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The Three Kagenou Siblings (Kagari x Eminence in Shadow) by JaeZInsane
The Three Kagenou Siblings ( Jay Jay
While Claire Kagenou works among the Crimson Order, The Shadow Monarch, Kagari Kagenou watches and over their idiot little brother Cid Kagenou and his exploits at becomi...
what happens when two people are bonded by marriage due to the mutual decision of their family.........but for them it is nothing more than a contract....a contract whic...
50 Shades Of Garfield (Andrew Garfield Fanfic) *EDITING* by TheToryJournal
50 Shades Of Garfield (Andrew TheToryJournal
Eighteen-year-old Claire Mitchell is a smart, affectionate high schooler. She earns a straight A average and is being watched by many colleges. Claire is beautiful; perf...
Loving Him is Grey (50 shades fanfic-PG-13) by MaddiMellark
Loving Him is Grey (50 shades MaddiMellark
A cleaner version of 50 shades of Grey. Anastasia Steele is a new journalist, falling for the mysterious, attractive CEO Christian Grey. What happens when two very diffe...
The Mute Badass (continued) by megan13nicole
The Mute Badass (continued)by Mp
Aura Price just got released from juvie. Why? She murdered her parents, that's why. She got arrested at the age of 7, now she's 18. Yeah, 11 years of juvie, but nobody...
Blood Shades by DeathxDemon
Blood Shadesby DeathxDemon
Leera wasn't one to be messed with. She's feisty, sarcastic, holds a short temper and has a 'take no prisoners' attitude. Not only that but she has suffered an awful pas...
Stalker [h.s]  by idekPayne
Stalker [h.s] by K
His eyes where only ever on her. From the moment he set eyes on her, he was obsessed, fixated on her. Maybe he was intrigued at first by the way she attracted attention...
PHOEBE GREY by Shivid18
what happens when BILLANIOUR Christian Grey's only daughter grew up... find out the love story of Phoebe Grey... # 21 fiftyout of 777 stories # 70 christiangreyout of...
Holding On & Letting Go by irishfangirl94
Holding On & Letting Goby Lauren
When Ana found out she was pregnant Christian wanted nothing to do with her, not out of hatred but out of fear of becoming a father. As he walks away he doesn't expect A...
50 Shades Of Claire Bear (Andrew's POV) by TheToryJournal
50 Shades Of Claire Bear (Andrew' TheToryJournal
**MUST HAVE READ 50 SHADES OF GARFIELD** The beloved love story of Claire Mitchell and Andrew Garfield, two seniors in high school, is told from Andrew's poin...
Live in Color by dougmcquaid
Live in Colorby konnor
"I'm distracted from the boy I've bumped into when the world around me begins to change. The grey and white I've seen ever since I was born into this world slowly b...
Another Steele (FSOG) by elaramora
Another Steele (FSOG)by Stella
Many people knew the polite,sweet,naive Anastasia Steele , but what they didn't know was there was another Steele Sister, Seraphine Steele. Another steele changes the pa...
Shades Of Love  by 92naina
Shades Of Love by gnaina
Have you ever thought what has been your future? Have someone thought about what is coming next in your life? no one knows what destiny has hide for us. not every thing...
Shades in the Dark » Luke Cage by melodyXriddle
Shades in the Dark » Luke Cageby ⇢ ˗ˏˋ 𝕷 𝖚 𝖓 𝖆 ࿐ྂ
"This world is dangerous. I thought I could save it alone. Save the innocent and the weak, but I can't. I just can't." - Cori Connors. After the death of her s...
Mr. Vice Chairman Season 2 [A Kim Taehyung FF] by 96jgjae
Mr. Vice Chairman Season 2 [A June <3
A sequel to 'Mr. Vice Chairman' where, Y/n and Taehyung experience shades of love while dealing with problems related to their past
Shades of the Past by VonLeporace
Shades of the Pastby VonLeporace
My memories are fading, my body falling apart, not just me but everyone around me, they just don't know it yet. Sickness and madness. For some reason the project was not...
Lily (Souls of Mortals, Book 1) by kikiwritesyafiction
Lily (Souls of Mortals, Book 1)by KiKi Fulton
"This is my story. It's pretty and painful. Divine and dangerous. Filled with candescence and clandestine." Lily's ordinary world fractures as she surrenders...
Fifty Shades Freed by glisteningsummer
Fifty Shades Freedby glisteningsummer
Anastasia Steele marries her true love, Christian Grey. As she struggles from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Christian knocks her up.
50 Reasons Why (Sequel to 50 SOG) by TheToryJournal
50 Reasons Why (Sequel to 50 SOG)by TheToryJournal
An insight of Claire Mitchell and her boyfriend Andrew Garfield's relationship. **MUST HAVE READ 50 SHADES OF GARFIELD**
Loving Diane by samanthajade__
Loving Dianeby Samantha
Five years ago a misunderstanding took away Diane's friendship and love Now five years later things have changed and her life has taken a U- turn back to her past. Wil...
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