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The Survivors  by wearethefxes
The Survivors by meg
Deep in the city of Saxet, sixteen-year-old Mavis Sterling takes part in the Tests that could change her life, and change exactly what she has been living for. The Test...
  • survivors
  • mavis
  • resistance
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Fearless (A Mulan Retelling) by squigmo
Fearless (A Mulan Retelling)by Haley Netherton
For the entirety of her life, Iris Gwenneth has known the words 'loss' and 'exclusion' all too well. With a dead mother and a broken engagement... Iris's father is the o...
  • mulan
  • love
  • determination
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Paying His Debts  by Okie_Teheehe
Paying His Debts by Okie_Teheehe
"signed it" he said "And what if I don't " I was determined "HOW DARE YOU?" "I'm sorry Mr Shehriyar Waseem but the contract don't e...
  • billionaire
  • marriage
  • ceo
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Taylor Swift preferences and imagines (girl x girl)  by gayforddlovato
Taylor Swift preferences and imagi...by Kaylee ♡♡♡♡
Taylor Swift preferences and imagines. All are girl x girl. All written by me unless otherwise stated. Enjoy! 💋♥️ {Highest ranking: #1 in 1989}
  • 1989
  • taylor
  • fearless
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GETAWAY CAR by lovedinsecretswift
GETAWAY CARby 💛Danielle💛
When Taylor Swift is faced with a daunting and uncertain future, how does the twenty six year old decide what's right. Staying with him isn't an option, she can't risk i...
  • karliekloss
  • haylor
  • theswiftlife
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In A Relationship With BaekHyun of Exo: His Fearless Sasaeng by thanks4dbrokenheart
In A Relationship With BaekHyun of...by V.
Yes. I am HIS FEARLESS SASAENG. -- Most cases of plagiarism are considered misdemeanors, punishable by fines of anywhere between $100 and $50,000 -- and up to one year i...
  • exobaekhyun
  • baekhyun
  • baekhyunfanfic
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Fearless by AdamWilson0
Fearlessby Adam Wilson
You don't win until you survive. Chris thinks he is normal, he thinks he lives a normal life, and has a normal family, but some things are not as they seem. His family t...
  • fearless
  • interest
  • drama
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Reckless Fearless Careless | ✓ by myreadingaddictions
Reckless Fearless Careless | ✓by Kiya
"What are you doing here?" I ask but it comes out as a sob. I don't want him, or anyone for that matter, to see me like this. I'm a wreck. Wyatt doesn't seem t...
  • drama
  • younglove
  • badgirl
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The Agent With No Fears by RA2995
The Agent With No Fearsby RA
At the age of six, my family gave me up to an agency called Red Cipher. Red Cipher trains kids when they turn six all the way up to the age of 15. At the age of 15, we a...
  • agent
  • anger
  • boss
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Are You Afraid Of The Devil? by LoveLynn2012
Are You Afraid Of The Devil?by Lola Writes
  • christian
  • poetry
  • fearless
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The Past Present And Future Knight by WilliamNguyen378
The Past Present And Future Knightby William Nguyen
The knight of 500 Bc Transported to 2017. He tries to figure out the present world but finds out things have greatly changed. But the greatest change has yet to come...
  • fearless
  • control
  • superhero
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Stargazer. [Cyrus Barrone] by twocantoucan
Stargazer. [Cyrus Barrone]by Brett
Brett Martel, a steampunk enthusiast, meets Shane Sumner, or better known as Cyrus Barrone, at work. Will the two of them find love? And if so, will it be with each othe...
  • fearless
  • killers
  • character
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Alice Wood, The Girl With No Fears by violetta_rosie
Alice Wood, The Girl With No Fearsby Violet
She's the toughest, strongest, meanest girl to ever come out the USA. When death stares her straight in the eye, she just glares right back. Nobody and nothing is going...
  • fearless
  • adventure
  • romance
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poem's you want to  read by hitonopo
poem's you want to readby hitonopo
This book is not just from my side if you send me a poem I will put it in the book just send it to the comment.
  • keysandlove
  • fearless
  • funnycomebacks
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The Prince and The Thief by PrinceBeveridge
The Prince and The Thiefby PrinceBeveridge
The description I had before didn't quite fit the story, so now it's just me saying how I can't write descriptions.. Again. (Keveridge, some Timids)
  • vampire
  • kier
  • keveridge
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I Might Not Be Your Saint (Fearless Vampire Killers fan fiction) by _fvkillers_
I Might Not Be Your Saint (Fearles...by _fvkillers_
Kier and Laurence meet on holiday before Kier is due to start University. However they meet again back in England in an odd circumstance which could endanger their relat...
  • vampire
  • fvk
  • fearlessampirekillers
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So We Meet Again by MysteriousHider
So We Meet Againby I am a very mysterious girl...
Faith and Tyler has been childhood friends Until Tyler's 6th birthday. Faith has gave him a shark tooth necklace. An accident has caused and the Taylor's and the Scott's...
  • jules
  • kids
  • fearless
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To Love A Demon King by IamTear
To Love A Demon Kingby Tear 涙
I come from the life of a commoner, But I no longer live as one... I was one of the few girls chosen to compete to become QUEEN I am to marry the cruelest ruler of the...
  • kindhearted
  • warrior
  • betrayal
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Shiver Sky by aarinani
Shiver Skyby aarinani
"Which will you remember more? The person that loved you and never hurt you? Or the person that made you break down mentally and physically? The person that made yo...
  • love
  • heartbroken
  • strong
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