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Can Love Live in You? (Love Live Stories And Oneshots) by Miki_jr1
Can Love Live in You? (Love Live S...by Miki jr
Have you ever wondered how love felt? Let me show you. Hey!!! Everyone I am glad to be here, so yeah, my first book and is a oneshot one, be patient with me!! :D Genera...
  • honoka
  • eli
  • riko
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Love Live x Reader (Request Closed) Re-writing in process by SalomeRsK21
Love Live x Reader (Request Closed...by Kate Charl****
The title says it all, buddy. look at the title
  • rin
  • mari
  • lovelivexreader
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Shooting for Her Heart  by musicrider
Shooting for Her Heart by musicrider
Kurosaki (F/n) is a very kind girl that everyone knew well. Being able to be part of generation of Miricals and the only girl in boys basketball. She was able be conside...
  • riko
  • dance
  • hyuga
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-Is This What You Call Love?- Love Live x Male Reader by Itzoopizplayz
-Is This What You Call Love?- Love...by ʇɥɐʇonǝɐn!ɯǝןnʌǝɹ
AYEEEEE plz don't read this trash. I suck at writing :( I'm not that creative too hehe
  • nozomi
  • eli
  • mari
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YoshiRiko/YohaRiko 3 by YuriDachi
YoshiRiko/YohaRiko 3by YuriDachi
Read YoshiRiko/YohaRiko =3 and YoshiRiko/YohaRiko 2 too,thank you! YoshiRiko is Yoshiko and Riko from Love Live! Sunshine! Yuri.Girl x Girl This book have many random st...
  • rikoxyoshiko
  • yoshikoxriko
  • riko
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Love Live Sunshine: The Next Year by SecondRound
Love Live Sunshine: The Next Yearby SECOND ROUND
SPOILER ALERT FOR SEASON 2: After the heartbreaking closure of Uranohoshi Girls' high school, our former first and second years find themselves starting at a new combine...
  • aqours
  • chika
  • live
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I never knew, it will be "You" by YouRiko31
I never knew, it will be "You"by Westdoor31
Watanabe You, a 2nd year student from Uranohoshi Girls' High School. A happy, energetic, always moving forward and supportive friend, is the most admirable student by he...
  • chika
  • mari
  • dia
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Yukari's Greatest Battle by PanzerAce
Yukari's Greatest Battleby The Desert Fox
This is a story about a new student coming to Ooarai. Causing our fluffy haired heroine to develop feelings she's never felt before... FYI this is a Yukari and reader st...
  • caesar
  • club
  • erwin
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Various Oneshots by Deotakukids
Various Oneshotsby Deotakukids
Oneshots of anything and everything. It can be a straight ship, or hella gay. It can be cute and fluffy, or angsty and emo. It's up to you our dear readers. Hope you enj...
  • bnha
  • viktuuri
  • oneshots
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The New Manager (KnB fanfic - Kuroko x OC) by DBlankN202
The New Manager (KnB fanfic - Kuro...by D*****
A year has passed since the winter cup, and Seirin Basketball Team is starting a new year, full of pain and sweat. They now work hard towards the new school year, determ...
  • akashi
  • kurokotetsuya
  • knb
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Unspoken [Riko Sakurauchi x You Watanabe] by Coolez
Unspoken [Riko Sakurauchi x You Wa...by Coolez
After all, she looks happier with you by her side.
  • live
  • sunshine
  • youxriko
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The little angel (KNB fanfic) by CallMeHoseok
The little angel (KNB fanfic)by JayJay
Rin Kasumi is a very athletic and rather petite 13 year old, she is pure Japanese but due to academics her and her cousin moved to England along with Rin's parents. She...
  • kagami
  • kise
  • basketball
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❖  " rιĸo'ѕ ιηѕтαgяαм " ❖ by kochiGIRL
❖ " rιĸo'ѕ ιηѕтαgяαм " ❖by ЯIΚO ΛIDΛ
相田 リコ Aida Riko; coαcн de l'eqυιpe ѕeιrιɴ RP & BLABLA Communauté KNB.
  • kurokosbasket
  • coach
  • knb
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YoshiRiko/YohaRiko 2 by YuriDachi
YoshiRiko/YohaRiko 2by YuriDachi
Read YoshiRiko/YohaRiko =3 too,thanks.^^ YoshiRiko is Yoshiko and Riko from Love Live! Sunshine! Yuri.Girl x Girl YoshiRiko/YohaRiko =3 and this book have many random st...
  • yuri
  • yohane
  • tsushimayoshiko
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My Everything [Kanna x Saikawa] UNDER EDITING/FIXING MY SPELLING   by Dani_Atsuki
My Everything [Kanna x Saikawa] UN...by Atsuki-chan
Kanna has been friends with Saikawa throught the whole school year. But she does wonders why Saikawa blushes whenever she's around her. Saikawa on the other hand has a c...
  • saikanna
  • riko
  • kamui
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Their Betrayal and My Comeback - kuroko  by Haruka_Namate
Their Betrayal and My Comeback - k...by Haruka_hatake
Kuroko was once betrayed by the Generation if miracles. He closed himself, for once he despised the sport basketball until he meets a new light and a better team in Seir...
  • comeback
  • riko
  • nigou
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Hello Watanabe-chan (YouxRiko, Love Live! Sunshine Fanfic) by Stepha-senpai
Hello Watanabe-chan (YouxRiko, Lov...by Stepha-senpai
In 2017, You Watanabe, a 16-year old teenager girl and second year at Uranohoshi Girls' High School, also member of the school idol group Aqours. You falls deep in love...
  • youwatanabe
  • riko
  • youriko
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Lost - Made In Abyss x Reader by four-twelve
Lost - Made In Abyss x Readerby Four
This is based off of the manga, anime watchers beware. Read the introduction for more. This story includes strong language and sensitive topics. I do not own the made i...
  • fanfiction
  • madeinabyss
  • riko
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YoshiRiko/YohaRiko 4 by YuriDachi
YoshiRiko/YohaRiko 4by YuriDachi
Read: YoshiRiko/YohaRiko =3, YoshiRiko/YohaRiko 2, YishiRiko/YohaRiko 3, thank you! YoshiRiko is Yoshiko and Riko from Love Live! Sunshine! Yuri.Girl x Girl This book h...
  • yohariko
  • yuri
  • yoshiriko
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Love Live x fem reader by Treekomew
Love Live x fem readerby ANobodyPerson
You're pretty talented and have to move quite often, but tend to make the most and best wherever you are. You attended Otonokizaka, Uranohoshi and making a harem along t...
  • ûmî
  • chika
  • yoshiko
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