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The Lunagaron of Yokai Academy (MHR: Sunbreak x Rosario + Vampire) by SuperSaiyanGod15
The Lunagaron of Yokai Academy ( Simon Primrose
Okay so, allow me to break this down as simple as possible. Unlike my last story that had a Saiyan as the main character and each female had their own individual lover...
Academy of Beasts by Futuralist
Academy of Beastsby Demoness Socialite
The Hunter of the Workshop had finally slain the final adversary of his Hunt. Now with the Dream coming to a close and the one who maintained it slained by his hands, ev...
Yokai Academy's Half Breed Fox by ManuelMandujano1
Yokai Academy's Half Breed Foxby CochoVerde
Hiroshi Iwatani is a delinquent boy that sent to yokai Academy by his father but what people don't know is that his Mother is one of the most infamous Yokai in Japan. It...
Rosario Titan by BanJoestar
Rosario Titanby BanJoestar
Eren Jeager learns about monsters from his father's journal. Wanting to know about them more, he found a way to go to a school for monsters. That was the start of his cr...
The monster inside  by EdenZero4
The monster inside by Eden Zero
Summary: Everyone he cared about was gone; all wipe out by one two men's fear for him. He swore vengeance, not caring if the world itself was plunged into darkness. It d...
The minus and the vampire at school  by MihaiAlexandru178
The minus and the vampire at Mihai Alexandru
In the past. At a preparatory school. There was a vampire girl. No one belived she was a vampire and all bullied her. But one day she met a strange boy who belived and p...
Burning Dread (Rosario Vampire x male reader) by ISeeNow809
Burning Dread (Rosario Vampire x ISeeNow809
(Y/n) Yuki has been transferred to many schools multiple times due to his relatives until he finally finds a school he'll be spending his high school years at, called Yo...
GODZILLA Male reader x (inner & outer) Moka by CODGhosts1
GODZILLA Male reader x (inner & CODGhosts1
you are the true GODZILLA not a mutation of him or any of that crap to make the origin long story short you lived throughout the Permian era until the natural radiation...
Surrounded by Hot girls (Milf and older woman x shouta male reader) by DarrickDerleth8
Surrounded by Hot girls (Milf Darrick Derleth
Anyone loves hot anime girls and moms, right?
Devil Among Monsters (R+V X Male Reader) by UndesiredLeftovers
Devil Among Monsters (R+V X Male UndesiredLeftovers
Life seemed to feel average as (Y/N) lived his life believing that he was one hundred percent human until his parents informed him of interesting news. Now he rides the...
Rosario + Vampire  Wendigo by Dontknowaboutthis
Rosario + Vampire Wendigoby Dontknowaboutthis
Whether in the form of a beast or a spiritual entity, the Wendigo possesses supernatural abilities that make it impossible to escape. Despite its gaunt figure, it is unn...
Rosario+Dragon by ShagaMatrix
Rosario+Dragonby Dragon of Everything Fictional
What if Ravel Phenex didn't offer Issei the Phoenix Tear at the Young Devil Gathering? Issei Hyoudou, a pervert aka The Red Dragon Emperor has been killed by Loki, his s...
A New Beginning- Sasuke/Rosario+Vampire by LordSasuke-Sama
A New Beginning- Sasuke/ J
After the Fourth Shinobi World War, Sasuke is imprisoned and his chakra is sealed away, he escapes with the help of Madara and Obito into a new world and applies to a sc...
Rosario + Dark Angel by Zombiebadger98
Rosario + Dark Angelby Zombiebadger98
Seraph Rowe is a fallen angel/vampire hybrid of fire and darkness. Getting tired of his home life and not wanting to work for his father anymore he enrolls in Yokai acad...
(Rosario vampire x Male Reader) by mariohiginio
(Rosario vampire x Male Reader)by lonelyhearts
A Neko a human a vampire and tons of other monsters! (I came a cross a story like this and was like, "You know what! f!ck it" so yeah :3) 2022/DEC/02 #1 - rosa...
Abusive Mother Mizore x Male Reader x DxD (being Rewritten) by Shadowking2030
Abusive Mother Mizore x Male Nathan
A rewrite of my first abusive story
Rosario Vampire : Yu-gi-oh Edition (Reverse Harem x Reader) by AbellaHeart-
Rosario Vampire : Yu-gi-oh HeartsandRoses
This book is a retelling of the Rosario Vampire story but with the Yugioh characters taking the roles of the Rosario vampire cast! Your the female lead of this harem sto...
Bell's secret girlfriend by mariohiginio
Bell's secret girlfriendby lonelyhearts
What happens when bell reveals that he has a girlfriend how will the girls in love with bell react and how will he's girlfriend react when she finds out that there's oth...
Y/n's Adventure in a All Girl's School by DarrickDerleth8
Y/n's Adventure in a All Girl's Darrick Derleth
Join Y/n and his new Sacred gear, Zenith tempest, in his first year of the all girl school.
A arrancar go to school  by MihaiAlexandru178
A arrancar go to school by Mihai Alexandru
Youkai Academy it's a school made by monsters for monsters. And on that school a freshman will come. One of the strongest race, feared even by the mighty vampires.