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Death Of Innocence  by CathyJensen
Death Of Innocence by CathyJensen
Each of us have a pivotal moment in our lives which can change us for good or bad. Some have a lot of those. I am for sure mine were many. But alas I am using E L James...
Mr. Styles (EDITING)  by theprincehes
Mr. Styles (EDITING) by Princess Nicole
Cover credit: @fruitloupz
Fifty Shades Freed by glisteningsummer
Fifty Shades Freedby glisteningsummer
Anastasia Steele marries her true love, Christian Grey. As she struggles from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), Christian knocks her up.
51 shades of twilight by baked_bean127
51 shades of twilightby Jessica
sequel to 50 shades of twilight book 2
PHOEBE GREY by Shivid18
what happens when BILLANIOUR Christian Grey's only daughter grew up... find out the love story of Phoebe Grey... # 21 fiftyout of 777 stories # 70 christiangreyout of...
Fifty Shades of Wrong by GreyGoddess
Fifty Shades of Wrongby afterglow
This is a story about Christian Grey, who he was two years before he met Ana. This is a story together with an untold Submissive. In 2009, Christian Grey's that time su...
Fifty Shades Freed by BookWriter210804
Fifty Shades Freedby HessaAfter2019
The third and final chapter from the erotic romance novel❤️Christian And Anastasia get married but jack Hyde continues to threaten their relationship
Another Steele (FSOG) by elaramora
Another Steele (FSOG)by Stella
Many people knew the polite,sweet,naive Anastasia Steele , but what they didn't know was there was another Steele Sister, Seraphine Steele. Another steele changes the pa...
forever yours grey by user94925686
forever yours greyby
Anastasia Steele meets Christian Grey in high school but end up going to different colleges and evently find a way back to each other and he cheats on when they do get m...
Fifty Shades of Family by creatingnewthings123
Fifty Shades of Familyby creatingnewthings123
Have you ever wondered what happened after Freed? How their life went out? Are Ana and Christian still together? and what about their children? In this story you will ge...
The Onceler's Sex Dungeon by Mackenziealices
The Onceler's Sex Dungeonby Mackenziealices
You wake up to find yourself in what looks like to be in orgy room. Suddenly, your worries disappear when a tall man wearing green enters the room and displays his glori...
caution when it comes to love  by Jeffbopy
caution when it comes to love by Jeffbopy
ana and Christian have a rough life and it gets rougher once they get back together and there could be a unexpected pregnancy trouble with their past and trouble with...
fifty shades of Issues by brokengirl2202
fifty shades of Issuesby fifty shades
Second book. I would suggest you to read Fifty Shades Of Demons first.
Fifty Shades of Freed (Yoonmin Edition) by ShelbyMorgan843
Fifty Shades of Freed (Yoonmin Shelby Morgan
Hello!! get to the first chapter and things will make sense!!
Fifty Shades; The year 2029 by IndoGal90
Fifty Shades; The year 2029by Indonesia K
Two years after the Hyde incident and the Grey family lives went back to normal, well as normal as it got for the Grey's. 15 Years later the Grey family is still thrivin...
Fifty Shades Of Noir (On Hold) by kuroosjacket
Fifty Shades Of Noir (On Hold)by ♡
A Girl named Marinette Dupain-Cheng has a interview with the mysterious Mr Noir what will happen?
Oof Deku x Kacchen smut mmmmm one shot mmmmm kill me  by dirtydeku
Oof Deku x Kacchen smut mmmmm Dirty Deku
This story has SEXUAL THINGS only for 13+ idc sooooooooo Deku gets kidnapped from Kacchen then Kacchen FUCKS DEKU lol 😂 then Deku starts having more feelings for him th...
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From Grey To White {Christian Grey} by MaliciousAdventures
From Grey To White {Christian Grey}by MaliciousAdventures
Christian Grey has only known one way of life, one way of what he calls love. Until he met Madelyn Young. Any normal girl would fall to his prey, but not Madelyn. Instea...
Fifty Shades In Love by liv_tee
Fifty Shades In Loveby teevee
Theodore Grey is getting ready to start a new life as a college graduate who finds love. Angel is a girl who has a history in the past that must get past it to move on.
50 shades of Dylan by kitsunefox1990
50 shades of Dylanby kitsunefox1990
I picked out some of my favorite scenes from 50 shades of gray. *disclaimer: I changed names and scenes to prevent copyright. These ideas came from the movie 50 shades o...