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His Blind Mate by Chloe_Elizabeth01
His Blind Mateby Chloe Elizabeth
Meet Mia Gray, she was an outgoing, funny, caring, amazing, and bubbly person. That all changed when she turned ten and got into a car accident making her loose her eye...
His Beta by WorldWriter_1
His Betaby ✨ a ѕ ғ e e ✨
{COMPLETED} [BOYxBOY/Mpreg] Book 2 of 'His' Series: I was sitting on the left side like mom and grandma was in the front right. The light turned green and mom stepped on...
Come With Me by reagan7734
Come With Meby Jayla Reagan
new town. new people. but there's more to them than you think.
Subject Me To Life [Book One] ✔️ by ViennaXo
Subject Me To Life [Book One] ✔️by 🖤🤍
Kody Lawrence is not normal. On the contrary, she's everything but. When the hot-headed, short-tempered, rude new girl arrives in the small town of Raven Hollow, Maine...
Winter-Woods by blakswan2015
Winter-Woodsby blakswan2015
"All my life all wanted was to find a small somewhere I can call home, A somewhere I would belong, but now......." "You belong here with me, your home is...
The Degenerates by varian-t
The Degeneratesby varian-t
Neijla Woods wanted to disappear. It was easy; transfer to a college out of state, and fall off the grid. When Neijla finds herself in the tiny, bleak town of Alsbury...
The Davenports by hayhaywest505
The Davenportsby Hailey West
You know that girl you see in the halls in school with her nose in a book? The one that gets teased because instead of going to parties on the weekends and hanging out a...
Paranoid: Love, Your Admirer by Ry4747
Paranoid: Love, Your Admirerby Ry
"Love, your admirer" Relic had read those words before, and each time brought more fear than the last. So, when his 'admirer' goes too far, the Wilson family d...
A New Life by nerd_at_home
A New Lifeby Avalon Greene
[SURPRISE UPDATES] When her father announces that he got a new job in another town, Eileen James is excited. She was longing for an opportunity like this. Life in Charl...
Little White Lies by May_Flower123
Little White Liesby ~May Addison~
*formerly known as Shadow Hillcreak* Iveline Carterson was expecting three things at her new school when her family moved to ShadowHill, Virginia. 1. A clique of bitchy...
A Fresh Start by bookfairy3000
A Fresh Startby Christiana
When Sabrina lost her boyfriend and realized she forgot who she was. she quit her job and moved to a new town. There she found a new job, new friends and discovered a br...
New Girl: a Peter Parker fan fiction by howlingtomholland
New Girl: a Peter Parker fan howlingholland
Your new in town. You just moved from Denver, Colorado to Queens, New York. On your first day of school at Midtown School of Science and Technology, you bump into a cute...
The Great Trepidation by thatlovleywritergirl
The Great Trepidationby A.L McBroom
They stare at me with jaded eyes moving towards me, cornering me as I cower away from them "l-leave me alone what are you d-doing" fear laced each word stumbli...
My Alpha Mate by Speech_error
My Alpha Mateby Speech_error
Arriving in the small town of Norhaven, Lizzie expects her life to be nothing but dull and uneventful. That is, until she starts school and encounters Aiden. Arrogant...
Taming Terra by rinahgithaiga
Taming Terraby Rinah Githaiga
💃💃💃💃 I roll my eyes. "We are just friends. We plan to keep it that way." CJ looks at me with hurt in his eyes. "I don't plan to keep it that way and...
 My Little Pet~ || Yandere Teacher x Reader || by Queen_Yandere-Sama
My Little Pet~ || Yandere ʚQueeny Samaɞ
Being a student can be fun and depressing at the same time. There are projects and homeworks that is a pain in the as-( ▔•з•▔ ) And there's also those teachers that alw...
My new Stepbrothers by Ternak
My new Stepbrothersby Alessandra Carter
Rachel Collins is a party girl who doesn't follow the rules. She is accustomed to doing whatever she wants, whenever she wants. For the past 7 months she has lived in a...
♡︎ 𝑺𝒉𝒆𝒔 𝒂𝒏 𝒂𝒏𝒈𝒆𝒍 ♡︎ by Benny_isacutie
♡︎ 𝑺𝒉𝒆𝒔 𝒂𝒏 𝒂𝒏𝒈𝒆𝒍 ♡︎by Benny's wifey. シ︎
"I never felt this way about a girl before man! I'm tellin ya, shes an angel." Naomi Smalls just moved to the neighborhood, with her brother Scotty, Mum and h...
Becoming An Alpha's Mate (BAAM) - editing by broken-pixie
Becoming An Alpha's Mate (BAAM) broken-pixie
Holly has been forced to move across the country to a town she never heard of. Unknown to her, Evanswood is over-run by werewolves. As she adjusts to the strange town, h...
My Crazy Boy (sequel to My Crazy Girl) by countrypride74
My Crazy Boy (sequel to My Crazy Samantha Davis
Hunter Gilbert son of Brantley and Emma is a junior in high school. Quickly becoming the schools best football player what happens when he meets Holly Potts? Holly Pott...