoroki and All mig...
Sherwin x Jonathan Q&A/Headcanons  by AlyssaTrancy002
Sherwin x Jonathan Q&A/Headcanons by ♠️Ally Stitches♥️
Care to know more about these cutie pies? Now you can! It can also be would you rather, truth or dare, and some fun facts which is my own opinion is headcanon in my fa...
Oneshots!!!  by skystorm777
Oneshots!!! by skystorm777
This will be full of some of my favorite ships and if you have a request I will try my best to do it!