Okay, so I'm MySuperWhoLock!
Obviously, I write Supernatural, Doctor Who and Sherlock fanfictions.
I also write across fandoms like Star Trek (TOS and DS9 so far), Torchwood, Avatar:TLA, Avengers, the Mighty Boosh and Harry Potter.

I love Vocaloids, DanganRonpa, CLAMP manga/anime (especially Tsubasa and Legal Drug) (Oh and Tokyo Babylon, of course, is my favourite.), Xena, Hercules, Firefly, Defiance, Elementary, Hannibal, and Almost Human.

To get the preliminaries out of the way - My Favourite Doctor is the Sixth (Colin Baker), and my favourite companion is Jamie McCrimmon, my favourite Star Trek series is TNG, and my favourite character from the Star Trek 'verse is Garak. My favourite Sherlock ship is Mystrade, though I write a lot more Johnlock than Mystrade. I normally ship Destiel, but I have no 'real' OTP in Supernatural.

Oh and @Fanfic_Addicted is my writing buddy. Check her out! xD

An extra note - My writing is erratic and my chapters are often very very short. This is because of personal writing style and motivation, I am working on the patience to write longer, but I prefer to get the idea down. When I have time, I will go back and expand on these short chapters, so please , try to get used to them. I often have long periods of non-writing, which I apologise for, but sometimes I lack motivation and have personal stuff going on.

I /will/ try to get back to all your comments, but with the sheer amount of followers I have now (almost a thousand gee) I may miss your comment, or not answer for a few weeks. Again, sorry.

I have two other accounts on this site.
@AvaDrake is my 'Mage Universe' one and @TheVampireHuntress is my one for random stories.

My Tumblr account is http://myoncemightysuperwholock.tumblr.com/

Finally criticism, feedback, requests and suggestions are always welcome! :)
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The Crazy Daughter of Albus Dumbledore

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Description: Albus has a daughter with a secret - she's got the same 'illness' as his sister had - the 'crazy' one. How will Belladonna's presence affect the course of events? And who will come out unscathed?

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Hey there ;)
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      How are you?
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Soooo... okay, yes, I haven't been on in a long time. And tbh I wasn't sure I was going to return to this account at all, despite all you wonderful people (over 2000 of you!!) But then my sister, the model, is in another facebook contest, and I figured I could  score some sister points by doing another one of those - update for a like- things again. 
      Basically, here's how it works. My sister needs likes on this pic - https://www.facebook.com/ForeverGlamorousBoutique/photos/a.372927146165521.1073741844.242976859160551/372933989498170/?type=1&theater . (Note: you also have to like the page ForeverGlamorousBoutique for it to count). So if you like the page and her pic, and message/comment me here telling me you did it, I will update any story of your choice. 
      Please guys ^^ It doesn't take much effort and it'd make her happy and you get a free chapter out of it. (So if even like a 1/100 of you voted you'd get 20 chapters).