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Sulking (boyxboy) by AngelsBeast
Sulking (boyxboy)by AngelsBeast
"The students of class 2B were at the end of the bearable. All of them watched the boy in the dark blue hoodie, face hidden behind the hood, with awaiting concern...
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[✓] Stay || KookV by _Afreen
[✓] Stay || KookVby Ree
[Final] Taehyung tak akan pergi hanya jika Jungkook sendiri yang menyuruhnya pergi. Bolehkah, seperti itu saja?[] ::Warning!! Vottom, Romance, drama, Shounen-ai Start 19...
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☆Shiptober 2019☆ by maximiu
☆Shiptober 2019☆by Maxi Reyes
Primeramente, la idea original de esto es de @Tiffany1502 y algunas otras personas más. ¡muchas gracias por permitirme ser parte! Segundo, esto tendra ships de varios...
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Operation: A Death Wish (A FangBoy FF) by Aquarius03Egnar
Operation: A Death Wish (A Shadow
Would you fulfill someone's wish, even if they asked you to kill them? (Might not be fully FangBoy (?)) (At least that's what I think) (Is it rated mature? I have no ide...
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You Stole My Heart by MadlyCrazyAnimeIdiot
You Stole My Heartby Andreana Maelyn
What happens when a thief falls in love with a policeman? Or more like, the thief's heart was stolen by the policeman? That was Tsuna's case. Sawada Tsunayoshi wasn't an...
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Starlight // boyxboy by Silverthorn2000
Starlight // boyxboyby Silverthorn
Książka jest uzupełnieniem historii Will'a i Matt'a z Promised Land, więc jeśli jeszcze nie zapoznałeś się z główną historią, wróć tutaj kiedy to zrobisz. Jeśli jesteś p...
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A Very Confusing Relationship by yaoifanboy32
A Very Confusing Relationshipby James Oliver
~COMPLETED~ Yugi just happened to run into this guy, with equally ridiculous hair and an affinity for duel monsters. Yugi was the reigning duel monsters champion, but th...
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》WEAKNESSES《 | A Norman x Ray One-shot by AnimeTrash1420
》WEAKNESSES《 | A Norman x Ray αηιмє тяαѕн ωιтн ѕαℓт
❝ When are you going to just say you love me...? ❞ ❝ You'll hear it when you'll break the stubborn mind of mine -! ❞ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If two talented intelle...
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Pokemón Sol y Luna: KukuixAsh: Noche de Pasión. :D by xxPonxx
Pokemón Sol y Luna: KukuixAsh: Pon
Kukui no cree a Ash capaz de amar por lo cual decide hacerle una prueba.
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Inocencia [Frostcup] by VenusCarstairs
Inocencia [Frostcup]by Venus
Jackson está irremediablemente atraído hacia Hiccup, el problema es que no tiene idea de cómo acercarse a la persona que le gusta, mucho menos cuando se trata de alguien...
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Delicioso Sabor by KaryHikari
Delicioso Saborby KaryHikari
"¿...Sera que tienes miedo de saber que sorpresa es?" Hola! esta es una viñeta creada para la actividad especial de San Valentín del grupo "ღ KatsuDeku...
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Partners (boyxboy) by Nanumi
Partners (boyxboy)by Nanumi
A boyxboy story where 26 year old Etsuo and 28 year old Katsumi have to partner up in this spy industry place, and Katsumi is the meaner one that doesn't like anyone at...
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Mabel And The Admin's Randomness in Boy's Love by usermania
Mabel And The Admin's Randomness Niaa
Hello there people!! It's Mabel here! (Nia: And admin!) This book is full of randomness of Yaoi/Shonen-ai/BL ! Also, We ship Billdip... A Lot! So, we're hoping that Di...
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Destined To Be by _Aokurage_
Destined To Beby _Aokurage_
[ COMPLETA ] [ VMIN / NAMJIN ] La vita delle creature del mondo onirico prosegue in armonia giorno dopo giorno. Ma quando Jungkook propone di usare il portale che conduc...
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Celos Navideños [Ace x Sabo] (One-shot) by _Yume-san_
Celos Navideños [Ace x Sabo] ( ❤Sabo❤
Las navidades se acercaban, y las calles deslumbraban del brillo que emitía toda decoración festiva. Era una época en la que todas las familias se reunían para celebrar...
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Random Vocaloid Fanfic [Fuck You] by ShutUpAdam
Random Vocaloid Fanfic [Fuck You]by ShutUpAdam
**warning contans some yaoi**
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 Fears {SonicXTails} by Colleen_Love17
Fears {SonicXTails}by Colleen Love Adkins
A cute and adorable short story of a pairing, Sonic and Tails. Fluffy yaoi, Shonen-ai.
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Killugon Book Of One-shot by CrazyStellar
Killugon Book Of One-shotby seraphim_Ezikiel!
A book of one shot about killugon. Disclaimer: I do not own hunterxhunter nor the cover.. Warning: contains yaoi means boyxboy. Don't like don't read. *if you like you...
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Hetalia Fanfic: Forevermore (USUK) by thenzcchi
Hetalia Fanfic: Forevermore (USUK)by THENZ
"You were just a dream that I once knew. Never thought I would be right for you. I just can't compare you with anything in this world. You're all I need to be with...
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~[[ Frutos del Pasado ]]~ #Freddold // #Goldred by VeroRutherford
~[[ Frutos del Pasado ]]~ Vero Rutherford ~♠
Todo final es causado por la existencia de un principio. Toda actitud y comportamiento es causado por un pasado. Toda historia tiene un princpio y un final. Acto 1. Fre...
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