An American: The Chosen One by JRSDH1
An American: The Chosen Oneby Viper Stirling
Harry Potter the brother of the "BWL", was neglected and abused by his parents until one day they abandoned him at an orphanage. His Aunt Madeline was furious...
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Invisible by DebsTheSlytherinSnapefan by Coriallus
Invisible by DebsTheSlytherinSnape...by -
Harry has a twin, and everyone thinks it was Nick who survived. What will happen when Harry is pushed aside? Will he fight for a world that didn't want or care about him...
  • wbwl
  • bwl
  • snape
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Abandoned Harry Potter  by Hppjomlg
Abandoned Harry Potter by Hppjomlg
Ok ik the names not very original.. anyway it's an au about abandoned Harry Potter and found by a street "gang" who look after him ( also not very original wha...
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  • harrypotter
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forbidden gate by fandominess
forbidden gateby story addicted
Just read it you saw the tags
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  • magic
  • bashing
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unconstrained by SalvationRed
unconstrainedby SalvationRed
harrys older twin is the boy who lived...and attention seeking twat if you asked harry. harry just wants to get by with an education and enough money to not be a homeles...
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  • harrypotter
  • wbwl
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Nightmare (Harry Potter Fanfiction) by ZuzuThePrincess
Nightmare (Harry Potter Fanfiction)by ZuzuThePrincess
Harry Potter, the neglected brother of the, so called, Boy-Who-Lived, leader of the rebellious group, the group everybody wants to be protected by. Albus Dumbledore, the...
  • wbwl
  • harry
  • hufflepuff
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Beautifully Broken by ballet_jc
Beautifully Brokenby Jc
When Harry Potters brother, Charles, is decided to be the boy-who-lived, Harry's life turns out less then good. In fact, it is downright horrible. Lucky for him, Harry k...
  • tomriddle
  • harrypotter
  • manitpulativedumbledore
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Wit Beyond Measure by 0ceanMyth
Wit Beyond Measureby 0ceanMyth
In a world where Harry was born a girl (Rowena), nothing is the same. Her parents survive, but she is still shipped off to the Dursleys, and a magical accident when she...
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Unspeakable Potter by getwow21
Unspeakable Potterby getwow21
Ignored for his twin, Harry sets off to Hogwarts to make a name for himself. What will Charlus Potter do when he realizes he's the reason he and his brother don't have...
  • harry
  • twincest
  • yaoi
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Go ahead and Underestimate me, I dare you [HP] by ElizabethCochran
Go ahead and Underestimate me, I d...by Elizabeth Cochran
THIS IS NOT MY STORY THIS IS FROM ARCHIVE OF OUR OWN. I HAVE NO RIGHTS TO THIS BOOK OR THIS IDEA I wanted to share this one with everyone because it is one of my favorit...
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The Wrong One by Kat_Botelho99
The Wrong Oneby Kathleen Botelho
We all know that when He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Names attacked Godric hollow Lilly and James died while harry lived and was sent to the Dursleys, but what if Harry's parents li...
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A try at suicide (hp Wbwl Fan Fiction)  by rosieb111
A try at suicide (hp Wbwl Fan Fict...by LadySnake77
Harry James potter also known as; Twin to the boy who lived Death eater Freak Useless Squib Attention seeker Evil Shadow of Slytherin Prefect And he has had enough ...
  • wbwl
  • slytherin
  • suicideattempt
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Wish Opon a Star by xXslytherin_queenXx
Wish Opon a Starby That One Over There
Harry Potter: a young boy in the Potter family, that was forgotten; left in the shadow of his brother the boy who lived. The only person to know the truth: who the real...
  • harry
  • ginny
  • wbwl
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Serpent Princess by NobodyLikesMe4488
Serpent Princessby NobodyLikesMe4488
This is My first time writing a story I really hope you like my Old Account got hacked so I never got to finish writing it to post it. Edit and update I wrote this stor...
  • harrypotter
  • witches
  • adventure
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WBWL by riverbarnett
WBWLby River Barnett
Why does family always seem to come back and haunt you. Will Harry make it out alive or will he continue to suffer for Dumbeldores manipulations? Fem-Har
  • abusiveparents
  • femharry
  • wbwl
The Runaway Potters by WizardingDemi-God01
The Runaway Pottersby WizardingDemi-God01
When Hadrian (Harry), Evelyn (Evie) and Rose Potter were children, they were always being pushed around by their parents, in favour of Harry's twin, Chris, the boy-who-l...
  • wbwl
  • susanbones
  • hannahabbott
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In his shadow by MeineKeime
In his shadowby MeineKeime
Harry Potter, the second son to the Alpha James Potter and his Beta wife Lilly. He himself turns out to be a Omega, much to the displeasure of his parents. And when he...
  • durmstrang
  • harryxdraco
  • drarry
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Forgotten  by Ravenclaw51505
Forgotten by Grant Christensen
Harry Potter, twin to the infamous Alex Potter. But no one remembered his existence. P.S. this is my first fan fic I want your honest opinion P.P.S. I know my chapter...
  • powerfulharry
  • hogwartsschoolofwitchcraftandwizardry
  • wbwl
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Salems School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry For The Forgotten by shadowqueen147
Salems School Of Witchcraft And Wi...by shadowqueen147
When Harry gets a letter from the top school in the world how will his caring twin brother deal with the pain of going to school without his older twin to help him out...
  • dramione
  • harry
  • wbwl
Wrong Boy Who Lived ( living with the Malfoys ) (ADOPTED) by Spencer_Derek
Wrong Boy Who Lived ( living with...by Son Goku
Harry Potter and his sister Lily Potter ran away from home when there brother Harold Potter became the Boy Who Lived. Now they are known as Dakota Malfoy ( Lily Potter...
  • malfoys
  • wbwl
  • lilypotter
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