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Stuck in the Virtual Apocalypse (Cryaotic X Reader) by SeikoisaPsycho
Stuck in the Virtual Apocalypse (C...by SeikoisaPsycho
A new invention has gone viral: a machine that allows you to enter into a book or videogame and stay there as long as you want. What happens when you enter the new game...
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Bullied By The Vanoss Crew (Book 2) (Complete) by lpsinsanity123
Bullied By The Vanoss Crew (Book 2...by Lpsinsanity123
Hey it's Anastasia! It's been a year and now I'm 17. I am now a member of The Lightings but I'm still a rookie. It's now summer and still almost school. Delirious went o...
  • berleezy
  • alexwassabi
  • jacksepticeye
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The walking dead (YouTuber edition) by jenniferfanfics
The walking dead (YouTuber edition)by Jen's fanfics
All YouTuber you love might be in this. Basically you know the deal zombie apocalypse happened people are trying to survive. It's bases of the telltale game so but they...
  • sadstory
  • jacksepticeye
  • cutiepiemarzia
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You Found Me (H2Ohm) by Computer_Retards
You Found Me (H2Ohm)by Computer_Retards
Inspired by You Found Me by The Fray. ------------------- Ohm was lost. No memory. He didn't know where he was. He didn't know what happened the night before, he just kn...
  • ohmlirious
  • h20delirious
  • youtubers
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The Elementals by Dinocutie22
The Elementalsby Shelby Bradley
In a world of peace and normal people, there is a group called the elementals. Split up into four groups, these people can control one of the four elements: water, earth...
  • cinnamontoastken
  • marhinki
  • joven
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How Did I Get A Guy Like You (Septiplier AU) by Gravity_Gamer
How Did I Get A Guy Like You (Sept...by Elizabeth Breden
Jack is going to a new school in America and he meets a pretty interesting guy named Mark. But does he have feelings for Mark? Will Mark feel the same way? Will Marks fr...
  • completed
  • lordminion777
  • krismpro
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Bullied by The Vanoss Crew (Book 3) by lpsinsanity123
Bullied by The Vanoss Crew (Book 3)by Lpsinsanity123
She now awakens and everything exciting, sad, and other stuff will happen. More new characters, romance, fights, and other stuff. Note: Jon and Anthony are 19 now and An...
  • vanosscrew
  • h20delirious
  • laurdiy
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Riot  by kennatasic
Riot by A creative girl
"Anyone caught rioting and/or breaking the rules will have a fate worse then death". That's the last rule that is announced twice a day, 365 days a year, but s...
  • dlive
  • krism
  • amazingphil
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YouTube High School by the_shadow_runner
YouTube High Schoolby the_shadow_runner
What the title says, a high school that youtubers, well, go to school. There will be many different youtubers in it, and yes, this is going to have ships! It is almos...
  • rpgminx
  • cinnamontoastken
  • cry
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Youtube one shots by Winglessgriffen
Youtube one shotsby Winglessgriffen
Youtuber one shots that I will write into a full book/story if requested enough. Chilled chaos Zeroyal Viking Gassymexican Vannossgamming Brycegames Lui calibre Se...
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  • chilledchaos
  • pewdiecry
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Thank you minx /krinx\ by krinxandphan
Thank you minx /krinx\by phan of krinx
krism finds herself alone in london an outcast disowned by her family for being gay,until she meets a stranger that saves her. trigger warning
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  • mangaminx
  • youtube
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Reverie - A YouTube FanFic by JustAndie
Reverie - A YouTube FanFicby Andie
After long recording sessions many youtubers are retiring for the night. What they don't know is there is a plot afoot, and when they feel a strong pull of vertigo, this...
  • krinx
  • chilledchaos
  • tehcuddly
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Song inspired stories by Runningwolves28
Song inspired storiesby Runningwolves28
Sporadic updates Not fanfiction. Credit to the artists below: My Chemical Romance Black Veil Brides Pierce The Veil Skillet Sleeping With Sirens Get Scared Falling I...
  • rpgminx
  • emobands
  • boyinaband
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YouTube Fanfiction by Kai_the_knight
YouTube Fanfictionby Kai
So this is about three girls: Dylan Baker: a girl who has had disorder where she couldn't talk, has blue hair and green eyes, has a channel called Nightwing in honor of...
  • romance
  • comedy
  • rpgminx
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Lust and guts by shizaya_4_ever
Lust and gutsby BobzOvergona
9 friends we're on vacation inside of a beach house. One day they decided to do a ancient ritual, claiming to be a curse from a legend that came in that house. However a...
  • dlive22891
  • krismpro
  • ldsshadowlady
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krinx (minx and krism fanfiction) by DaisyRana99
krinx (minx and krism fanfiction)by DaisyRana99
what happens when minx meets the perfect girl but will she find out minx secret
  • tocute
  • zoey
  • rpgminx
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Individual Fandom Roleplay  by wtftrista
Individual Fandom Roleplay by trista
Where you come and roleplay with me individually c:
  • rping
  • gxb
  • book
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An Assassination Attempt COMPLETED (Reader, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, and more) by Icestar166
An Assassination Attempt COMPLETED...by Icestar166
It's medieval times and you have always been an outright person. So when you are asked to assassinate Sean McGloughlin and Mark Fischbach, two leaders of an uprising aga...
  • jacksepticeye
  • darkiplier
  • assassin
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