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The Mandalorian way by ibirdnow
The Mandalorian wayby Ian the Birdman
When Thrawn attacked chopper base he was relentless, so few survived the attack there was no one left for the kyrkna. Out of the few who made it to their ships even fewe...
A New Generation (Sequel to the Next Chapter) by NatalieGeorge171
A New Generation (Sequel to the Ne...by CaptainRex11
It has been multiple months since the young Jedi Ezra Bridger has been found and brought back to Lothal by Sabine Wren. The two have a lot of catching up to do, a new ge...
Sabezra One shots (Star Wars Rebels) by chris_the_hommie
Sabezra One shots (Star Wars Rebel...by chris_the_hommie
Hey I make one shots of Sabezra if you enjoy reading romance then this might be a book for you Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters used in the one shots or St...
Star wars rebels one shots:discontinued by yeeter200023
Star wars rebels one shots:discont...by swr_httydluvah
hey guys I'm going to do some SWR one shots but if you guys want to comment a one shot then I'm going to do it. since I am still writing Revenge of a Mandalorian then I...
Run, Sabine! by AerodynamicZ
Run, Sabine!by AerodynamicZ
I decided there weren't enough fics in the category, so enjoy! I'll continue it if it does well. This is a 5 shot, and if it continues, it wont be related to my other st...
Star Wars Rebels : Until All Are One by AerodynamicZ
Star Wars Rebels : Until All Are O...by AerodynamicZ
This is a story revolving around the only members of the Ghost crew who can't drink, and how they work to survive against all odds in situations perilous. As Ezra strugg...
Out of Hope by VikingsOfTomorrow
Out of Hopeby Vikings of Tomorrow, AKA Viki
After trying to flirt with Sabine for the last time and having an argument with Kanan and Hera about his training, he decides to leave the The Ghost crew and go back to...
Star Wars Rebels One-Shots by LeviBennett1
Star Wars Rebels One-Shotsby Deathwatch 427
I've succumbed to the most popular Rebels medium. I'll take some requests. This goes without saying, but this is all PRE-SERIES/SEASON FINALE!!! There may be some that t...
Halo: the Ghost squad by scorch5555
Halo: the Ghost squadby ALPHA SCORCH62
takes place after Halo 5. after the UNSC is scattered across the galaxy. Ezra Bridger along with his AI are sent on a dangerous mission with a new team. will Ezra be abl...
sabezra oneshots  by sabezra13
sabezra oneshots by Dark phoenix'x
Oneshots for the cutest star wars couple ever
The Hardest Love in the Galaxy  by PhoenixSquadronBase
The Hardest Love in the Galaxy by PhoenixSquadronBase
Ezra and Sabine suddenly form a romantic relationship. But things only harder as they still have work for the rebellion.
Sabezra: A New Beginning by SabineWren26
Sabezra: A New Beginningby I'm Batman, so I could be you...
It has been five years since Ezra Bridger disappeared along with Grand Admiral Thrawn. Sabine sets out to find him along with Ahsoka - but along the way she must battle...
World Between Worlds Paradox by Rey_Skywalker_007
World Between Worlds Paradoxby ~Rey~
An alternate ending to Star Wars Rebels A World Between Worlds. When Ezra saves Kanan from the fuel explosion he creates a time paradox bringing Anakin, Obi-Wan, Ahsoka...
Darth Brighter by FantasyReal4ever
Darth Brighterby FantasyReal4ever
Prior to a mission, Ezra and Kanan have a discussion, which ends up with Kanan blaming Ezra for everything. But then, Ezra dissapears and at the same time, a new inquisi...
Next Steps by anikanandpadme
Next Stepsby anikanandpadme
Sabine is trying to move forward after Ezra disappears. She and Ashoka have been looking for a year for him, until finally... Disclaimer: I don't own Star Wars or any o...
Descendant of Revan by arow800
Descendant of Revanby CX-P Wren
Ezra Bridger, the last descendant of the Prodigal Knight, Revan. With a Mandalorian mother and a Jedi father Ezra has ties to the two most powerful warrior societies in...
Showdown with Maul by scorch5555
Showdown with Maulby ALPHA SCORCH62
sequel to Trapped on Lola Sayu. 3 months past since Ezra and Sabine were rescued from the Citadel. Ezra and Sabine were a couple but in secret because of the ongoing war...
Artist & Jedi by MatteoSN7
Artist & Jediby Goggles
The story of Ezra Bridger and Sabine Wren - two people who, after the death of their friends, started a new life by founding their own Mandalorian Clan. Evil will challe...
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Flying Through The Stars by MandolorianJedi
Flying Through The Starsby Emie
Ezra and Sabine had secretly been dating, and only they, Sabine's friend Ketsu Onyo, and the Ghost's droid Chopper knew. Before Ezra disappears into the unknown, Sabine...
Broken by LionDaCat
Brokenby Lion Da Cat
This is a Star Wars Rebels fan-fiction. And yes, I know what your all asking... This book DOES include Ezrabine/ Sabezra and Kanera. This book starts from Spark of rebel...