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Game Kings and Ice Queens (Yu-Gi-Oh Season 0) by InariKiri
Game Kings and Ice Queens (Yu-Gi-O...by InariKiri
All Yugi really wants is some true friends. But as he puts his trust in that wish coming true through a mysterious ancient puzzle, he gets more than he bargained for. Th...
  • jounouchi
  • season0
  • yugi
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Yu-Gi-Oh! The Phoenix Goddess (Atem x OC) by BoPol2
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Phoenix Goddess (Ate...by Bo Pol
While Yugi and the gang are trying to restore the Pharaoh's memories a new person joins their group, Ruby Kaiba, Seto's sibling, but they start questioning that story wh...
  • yugi
  • theagardner
  • wattys2018
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My Little Hikari by camteen17
My Little Hikariby camteen17
Yami and Yugi have gotten serious. When Yugi proposes to Yami, Yami doesn't accept. Yugi can't handle it. And when Yami realizes what he's done, will it be too late? (Fi...
  • heba
  • fanfiction
  • atemu
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Yugioh Yami x reader - water Love  by tobi8112
Yugioh Yami x reader - water Love by tobi8112
A merman falls for a human girl. Desperate to have her affection, he finds a way to go her attention but if he success, will she love him back? find out!!
  • yami
  • yugi
Child Yu-Gi-Oh x Reader One shots by Kloplove63708
Child Yu-Gi-Oh x Reader One shotsby Kaylove 62108
This book is inspired by the ones who made their own. This story will be about you having fun with your favorite Yu-Gi-Oh characters... but as tiny, adorable kids!!! >...
  • oneshot
  • arc-v
  • zexal
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Living With A Human (Yami X Neko!Yugi) by Ciel_and_Payten
Living With A Human (Yami X Neko!Y...by Ciel And Payten
Yugi has to stay with Yami for a month seeing as Atemu has to go on another trip. What will happen with the two now that it's there second time staying with just them al...
  • yugi
  • neko
  • yami
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A kistune love by Dragon-kid789
A kistune loveby Stayin cute!
Atem and Yami and rest of the gang goes camping in woods that believed to have a demon fox roaming in there.When Yami gets taken by this demon fox. but learns that it's...
  • bashing
  • yugi
  • yugioh
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Yugioh boyfriend scenarios by FangirlAlert9875
Yugioh boyfriend scenariosby Hikikomori
Ever wondered what it's like to have a Yu-Gi-Oh boyfriend? Includes: Seto Kiaba, Yugi, Yami, Joey, Duke, Marik, Yami Marik, Jaden, Bakura, and later: Yusei, Jesse, Zane...
  • jadenyuki
  • boyfriend
  • yami
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The New Beginning by nessiemonster017
The New Beginningby Nessie
This story is based after the last time when Atem and Yugi last saw one another. The last time was many years ago after the battle with Diva. Will things fall in place...
  • yugi
  • amine
  • atemxyugi
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Yu-gi-oh- Queen Of Games by StarlineStories
Yu-gi-oh- Queen Of Gamesby StarlineStories
Anastasia Starline- head of Starline Enterprises is a developing company that specialises in nano- technology. After a friendly request from Seto Kaiba she is invited to...
  • setokaiba
  • joeywheeler
  • tristen
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Torn Between Two Lovers: A Yami X Reader X Yugi Love Story! by QueenOfNekoWriters
Torn Between Two Lovers: A Yami X...by DaydreamingNeko
Hello! This is my first story so I hope you like it! Guess you'll want a summary so here you go! When (y/n) moves to Domino City, She doesn't know what to expect. But wh...
  • marik
  • bakura
  • yamibakura
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Kids in love by nessiemonster017
Kids in loveby Nessie
This is a story of Yugi who has been struggling to let love in, but once he meets upon a mysterious guy it may change his mind. This mysterious guy is named Yami and he...
  • anime
  • yami
  • boyxboy
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Brotherly Love (Puzzleshipping, Yu-Gi-Oh Yoai Fanfic) by PharaohGirl
Brotherly Love (Puzzleshipping, Yu...by Witch of Hope
A soft sob could be heard through the pounding of the rain against Yami's umbrella. He looked in the direction of the cries and saw a small child underneath a Weeping Wi...
  • yugi
  • atem
  • yu-gi-oh
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Yugioh One Shots (Completed For Now) by blue_castielle
Yugioh One Shots (Completed For No...by blue_castielle
The title explains it
  • shark
  • vector
  • yuto
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A New Student (Yami Yugi X Reader) by crystal_lights78
A New Student (Yami Yugi X Reader)by Crystal
Mean people, crap loads of work, and nagging teachers are all that surrounded you but nope! You pushed that stuff aside because screw it! For you, school was just a plac...
  • yugioh
  • romance
  • action
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Yugioh X Reader by ShadowX1200
Yugioh X Readerby ShadowX1200
Alright so my younger sister wanted me to make a Yugioh X reader because she thought it would be fun. Just letting y'all know that I don't own Yugioh and that all of the...
  • yugiohfanfic
  • yugi
  • xreader
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One-shots by SimoneNicoleFrancineWarner
One-shotsby Simone Nicole Francine Warner
u have to watch these AMAZING anime
  • fishugiyugi
  • code
  • fishugi
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Yu-gi-oh! Boyfriend Scenarios by SilvermuseFox
Yu-gi-oh! Boyfriend Scenariosby SilverMuse
Seen a lot of these out there and thought I'd do one myself. I'll be doing mostly original Yugioh scenarios with the exception of Yusei and Diva/Aigami. Will be a Yu-gi...
  • yami
  • yusei
  • joey
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Yugioh love by ChesireKitten
Yugioh loveby Anime Lover <3
follow leah and her friends as they learn secrets about each other and leah learns that sometimes friends can become enemies when u least expect it....
  • love
  • setokaiba
  • yugi
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In the rain|puppyshipping by Ariana_Lycan_27
In the rain|puppyshippingby X.Yugi_Muto.X
When Seto Kaiba and Joey Wheeler get stuck in a tight situation, what will they do to escape? Or better yet.. pass the time.
  • joey
  • seto
  • muto
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