Lost Photo {Seventeen FanFic} #Wattys2017 by officiallytricia
Lost Photo {Seventeen FanFic} trixia♡
Her name is Park Nari but people know her as AndreaVlogs, a famous youtuber from New York Nari grew up with her best friend Hansol but they were separated at a young age...
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Seventeen Imagines by JiminsJams97
Seventeen Imaginesby Jimins Jams
100% of everything. No smuts.
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Heart of Ice (A Seventeen Fanfic) by NueNeen
Heart of Ice (A Seventeen Fanfic)by NuNeen
As a princess, she had always known that she would one day be married off to advance her country's political gain. And thus, she was wed to Prince Seungcheol in order to...
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Sex On Fire / Changlix by ftchanglix
Sex On Fire / Changlixby Mikaela-Rose 💞
Felix is the new transfer student at school. Having been born and raised in Australia, his Korean is not the best. Because of this, he is shy and has trouble making frie...
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That Stupid List (A Seventeen Fanfic) by NueNeen
That Stupid List (A Seventeen NuNeen
She was an introvert that stored her life away in a diary. Upon entering college, she wished to stay under the radar. She didn't plan to make friends, but she did. She d...
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Seventeen chatroom by l00-05-18l
Seventeen chatroomby Just me
So many of you voted for a seventeen chatroom as well, so here you guys go, a seventeen chatroom!! I hope you enjoy it...I'll try making it weird and funny, i'll try mak...
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Falling For S.Coups ✔ by _WONGGUCCI_
Falling For S.Coups ✔by 🐢
You're Jeonghan's younger sister who just move to Korea recently and you'll be meeting his members for the first time. A/n: I hope you like this S.coups fanfic it's my f...
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To Be With You {Hoshi Fanfic} by StrawberriMelon
To Be With You {Hoshi Fanfic}by sad girl.exe
One day, mom fell in love with a new man. Now she's getting married again. But she's not the only one who fell in love. [42//FanfictionCategory] ...
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library card ; meanie by WonwEUwU
library card ; meanieby gay is my jam
- ❝ library card please ❞ Set in the lives of, normal, college students studying in Maple University. If it wasn't love at first sight? How about fate? ; A meanie fanfic...
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Where does cheese come from? ~ Seventeen groupchat by smileybitxh
Where does cheese come from? ~ smiley.bitxh
The idiots named seventeen in a group chat. All gay or lgbtq+ maybe even Chan. Warning: Cussing, a lot of memes, i don't know what else Disclaimer: I'm sorry if i take...
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The Only Owner Who Cared| Hoshi Seventeen X Reader FF by clockworkjungwoo
The Only Owner Who Cared| Hoshi L
You are young girl who is a sex slave. You are always getting sold to another guy. This time a man buys you for good and gives you to his son.... • c o m p l e t e d •
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What Should I Do?|Seventeen| by QueenUnicorn28
What Should I Do?|Seventeen|by (´・ω・`)
Younghee,She's been living with a pair of couple that she believes to be her real parents. But one day everything has crushed down when she found out she wasn't their re...
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The Sister of the Angel (SEVENTEEN FF) by joshuji_
The Sister of the Angel ( CARAT FOR LIFE
Yoon Yuju is the sister of Yoon Jeonghan, the one and only angel of SEVENTEEN. But what happens once she accepts the job as a makeup artist for SEVENTEEN, aka her brothe...
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The 14th Member by dancinghyunjin
The 14th Memberby stay, nctzen, army
"Park JiYeon,You're the 14th member of Seventeen" A story of the only girl in a all boy kpop group.
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Our Little Sister ; SEVENTEEN by Dark_Angel_070
Our Little Sister ; SEVENTEENby ʝσу❦
Yoon Hyo Ri. She is mostly called "Miss Rapper" in her school because whenever there is some programs, she'll be rapping on stage. Her friends even told her to...
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Arranged || Dino ff by the_nerdyfangirl
Arranged || Dino ffby the_nerdyfangirl
They became fiancés for the sake of business, and soon fell in love with each other. Everything was perfect, until her ex came back. --- Warning: some explicit language...
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Lights Of His City || Jungkook x Reader by deadly_addictions
Lights Of His City || Jungkook x 🍍PIRENO🍍
" I will make you mine y/n , even if you are not supposed to be. And i don't care what it takes" -Moderately mature content -Emotional af 1ST PLACE WINNER @e...
  • jungkook
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13 & 1 ( SEVENTEEN fanfiction ) COMPLETED ✔ by germgyu
13 & 1 ( SEVENTEEN fanfiction ) 「 hiatus. 」
When Oh Yun Hye ran out from her house and met Seventeen. She became their assistant and start an extraordinary love story. - COMPLETED #1 in mingyu
  • seungkwan
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Seventeen Group Chat by shannon_X_BTS
Seventeen Group Chatby Jesus Jisoo
They made a new group chat. And these are the text conversations they had..........
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𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐫𝐭𝐲-𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐝𝐚𝐲𝐬 ➴ 𝐬𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐩𝐬 [✓] by -squishyjihoon
𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐫𝐭𝐲-𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐝𝐚𝐲𝐬 ➴ 𝐬� 𝚌𝚑𝚎𝚘𝚕 ✧
"stay." "i would love to but i can't." date started: 06 • 19 • 18 date ended: 08 • 20 • 18 © -squishyjihoon 2018
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