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Mr. Styles (EDITING)  by theprincehes
Mr. Styles (EDITING) by Princess Nicole
Cover credit: @fruitloupz
Deal With the Devil | ✔️ by WeAreOk
Deal With the Devil | ✔️by CC
PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THIS IS A FIRST DRAFT AND THERE ARE GRAMMAR MISTAKES I pushed at his chest, but it was useless. He stayed, his arms caging me in. "Anastasia,&qu...
Holding On & Letting Go by irishfangirl94
Holding On & Letting Goby Lauren
When Ana found out she was pregnant Christian wanted nothing to do with her, not out of hatred but out of fear of becoming a father. As he walks away he doesn't expect A...
A Life Built On Lies by CathyJensen
A Life Built On Liesby CathyJensen
Thanks to E L James for her Fifty Shades Of Grey Trilogy books and her characters. I like to create a few of my own along the way. The Steele family are hard working sal...
Another Steele (FSOG) by elaramora
Another Steele (FSOG)by Stella
Many people knew the polite,sweet,naive Anastasia Steele , but what they didn't know was there was another Steele Sister, Seraphine Steele. Another steele changes the pa...
Fifty Shades Different by CheyenneAutumn1
Fifty Shades Differentby Cheyenne Funk
**********************SOON TO BE UNDER CONSTRUCTION***************************** What if Christian Grey met Anastasia Steele under different circumstances? What if Ana h...
Fifty Shades Of Noir (On Hold) by kuroosjacket
Fifty Shades Of Noir (On Hold)by ♡
A Girl named Marinette Dupain-Cheng has a interview with the mysterious Mr Noir what will happen?
Wait for me 3  by Scorbus11
Wait for me 3 by Mpreg obsession
Read wait for me 1 and 2 before reading this book. Ten years it's been since Aiden James Chase published his book wait for me which had quickly become popular across th...
Fifty Forever After 1 by sungirlz123
Fifty Forever After 1by Sungirlz123
This is a spin of Fifty Shades of Grey! I used the same characters and added my own. I will put a backstory so everything makes sense. I will be posting pictures on my...
50 shades of Dylan by kitsunefox1990
50 shades of Dylanby kitsunefox1990
I picked out some of my favorite scenes from 50 shades of gray. *disclaimer: I changed names and scenes to prevent copyright. These ideas came from the movie 50 shades o...
fifty shades of Issues by brokengirl2202
fifty shades of Issuesby fifty shades
Second book. I would suggest you to read Fifty Shades Of Demons first.
Read the story it's nice and not for kids
Death Of Innocence  by CathyJensen
Death Of Innocence by CathyJensen
Each of us have a pivotal moment in our lives which can change us for good or bad. Some have a lot of those. I am for sure mine were many. But alas I am using E L James...
caution when it comes to love (Completed ) by Jeffbopy
caution when it comes to love ( harriett
ana and Christian have a rough life and it gets rougher once they get back together and there could be a unexpected pregnancy trouble with their past and trouble with...
Circumstances Change by CathyJensen
Circumstances Changeby CathyJensen
Using E L James Characters Thank You for your amazing characters and Fifty Shades Trilogy. Anastasia Rose Steele, Christian Grey, Elliott Grey, Kate Kavanagh, Ethan Ka...
Fifty Shades of Wrong by GreyGoddess
Fifty Shades of Wrongby afterglow
This is a story about Christian Grey, who he was two years before he met Ana. This is a story together with an untold Submissive. In 2009, Christian Grey's that time su...
Fifty Shades Of Teenage Years by JadaCameron2000
Fifty Shades Of Teenage Yearsby Jada
What if you had a big secret? Who would you tell first? Your boyfriend, Your parent or Your best friend? This is the story of Christian and Ana. They have been dating ev...
Fifty Shades Freed by glisteningsummer
Fifty Shades Freedby glisteningsummer
Anastasia Steele marries her true love, Christian Grey. As she struggles from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Christian knocks her up.
Complicated by BookLoverFangirl
Complicatedby BookLoverFangirl
I read Fifty Shades of Grey twice the past month, and I just REALLY LOVE the book, so I kind of made a story around it, but it doesn't have everything that's in the book...
Christian Grey: Teenager by bookreadandwrite1
Christian Grey: Teenagerby {DO NOT CLICK}
You know about Anastasia and Christian, but do you know what happened when he was 15? Elena or Mrs. Robinson if you will, saves Christian from his destructive self. This...