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Vampire Knight Fanfic by ieyatsusawada
Vampire Knight Fanficby PeaceminusONE
The Kuran Family is one of the strongest pureblood vampire race. All of the Vampire lineage up to the Hunter Association knows them and knows that they have 2 children...
Things We Used To Share by GraphicTea
Things We Used To Shareby GraphicTea
Hiro Kuran carried the same eyes as his uncle, a curse planted on him since birth. I do not own VK. Or the artwork shown.
The Beast Within | Vampire Knight  by megumiiseyelashes
The Beast Within | Vampire Knight by 𝗻𝘂𝘀𝗮𝘆
Elvia Laurel was never normal, her abnormal white hair that miraculously grows as each strand shortens and a mouth that curses like a sailor, she was bound to catch some...
Loving before Promising (Kaname Kuran x Reader) by LittleConfusedWriter
Loving before Promising (Kaname Ku...by Just A Little Writer
Vampire Knights FanFiction (Kaname Kuran x Reader) Y/N is a normal girl that goes to Cross Academy in the day class, nothing weird about it, just normal, simple life. Un...
I'm Not Your Doll (Vampire Knight) by beautifully_broken65
I'm Not Your Doll (Vampire Knight)by beautifully_broken65
Nobody ever thought that Senri Shiki had a sister let alone a twin, but he does. Meet Serina Shiki. A sweet, kind-hearted, sugar addicted girl. She speaks her mind and...
💋 Blood Lust 🍷 by Blood-Queen-Knightx
💋 Blood Lust 🍷by welcome to the dark side.
This story is a reader X Senri Shiki from vampire Knights. You are a pure blood who goes to cross Academy and place in the night class, the night class does not know you...
Vampire Knight «Other Story» - [ BOOK I : The Awakening ] by Lunar_Scarlet
Vampire Knight «Other Story» - [ B...by Alice Cross
Genre: Romance, Drama, Family, Friendship A fanfiction of an Original Character and Kaname from Vampire Knight. Summary: On one snowy day, a little girl was found lying...
My Beloved Vampire knight  by leon0writer
My Beloved Vampire knight by Leon 🦁
Historia and James Bloodsworth Hellsinger are the children of the BWHS siblings, William and Elizabeth Bloodsworth Hellsinger. The most famous and prestigious of the pur...
Deceptive Secrets | Vampire Knight  ✔️ by ForbiddenBloodAngel
Deceptive Secrets | Vampire Knight...by ForbiddenBloodAngel
Aido and Rima were sent to America to watch over a girl for 2 months. They were supposed to come back with a report but instead they came back with Hikari. She has no...
Zero Kiryu x All Oneshots by Litten_Kitten
Zero Kiryu x All Oneshotsby zkitt~Chan
Hi! So this is a oneshot book of our favorite hunter shipped with a few characters of Vampire knight. I accept requests so feel free to dm or comment me concerning that...
The Truth Behind The Lies {Naruto Fan-Fiction} by MidnightGalxXx
The Truth Behind The Lies {Naruto...by LJStories
My name is Rima Hatake, so I guess you can tell who my father is, the copy cat nin Kakashi. As for my mother, well that's a secret best kept hidden, for if it were to ge...
The Infection: Zombies Awakening (Book 1) - EDITING by 10deadmask01
The Infection: Zombies Awakening (...by Art
"It was Hell's kitchen. On the dirty checker floors, was blood. Red mush stained over almost the entire floor. And I see Mommy's body lying there motionless, surrou...
Vampire Knight- Shiki Senri Love Story by roorooroopie
Vampire Knight- Shiki Senri Love S...by roo
A young, 16 year old girl called Yuna, now finally takes control of her own life. Her mother sad about her leaving home to go to the private, mysterious school, Cross Ac...
A New Vampire ~Vampire Knight Fanfiction~ by starsinthespring
A New Vampire ~Vampire Knight Fanf...by Reid
[COMPLETED] After the incident that happened at Cross Academy, Which was caused by Yuki and Kanme's uncle, Rido Kuran, everything came back to normal and Night Class S...
Rikkaidais Goddess {Watty's 2015} by taurean_bratt
Rikkaidais Goddess {Watty's 2015}by Pink Sunsets
Echizen Rima, deemed The Goddess of Tennis courts around the world, has come to Kanagawa, Japan, to attend the school her boyfriend/fiancé Yukimura Seiichi attends, Rikk...
Vampire Knight: Kaname x Zero's sister (FINISHED) by animeworld_01
Vampire Knight: Kaname x Zero's si...by animeworld_01
Y/n, Zero's sister is a beautiful young women that Kaname is in love with. (More description later on)
My Vampire Knight (A Zero Kiryu Fanfic) by alyxwrites7
My Vampire Knight (A Zero Kiryu Fa...by Alyxandrea
There's a new girl in Cross Academy named Meko Aratami who has immediately caught the eye of Zero Kiryu. Will Zero push her away like he does everyone else or tell Meko...
The Unloved Kuran .... Becomes the Escalus Queen by neoescalus
The Unloved Kuran .... Becomes the...by ‎ 
(REWRITE IS PUBLISHED : CROWNED KURAN) Yukiji Kuran , the oldest daughter of the Kuran Family . She was hated and abused , due to the fact that Yukiji doesn't share a si...
A vampire knights harem by Tracy9250
A vampire knights haremby QT and ANIME
What does it mean to be a vampire knight, it means protecting them at all costs, even your happiness and life In which lia died in her first life as a human, only to wak...
Vampire Knight Shiki Senri Love Story by lily10373
Vampire Knight Shiki Senri Love St...by Fate_Forever
Ayame Mikan is a world-famous singer AND a pureblood princess who has life easy...BORING! She decides to attend Cross Academy where there's a class for Vampires! Her lif...