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Angel, Say My Name |JJ•K ✔️ by LaikaTaehyung
Angel, Say My Name |JJ•K ✔️by ★
Undergoing Editing He's got you pinned, hands rounding your struggling form as his piercing cold gaze continues to devour you whole. You don't hesitate to glare back. &q...
Pictures of Korekiyo + more  by r1o_r4ng3r
Pictures of Korekiyo + more by r1o_r4ng3r
this is a story I think it has some spoilers so be careful 😾 this "story" contains headcanons, pictures, music, and memes(?) this story also has other game s...
Unexpected You || myg by herthemuse
Unexpected You || mygby 𝙃.𝙀.𝙍.
"The best love story is when you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time." *** Mina is your typical high school student. Just...
Roses and Rope || Korekiyo x (female) Reader by Alec_isCold
Roses and Rope || Korekiyo x ( Alec_isCold
welcome to my first book AND x reader. Sorry if its kinda bad lolz anyway, Your Y/N, (aka Your Name if that wasnt obvious..) your entered hopes peak as the Ultimate Hist...
MYG- Seesaw ✔ by TaeMochi6
MYG- Seesaw ✔by Tae Mochi
"Let's stop this seesaw game or else we won't be able to get off" 3rd Place in the Stelliferous Awards! (Unedited) It's been a year since your breakup with Yoo...
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UNCONDITIONAL  | Yoongi [ON HOLD] by SeokjinSooyoung
UNCONDITIONAL | Yoongi [ON HOLD]by Sooyoung ⟭⟬ ♡⁷
"I thought you weren't into romance novels?" "Why do I need to be into them? When you make my life similar to one." Highest Ranking: #1 in busstop #...
Danganronpa smut stuff by Mituoa
Danganronpa smut stuffby Homosexuality is Gay
Si estuviera en BTS Pt.2 ¨El reencuentro¨ -K1000a- by M00n_yi
Si estuviera en BTS Pt.2 ¨El miyayeh_
BTS a regresado del servicio militar y es hora de el reencuentro, dos años son verse y sin tocar y hacer lo que mas aman juntos fue una tortura. ¿Qué es lo que pasará de...
Seesaw. (Min Yoongi) by missymissvanna
Seesaw. (Min Yoongi)by Min
Our love is like a seesaw. Disclaimer! The other names, event and places, and character in this story is purely fiction. The author did not intend to expose or hate, be...
DrV3 Reader insert Chat fic by -Aoi-Akane-
DrV3 Reader insert Chat ficby Simp in general
4:20am *Kokichi Oma created a group chat *Kokichi Oma added (Y/n) (L/n), Maki Harukawa, Shuichi Saihara and 13 others to the chat *Kokichi Oma renamed the group chat to...
TATTOO ✓ by Ki_Shakya
"ඔයා මාව තව ටික දවසකින් දාලා යනවා කියලා මං දන්නවා. ඉතින් මම මගේ හදවත ඒකට සූදානම් කර ගත්තා. ඒත් එන්න එන්නම ඔයා ගැන තිබ්බ ආදරේ වැඩි වුනා. ඒත් මම මගේ ඔලුවෙන් ඒ හැම දෙය...
Hacker - YoongixReader by SopeOnIce
Hacker - YoongixReaderby Dilho
"Hello?" "Who is this?" "Who are you? You don't sound like-" The other person hung up on me just like that. What a jerk. My ph...
UP AND DOWN 上下 by aramintalividis
UP AND DOWN 上下by b-liv in taegi
The universe has moved for us. Our happiness was meant to be Because you love me, and I love you Before I knew it, we were tired of each other. I knew it, but you wouldn...
Seesaw by Luluxdxd7
Seesawby Luluxdxd7
"please dont hide your true feelings hyung" . . "just get it jungkook i dont want you near me anymore" A story about two boys who fell in love but...
How To Cook A Korekiyo Shinguji by MysteriousPaws38
How To Cook A Korekiyo Shingujiby moved.
Here are the easy steps to cooking up the highest-quality Korekiyo! They are guaranteed to be as great as a seasoned seesaw!
Three leaves by Frankeiss
Three leavesby 🌻
They had to miss each other three time for their souls to finally recognize.
SEESAW x tenko by dekuuwuowo
SEESAW x tenkoby Kokichi
i don't know why i did this but this is just a joke and these aren't my pictures
[Swing] by MirokoRikune
[Swing]by Miroko
They said our love is like a see-saw game. No, our love was a swing a swing that was banned to play with. since it brought us too high from the ground, and slammed us ba...
Elias by ArianaSeesaw
Eliasby ArianaSeesaw
Vaya Elias, siempre la cagas. . . . . . . . Hola, les traigo la historia de la que más estoy orgullosa y ¿por qué? porque es la última que he hecho y la última que creo...
CaN We K!ss Foreva..?? by CaStleye
CaN We K!ss Foreva..??by CaStLe
I tried to reach you, I can't hide How strong's the feeling when we dive I crossed the ocean of my mind My wounds are healing with the salt All my senses intensified Whe...