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Fifty Shades of Secrets by LateNightsLongWords
Fifty Shades of Secretsby Mimsy
Three years ago, Anastasia Steele came to the painful realization that she could never be the sub Christian Grey wanted. At the tender age of twenty two, Ana ran away fr...
Fifty Shades Pregnant by JadaCameron2000
Fifty Shades Pregnantby Jada
What if Ana found out she was pregnant after her and Christian broke up? What if Christian was happy about the baby? What if somebody from Christian past came after An...
Holding On & Letting Go by irishfangirl94
Holding On & Letting Goby Lauren
When Ana found out she was pregnant Christian wanted nothing to do with her, not out of hatred but out of fear of becoming a father. As he walks away he doesn't expect A...
Fifty Shades Of Teenage Years by JadaCameron2000
Fifty Shades Of Teenage Yearsby Jada
What if you had a big secret? Who would you tell first? Your boyfriend, Your parent or Your best friend? This is the story of Christian and Ana. They have been dating ev...
young in love by amandamds19
young in loveby Amanda
What if Christian and Ana met in high school? What if Elena Lincoln never got her claws in Christian? What if Ana was able to help him with his issues and fear of touch...
Simplemente ella by EstrellaCieloSoteloZ
Simplemente ellaby Estrella
Segunda temporada de Mi diosa de ojos azules Para Ana y Christian, todo va de maravilla, con un hijo maravilloso y una que está por venir y su amor creciendo día a día...
Jesy's story by PeightonDeWeber
Jesy's storyby Peighton DeWeber
Jesy Nelson is 17 years old and her mother has just died. Before her mother's passing, Jesy was told her biological father was from Seattle and that he was Mr. Christian...
Christian & Ana's New Life by Bbrookef
Christian & Ana's New Lifeby Brooke
As Christian and Ana start a new life together with Teddy there son and there new baby daughter things increasingly get better but as all they think goes well, unexpecte...
Forbidden Love by deejmd
Forbidden Loveby djstan
What will happen after the last filming of the Fifty Shades Trilogy? (Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan Fanfic) NOTE: AGAIN, THIS IS ONLY A FANFIC.
Fifty Shades Of A Dangerous Woman by okaii_bieber
Fifty Shades Of A Dangerous Womanby okaii_bieber
"I miss you" he sighs grabbing my hand "well I don't miss you" I say snatching my hand away "Someone else has my heart" "But I love yo...
The Wanted Bloodline by MrsGREYBELIKOV
The Wanted Bloodlineby MrsGREYBELIKOV
What if Rose and Dimitri were still on the run? What if Anastasia has a secret from Christian that can change their world completely? What if Christian has another deep...
Será que sempre será você? by Maisa0615
Será que sempre será você?by Maisa0615
Anastasia Steele, um mulher de apenas 22 anos, que vive em Portland e é formada em literatura inglesa. Ela nunca se apaixonou verdadeiramente por ninguém, até conhecer C...
One Day by brandonssam
One Dayby brandonssam
Laying in bed one night, Anastasia turns to her husband and asks if he would ever like just one day to visit the other world where the dead are now. They both never knew...
Fifty Shades Of Kids by emiliellie
Fifty Shades Of Kidsby Emilie
Things have been going pretty great for Ana and Christian and now they have a 5 year old son Teddy and a 3 year old daughter Phoebe. Find out how their life with kids is...
24 by SapphireTrafficker
24by SaphT
Give me twenty-four hours to show you that a normal relationship between us is worth it. Sequel still in the works. Complete version on FanFiction.Net under the same pen...