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Hi I'm Diane &'d I make a few poems, write stories, and just live life I have 3 besties who are my Twins I love them so much. I'm basically single but enjoying it If you want to know more about me then don't be afraid to msg or comment me I promise I won't bite at all!

In August Alsina Heart!! He's my Crush

Another thing I don't Sign up for Cast Calls or One Shots anymore so don't ask me Nunca Mas!

** Tαkεи Lα Pεяяαs Wifεy || Bεstiε ( 5 - 17 - 13 ] Thε σиly Wifεy hαs mi Cσяαzσи! ♥ ♥ ♥ **

Hubby || ( If anyone wants to change that lol ? ] ...

❣ My Motto " Respect a Ladii or get Disrespected by a Ladii " Est. 12 | 7 | 13 [ Don't Even Think about Stealing it or else Everyone of you will get a Fined!! ] ❣

You can Find me on Youtube, Tumblr, Twitter, Polyvore, Facebook

Plus I don't give out my Facebook Name cause Its off limits ... :(

Twitter // Follow me at @LadiiD_UnPretty


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Polyvore at // diane-corporan.polyvore.com

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DianeCorporan DianeCorporan Oct 13, 2015 10:55PM
Alright I'm going to only update Adopted Only on Tuesdays cause I can't do it everyday … Thanks for understanding I guess :)
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Abusive :: Drama :: Freaky // Sexual ⇨ Yn Story ⇦

Social data: 112K reads. 1.6K votes. 171 comments.

Description: Yn is dating Johnny Caine her Boyfriend and has a son name Jordan but the sad thing is that Johnny had been abusing her and she ends up having a flash back with her mom being abuse by her own father that is no...


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◄● ADOPTED [ The Rangers ] ●►

◄● ADOPTED [ The Rangers ] ●►

9.5K 196 34

When Yn mother died while giving birth to her first born daughter. Her father has to raise her by himsel...

Goodbye Season 2 - A Roc Royal Love Story ♥ ●► Book 2

Goodbye Season 2 - A Roc Royal Love Story ♥ ●► Book 2

138K 2.6K 399

It has been 2 years since Yn passed away from Cancer. Chresanto took it the hardest when Yn had died on...

GoodBye - A Roc Royal Love Story - [ Starring You ] ( Completed ] Book 1

GoodBye - A Roc Royal Love Story - [ Starring You ] ( Completed ] Book 1

652K 7.8K 784

Yn Is a 19 year old girl who is dating Roc Royal from Mindless Behavior but one day she went to the Doct...

- Trust Me // A Khalil Love Story -

- Trust Me // A Khalil Love Story -

6.2K 96 26

Yn is a Seventeen year old teenager. She has two besties name Keiona and Taylor. Well Yn gets bullied by...

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Story Reading List

Story Reading List