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You're Just Like Me // Obsessed Nagito Komaeda X Female Reader by skeletiion
You're Just Like Me // Obsessed Na...by Skeletiion
Getting accepted into Hope's Peak Academy is supposed to be the best day of a teenagers life. For the Ultimate Mortician- it may have just been the worst. Being forced...
Komahina Stuff by uuwwaaafghhhhhh
Komahina Stuffby Dr__trash
yeah so there's basically gonna be alot of one-shots of whatever I want
On the Beach at Night [Nagito x Reader] by NagitoFireEmblem
On the Beach at Night [Nagito x Re...by I do not exist
He fills your heart with a beautiful song of hope and despair. Will he ever hear it? Contains spoilers for Danganronpa 1, 2, 2.5, and 3! Takes place during DR2 and the l...
MIND | N. Komaeda x SHSL Psychic! Reader by kosuaaa
MIND | N. Komaeda x SHSL Psychic...by Kairu
Female Y/N! I'm sick of Y/N in Nagito x Readers being a goodie-two-shoes, so she's also gonna be antagonistic. F/N L/N, Ultimate Psychic, had psychic powers ever since...
Love Is Hard For A Shut-in | Nagito X Reader by luvkaeya
Love Is Hard For A Shut-in | Nagit...by ༄KATIE
Who knew that getting accepted into Hope's Peak Academy as The Ultimate Shut-in would take a turn for the worst? ☆☆☆ Contains spoilers for: - Super Danganronpa 2: Goodby...
My Lie, Your Ring, This Rose| Kamukoma by __Monomi__
My Lie, Your Ring, This Rose| Kamu...by __Monomi__
•Angel, Demon Suitor Au• Izuru Kamukura- Hell's Prince- holds a competition for all fellow demons. A competition to win his heart. Nagito- an average angel- wants to joi...
Death's Harvest | Komahina Fanfic by luvtofu
Death's Harvest | Komahina Fanficby yuudoufu
Death has come to collect its dues and so, Hajime Hinata dies. He gets transported to the Afterlife and is sentenced to Hell for his crimes as a Mafia Lord. But how can...
𝐇𝐎𝐏𝐄 ; komahina [✔︎] by nzrgyu
𝐇𝐎𝐏𝐄 ; komahina [✔︎]by 𝗩. | inactive
[ completed ] [ h.h x n.k ] ˏˋ°•*⁀➷ in which two roommates meet for the first time and feelings spark ! →comple...
A Stranger is Watching (Komahina) by Shin-ahLover
A Stranger is Watching (Komahina)by Shin-ahLover
An AU where Hinata is very wealthy and successful. Komaeda spends his time on the streets or his sad little apartment. Although Hinata has his own reason for havi...
Hopeless (Nagito x Reader).  by M1chelle124
Hopeless (Nagito x Reader). by Michelle-Sarah
This will be a Fan-Fic about the Danganronpa Character Nagito Komaeda. It's written like (Y/N). You are the Ultimate Doll. Well, this will be playing on the Island! ...
"In the Name of Hope" {KomaHina} by Renaenaechan
"In the Name of Hope" {KomaHina}by Renaenae chan
A mystery that must unfold, before "despair" strikes again. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Rookie Homicide detective H...
Lil' Ultimate Music! (Nagisa Shingetsu X OC!) by TKSans
Lil' Ultimate Music! (Nagisa Shing...by Penny Pally
This is a story about a little girl, a very *TALENTED* little girl... She always gets awarded due to her talent, however, because of said talent...she became miserable U...
Danganronpa x Reader Oneshots by grapeTM
Danganronpa x Reader Oneshotsby grape™
some oneshots may contain spoilers for dr1, sdr2, dr3, udg, and ndrv3 -------------------------- i LiKe dAnGaNrOnPa nOw
Just My Luck - [Komahina] (COMPLETED)  by Bunsy_Bee
Just My Luck - [Komahina] (COMPLET...by Bee
Nagito was being too hard to Hajime because of his status being a reserve course student. But what will happen once they open up to each other? Start: August 11, 2020 En...
komahina oneshots [completed.] by milkandhoneynagisa
komahina oneshots [completed.]by death enjoyer
komahina shenanigans if i did anything wrong, my apologises - i was.. quite different when i was younger.
My One and Only True Hope (Nagito Komaeda x reader) by Komaedasdick
My One and Only True Hope (Nagito...by Komaeda's Dick
Hey guys! Komaeda'sDick here, and welcome to an actually legit fanfiction! I really hope you enjoy this and stick around for it all! This will be really long so get read...
Nagito Boyfriend Scenarios (Nagito x Reader) [DISCONTINUED] by getoffmyclouds
Nagito Boyfriend Scenarios (Nagito...by ☕️
This is a huge collection of scenarios with you and Nagito Komaeda spending time together. It is full of scenarios which is full of fluff and sometimes some cheesy parts...
Komahina//Hinakoma: Headcannons and oneshots!! by 1-800-411-SIMP
Komahina//Hinakoma: Headcannons an...by # 𝐌𝐔𝐆𝐈 !!
Short(ish) Komahina//Hinakoma stories I came up with at 2am! Requests are open because I run out of ideas quickly... No smut because I can read it but I'm too embarrasse...
Grey Beach (Hajime Hinata x Fem! Reader x Nagito Komaeda) by anna--senpai
Grey Beach (Hajime Hinata x Fem! R...by Anna
When you're trapped on the tropical Jabberwock Island with 16 other people and are forced to kill one another, not every day is sunny. But... the right company can make...
Are You Bored Yet? || ♡Komahina/Hinakoma♡ by KxmahinaTrxsh
Are You Bored Yet? || ♡Komahina/Hi...by 𝐍𝐚𝐠𝐢 is on ao3 now also
Nagito Komaeda and Hajime Hinata had met, only when they were the young age of five. They were friends for about five years, Hinata was the only friend Komaeda was lucky...