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Truth Or Dare: Super Smash Bros by DarkSasuke15
Truth Or Dare: Super Smash Brosby Daku15
Hello everyone! This is my first truth or dare SSB fanfiction. Here will be my favorite smash characters. I may include others but who knows. Anyway, you can ask or dare...
Pit x smash bros. Harem by splart69
Pit x smash bros. Haremby splart69
At the start of ultimate tournament, Palutena arrives to greet her fellow smashers. And, she brings her angel student Pit, to introduce to girls. (They're gonna loooooo...
Ask or dare Super Smash Bros Ultimate! by Soulster88
Ask or dare Super Smash Bros Just some pals
Soulspeed: Since Smash is coming back, I thought why not?
Smashers watch Godzilla vs Koopzilla by Omega0999
Smashers watch Godzilla vs Monstrous Theropod
It was a regular day in the Smash Mansion, but Bowser was left out, and then the Fighters were all brought to this room to watch this Monster Movie. Godzilla vs Koopzill...
Super Smash bros ultimate: The demon wolf  by Arthurpendragon285
Super Smash bros ultimate: The Arthur Pendragon, el avenger
Y/n was a half human half wolf who join ever since super Smash bros (Nintendo 64 versión) and was also had a family with Smash bros, however when tabuu(from brawl) was d...
Love Bash - Super Smash Bros Oneshots (CLOSED) by FurryGirlSylvy
Love Bash - Super Smash Bros ୧ *·˚Piers┆↰
3, 2, 1, Go! C'mon in super smash bros lovers! I have super smash bros oneshots just for you to enjoy! X readers included! Ranked #2 in ssbu since January
In Your Arms // Min Min x M!Reader by Rakuwoo
In Your Arms // Min Min x M!Readerby raku.
[RE-PUBLISHED] Min-Min, a 18 year old girl who lived with her grandfather who owned a ramen shop. Whenever she wasn't in school, she often helped her grandfather out in...
An Interesting Alliance (Ridley x Dark Samus) Metroid fanfic by Blackcherry137
An Interesting Alliance (Ridley Blackcherry137
Okay. As far as I know, not a lot of people have done Ridley fanfics, and definitely not of this ship. I feel like it deserves more attention because of their history wi...
{SLOW UPDATES} SSBU Boyfriends by MyrisanMelodies
{SLOW UPDATES} SSBU Boyfriendsby LavenderButterfly
Scenarios, preferences and headcanons in this book. Which one will you pick?
My oc book by Danawolf3412
My oc bookby Dana Beaudin
These are oc's that I have recently made or had them for years so I hope you like them
Randomness book by Danawolf3412
Randomness bookby Dana Beaudin
Just a book about random things I find or talk about. I probably won't pay attention to this book. Edit: Lol so you thought!
The Moon and the Stars - Zelink Modern AU by ritzeline
The Moon and the Stars - Zelink Robine
The death of her twin brother plagued Zelda's mind frequently despite its occurrence ten years ago. Feeling a mixture of pain and regret, Zelda pinned the blame on the v...
High School Lovers? (Marth x Ike) by MidnightShine781
High School Lovers? (Marth x Ike)by Marth x Ike? OTP.
Another excuse for a Marth x Ike fanfic, fuck yea... Im sorry, but I must do justice to my OTP! Marth: Sub (Bottom) Ike: Dom (Top) [OOC, just saying] (I couldn't find a...
The Ultimate Incorrect quote collection by Compass_Code
The Ultimate Incorrect quote Intelliscorb
The most dumb Incorrect quotes oneshot book where E V E R Y O N E is OOC (Out of character) So you KNOW that this is gonna be very cringe. Inspired by the likes of crap...
Male Robin's Instagram by Danawolf3412
Male Robin's Instagramby Dana Beaudin
I have heard of this app before so I wanted to try it out
SSBU x Reader  by LittleKirbyCutie
SSBU x Reader by ComplexGrace Moonbeam
A bunch of random stories about SSBU. I'll take requests but not yanderes and yaoi If I get multiple requests at once I'll officially publish them a few days apart Warn...
A smashy cruise trip by Compass_Code
A smashy cruise tripby Intelliscorb
When the Smash cast are invited to a shoddily constructed cruise ship everything breaks loose! A room under the pool with a pair of robots residing in it? Good idea! Pu...
Marth's Instagram by Danawolf3412
Marth's Instagramby Dana Beaudin
I saw Robin and Roy do this so I thought I would try it out
My Super Smash Bros OCs by Ganondorflover18
My Super Smash Bros OCsby Desarae Secrist
Here's my collection of Super Smash Bros OCs.
smash bros ultimate x reader / one shots by pittco
smash bros ultimate x reader / jae ✧*:・゚
one shots for super smash brothers ultimate! pittco 2019