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Unholy Matrimony by xxinlove
Unholy Matrimonyby xxinlove
[HIGHEST: #1 in Billionaire] [HIGHEST: #2 in Love] [HIGHEST: #3 in Romance] [HIGHEST: #2 in Bad Boy] [HIGHEST: #1 in Arranged Marriage] [HIGHEST: #1 in Newadult] [HIGHES...
  • love
  • humor
  • lovetriangle
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Memes #2 by Haruka_Tsukiko1432
Memes #2by ☾Moon Mother☽
I'm back y'all ! This is meme book #2! Enjoy to your heart's content! DISCLAIMER: I don't cater to your wants and if it offends you, then take up with me in personal mes...
  • heavilyrequested
  • causeiloveyouguys
  • random
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V for Vampire || kth. by someonepassingby
V for Vampire || kth.by SomeOnePassingBy
''so, want my bites or hickeys?''
  • taehyungxreader
  • bts
  • jhopexreader
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Sold to a Wolf Pack by MiaMeade
Sold to a Wolf Packby Mia Meade
"My dad sold me to a pack of werewolves to settle his gambling debt." ❀ Three Books in One: Sold to a Wolf Pack | ✔ Saved by a Wolf Pack | ✔ Loved by a Wolf...
  • chicklit
  • diverselit
  • action
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Drown. || NCT Dream Chatroom by auzlix
Drown. || NCT Dream Chatroomby HEY SISTERS
michaeljacksonsaddo: touch me one more time you twat,, i dare you ➳ ɢᴏᴏᴅ ʟᴜᴄᴋ :3
  • norenmin
  • nct
  • chatroom
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Breaking The Player | ✓ by LittleNerdDreamer
Breaking The Player | ✓by LittleNerdDreamer
I raise a eyebrow glancing the direction of him, seeing his hands on some blonde bimbo. "I might have to consider this challenge." I say. I'm always up for a g...
  • goodgirl
  • boy
  • badboy
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Donald Trump X Dora the Explorer | ✔️ by amberiscool333
Donald Trump X Dora the Explorer |...by ♡Raven♡
Still a better love story than Twilight. [Their ship name is Dorump] [65 chapters] [A lot of mature content] WEIRDNESS AHEAD.
  • random
  • funny
  • stupid
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Meme by -thrashershawn
Memeby Mads
a whole lotta memes Started September something Ended: never b #1 in- idk #1 in- idkanymore #1 in- kms #2 in- memes #2 in- stop
  • random
  • kms
  • dontread
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Memes { #Wattys2018 } by Haruka_Tsukiko1432
Memes { #Wattys2018 }by ☾Moon Mother☽
Memes that'll, Blow your mind Be funny Be relatable And everything else. DISCLAIMER: I don't cater to your wants and if it offends you, then take up with me in person...
  • gifs
  • random
  • mindblowing
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13 reasons why • gif imagines by kingjjeongguk
13 reasons why • gif imaginesby c
gif imagines about characters from the netflix series '13 reasons why'. [ CHECK OUT BOOK TWO ]
  • imagines
  • scottreed
  • alexstandall
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Sugar Daddy {S.M} by Allena5SOS
Sugar Daddy {S.M}by ally
"I'll buy you anything you want, under one condition." "That is?" "You assist me around the world as my girlfriend to the public eye, but daddy'...
  • jackgilinsky
  • random
  • mendes
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female faceclaims  by -whorecrux
female faceclaims by lori
a book filled with female faceclaims.
  • riverdale
  • shameless
  • theoriginals
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Wattpad's Best Werewolf Books | ✓ by once-upon-a-star
Wattpad's Best Werewolf Books | ✓by katie baer
  • random
  • mate
  • mates
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500+ Psychology Facts |✍ by August_Parker
500+ Psychology Facts |✍by August Parker
Psychology, if it's your cup of tea, opens doors to a lot of interesting characteristics and traits that human beings encompass. Reading about it will not only give a me...
  • mystery
  • crush
  • facts
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Zodiac Signs by WritingDuhh
Zodiac Signsby WritingDuh
This is the second part to my first book "Zodiac Signs" Hope you all like it! *Credit to original authors*
  • pisces
  • capricorn
  • cancer
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Poems by WritingDuhh
Poemsby WritingDuh
Just a collection of poems and quotes ranging from Happy, Sad, Motivational, and Funny :D *Credit to original authors*
  • poetry
  • motivation
  • happy
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Wattpad's Best Romance Books | ✓ by once-upon-a-star
Wattpad's Best Romance Books | ✓by katie baer
  • sexy
  • possessive
  • assistant
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Zodiac signs by WritingDuhh
Zodiac signsby WritingDuh
Descriptions, Scenerios, And interesting things about the 12 Zodiac Signs! Check out book #2! :) *Creds to original authors*
  • typesof
  • night
  • random
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NCT Imagines || Open by hyucksshine
NCT Imagines || Openby ♡
xiaojun, hendery and yangyang included now! no smuts bitch; my boys are still babies(not really). - started : 07/06/18 ended : --- - ©️hyucksshine
  • taeyong
  • jeno
  • doyoung
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Anime Pick Up Lines by choba_tea
Anime Pick Up Linesby ♛ チェルシー
~Wanna know how to be smooth like me? Then use these pick up lines. Lol. -this book has been completed *ANIME PICK UP LINES BOOK 2 is out now!!!!!*
  • vocaloid
  • diaboliklovers
  • anime
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