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Living on the dance floor ~ dance moms fanfiction by xoThat_Girlxo
Living on the dance floor ~ That Girl
Isabella Torez is new at the abby lee dance company (ALDC) and she has a passion for dance. When Isabella goes to a competition a boy from candy apples ends up becoming...
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HAVANA¹  ( dance moms ) by VoidMaddy
HAVANA¹ ( dance moms )by 𝐌.
❛havana, ooh-na-na❜ in which a child dancer is more than what she seems ( dance moms oc ) ( season one ) ...
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BAE |completed| by dmfanfic_writer_xoxo
BAE |completed|by Chels
BAE Noun: Before anything else. Cliché love story. Bad boy, new girl... Drama and chaos. But why not? Because every cliché story, has his own not-so-cliché ending.
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50 Facts About Chloe by dancemomfacts
50 Facts About Chloeby dancemomfacts
"We'll get 'em next time." ~Chloe Lukasiak «««»»» We all know and love Chloe Lukasiak, but let's face it, how much do you really know the one and only Chloe L...
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50 Facts About Brooke  by dancemomfacts
50 Facts About Brooke by dancemomfacts
"I don't really get along with my mom unless she's buying me stuff." ~Brooke Hyland «««»»» You all know and love Brooke Hyland, but let's face it, how much do...
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50 Facts About Nia by dancemomfacts
50 Facts About Niaby dancemomfacts
"I worked so hard, and it's great that Abbt finally sees that." ~Nia Frazier «««»»» Everyone knows and loves Nia Frazier, but let's face it, how much do you r...
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changed (ALDC) by ofckacey
changed (ALDC)by kacey
Nicole Taylor is an amazing dancer, one day her mom takes her to try out for the ALDC and she makes it. Will the girls like her? Will Abby like her? Will the moms like h...
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50 Facts About Maddie by dancemomfacts
50 Facts About Maddieby dancemomfacts
"I was still happy with second place. And, everyone gets a chance to win, so I felt happy for the other girl." ~Madison Ziegler «««»»» We all know and love Mad...
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Christmas Love [COMPLETED] by bandkid2001
Christmas Love [COMPLETED]by bandkid2001
It's Christmas time, and all Mackenzie wants is her family to stop bugging her about not having a boyfriend. Johnny needs a date to a dance, and has a hard time finding...
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Jealousy (A dance moms fanfic) by local_starkid_trash
Jealousy (A dance moms fanfic)by sk hoco stan™️
Aliyah is a 13 year old girl and has been dancing since she was 2. 11 years of dancing has done a lot for Aliyah. Her mom Heather believes she could become a professiona...
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The Youngest Ziegler by livingthatroselife
The Youngest Zieglerby livingthatroselife
Melody Taylor Ziegler is 8 years. She is 3 younger than Mackenzie and 5 years younger than Maddie. While they all do dance Melody isn't on Dance Moms and doesn't dance...
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UPSIDE DOWN. (aldc) by finnsangelic
UPSIDE DOWN. (aldc)by cece!
highest rank #1 in ALDC stories!! a new girl joins the team right as everything is falling apart. Will she pull the team together or will they turn her world upside down.
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Enemies with benefits | completed by dmfanfic_writer_xoxo
Enemies with benefits | completedby Chels
Chloe Lukasiak is seventeen years old. You would say she's living a normal life, but then you would be lying. Being a part of 'The triple L's', a group which consist of...
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Prize (Dance Moms Fic) by TeamChloeTilTheEnd
Prize (Dance Moms Fic)by TeamChloeTilTheEnd
The Abby Lee Dance Company, one of the most popular studios are the defending national champions, going for a second straight title, but with the Candy Apples trying to...
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Underground Romance (Dance Moms: Maddie Ziegler and Zack Torres Fanfic) by Cactus1950
Underground Romance (Dance Moms: Cactus1950
Our eyes met. His hazel brown eyes bore into my blue ones. My breath caught. The booming voice of Abby, the chattering of our moms and the whispers of the girls seeme...
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bullied by my best friend by haleyxrebecca
bullied by my best friendby yikes
What happens when lifetime bestfriends get into a huge fight that can ruin their lifes forever? read to find out.
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Adopted by Thomas And Mia  by fayeriley11
Adopted by Thomas And Mia by Hypehouse_stories
These two people change this girls life for ever read to find out
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Open When • JO MFZ COMPLETED by bandkid2001
Open When • JO MFZ COMPLETEDby bandkid2001
"I sit alone in my bedroom Staring at the walls I've been up all damn night long My pulse is speeding My love is yearning."
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Phases || Claddie  by 2003-fame
Phases || Claddie by REN
Chloe and Maddie discover how they really feel about each other. [Completed Story]
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Dancing through Drama (Sequel to Forever in Love, Dance Moms Fic) by TeamChloeTilTheEnd
Dancing through Drama (Sequel to TeamChloeTilTheEnd
Fresh off of winning their second straight National Title, The Abby Lee Dance Company enter the 2012-13 dancing season ready to make it three straight national titles wi...
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