Slipping Away (KnB fanfiction) by AizawaMio
Slipping Away (KnB fanfiction)by Aizawa Mio
Their friendship last eversince Winter Cup ended and now, they made a promise to have a match again in National. However when Seirin fought Kaijo, suddenly a certain blu...
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(AA026) The Akakuro Family by AngelAnime026
(AA026) The Akakuro Familyby AngelAnimeDiary
*omegaverse* warning: mpreg this is a story of kuroko and Akashi and their family
  • akashi
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THE HIDDEN EMPEROR'S EYES  by kpopanimeaddict18
Highest ranking achieved: #260 in fanfiction. What if Kuroko is not really weak What if he's hiding something that only him and his family knew. . . . It all started wh...
  • betrayal
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EMPIRE by loveariaaaa
EMPIREby Be my guest
Tetsumi is the fairest of them all; and since she is the fairest among the Empire, there are Emperors who wouldn't think twice to kill just to have her and that includes...
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Kuroko no Basket x Reader by LAVENDER-SCOTT
Kuroko no Basket x Readerby lavender ☤
kuroko no basuke one shots, short stories, fluff, angst and lemons, please enjoy. x contains: ♔ aomine daiki ♔ kuroko tetsuya ♔ kagami taiga ♔ akashi s...
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Reincarnated in KnB as Momoi Satsuki?! [discontinued]  by R_edge_ina
Reincarnated in KnB as Momoi Satsu...by regina 💛
[DISCONTINUED] _ Note: This Momoi will look and act differently from the original one. _ I died. Those two words pretty much describe what the hell happened to me. Then...
  • kuroko
  • genderbendedmomoi
  • kurokonobasuke
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The Empress [Prince of Tennis + Kuroko No Basket Crossover] by Xx-Yuki-xX
The Empress [Prince of Tennis + Ku...by Depends.
The door busted open as she stepped in with her heels clicking against the marble floor, immediately stopping all the chattering by grabbing every players' attention. Ho...
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My six little brothers. (Kuroko no basuke fanfiction) readerXchild! GoM by chocolatearefrewns
My six little brothers. (Kuroko no...by AKYUMI あきゅみ
Have you heard about the disappearance of the Generation of miracles members? Well today's your lucky day! Because they all had turned small and were adopted into the Ka...
  • midorima
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Dreams of Life (Kuroko no Basket Fanfics) by Maplez12
Dreams of Life (Kuroko no Basket F...by Maplez12
"You are free to dream." - Manai Yume Manai Yume is a Special Academic Excellence Scholarship Student at Teikō Middle School. Yume is a reserved and softspoke...
  • murasakibara
  • midorima
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Spark (Kuroko no Basuke) by Nightblooming
Spark (Kuroko no Basuke)by Aki-chin
"Anyone who thinks that winning is everything in basketball is an idiot -- but don't worry, I promised Kuroko-kun that I will de-idiotfy you all!" The Generati...
  • kise
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Assassination League (Akakuro) by Xia_XCrown
Assassination League (Akakuro)by Xia'sRose
(REWRITTEN)(SLOW UPDATES) A monster is an inhumanly cruel or wicked person. All assassins have one job, to kill. You shouldn't show emotion to your prey. No mercy and No...
  • assasinations
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KNB Scenarios by Hiiimeeee
KNB Scenariosby アビ
KNB Scenarios x Reader © Fujimaki Tadatoshi
  • kagami
  • murasakibara
  • kuroko
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The Thin Grey Line (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic) by Story_Collector
The Thin Grey Line (Boku no Hero A...by Story_Collector
The beauty of the era of quirks wasn't the amazing abilities; it was that nobody sane would even entertain the thought that Kuroko, the most wanted vigilante in all of J...
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Nexus ~ AKAKURO (bxb/yaoi) by _usagiii
Nexus ~ AKAKURO (bxb/yaoi)by Usagi
KUROKO NO BASUKE ¡AU! <I DO NOT OWN KUROKO NO BASUKE> PAIRING = AKAKURO (top!akashi bottom¡kuroko) A certain red haired boy never knew that his Nexus is a pe...
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Light vs Light {Aomine x Reader x Kagami} by yoshimisama
Light vs Light {Aomine x Reader x...by 🖤Yoshimi-sama🖤
(F/N) (L/N) was popular around Tōō Academy. But before she could enjoy her second year in high school she's greeted by her ex Aomine Daiki. Even though she still has fee...
  • yuri
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KNB Cute Scenarios by yaoifangirlssu
KNB Cute Scenariosby D.C
These are just random scenarios from the GoM and Taiga based on your point of view. Hope you enjoy it! And have a lovely day!
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Twin Sister (Kuroko No Basuke/Basket Fanfic) by PurpleManiac35
Twin Sister (Kuroko No Basuke/Bask...by PurpleManiac35
Kuroko Miyuki has returned to Japan!! What will happen when she goes against her ex-teammates, the Generation of Miracles?? ~~~~~~ Hello there!! New readers, welcome! Th...
  • tetsuya
  • kurokonobasuke
  • seijuro
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My Dignified Imouto (Kuroko no Basket Fanfic) by Maplez12
My Dignified Imouto (Kuroko no Bas...by Maplez12
"It all started one winter night.." The Akashi household adopted a 5-year old girl after she had became Akashi Shiori's donor. The girl lived in the orphanage...
  • murasakibara
  • akashixoc
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The Sloth (Boku no Hero Academia x Male Reader) by Panilith
The Sloth (Boku no Hero Academia x...by Panilith
Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired. This is something (Y/n) goes by every day. But there is one thing he'll be willing to do to not...
  • kuroko
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Kuroko no Basuke: Character x Reader by Shikiorin
Kuroko no Basuke: Character x Read...by pretty much gone
Kuroko no Basuke / Kuroko no Basket (Or whatever you wanna call it!) Character x Reader One-shots My first fanfiction~. I hope you like my work! [c] I do not own Kuroko...
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