Anbu Naruto by _antisocial_narwhal_
Anbu Narutoby SlightlyBitter
at a young age, Naruto met Kurama and his new best friend Anko [she is my waifu :3] and became an ANBU after three years of training with Kurama. after serving three yea...
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warriors lemons by Cerpico
warriors lemonsby MOVED TO @TALLSNOW
exactly what it says. and when i say exactly, i mean EXACTLY.
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Possessive (Boy×boy) Mpreg by lovegayships46
Possessive (Boy×boy) Mpregby salty_trash_potato
I don't anyone is going to read this story. But if someone does read it then there is a few things I need to warn you about. There most likely have swearing, maybe have...
  • boyxboy
  • male×male
  • possessive
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.:Learning To Dance:. Artbook 5 by DatGrumpyKid
.:Learning To Dance:. Artbook 5by //kicks door down//
Daaaaang We're already at book five. Well read on if you wanna read about my rambling and look at my mediocre art made by a nerd
  • artbook
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An Arrow to the Heart (male!Rivals X Reader) by CrazyYandereGirl
An Arrow to the Heart (male! Trash on many different levels
[New Rewritten Version of "Loyal Alike"] "Why can't I choose one already?! I always said to choose the one that made you laugh and feel better in general...
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Male Various X Male Reader by emosenpai
Male Various X Male Readerby emosenpai
The title says it all my friends~ Please vote and comment! I'm not as good as I wish I could be, but I'll get better at it XD
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Black Holes~ Eddsworld Tom X Reader DISCONTINUED by CircusBot
Black Holes~ Eddsworld Tom X KuKuKu
((Wattpad Translation from Quotev)) Moving into London might've been a dream come true for you. But, more exciting things as you uncover. This bitch empty YEET *disconti...
  • butistilllovethisbook
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George Harrison imagines  by LedBeatlesDoorsElvis
George Harrison imagines by Mrs. Harrison
As you probably guessed, I love George and there is a very unfortunate shortage of George Harrison imagines, so I decided to create this. They may be terrible, but I'm o...
  • fanfiction
  • georgeharrison
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Zeref x Reader lemon by _QueenJai__
Zeref x Reader lemonby Insanity at its finest
Y/N gets stuck on the island and stumbles upon Zeref and things get interesting
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  • xreader
  • lemon
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Neighbors by ClioSass14
Neighborsby Clio (Pen Name)
When AJ and her brother move to New York, they meet new people. Enemies, Friends and Neighbors. I will change this after I finish writing this book. And maybe a few othe...
  • actor
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  • malinaweissman
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gabbie's fucked by gabbieegonzalezz
gabbie's fuckedby .
story of gab - ♡ ☻
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Stray Kids by HiphopisDEAD97
Stray Kidsby |Łuna|
OK whatever {Ranking #705 5/9/2018}
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Curiosity - A Prinxiety AU by Yoonlexa
Curiosity - A Prinxiety AUby Alexa
Virgil has...powers, magical powers but only his best friends, Patton and Logan know about it. One day he meets one of the few most popular guys in a classroom, which Vi...
  • maybesmut
  • morality
  • maybetriggering
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Sorry But The World Doesn't Work Like That by Lopevi
Sorry But The World Doesn't Work Kathrine Jones
After the death of her mother, Lauren Saver has to take care of her 12-year-old-brother. She realizes something is different about him.
  • coffee
  • edgy
  • orphan
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Naruto : Reborn As...Shikamaru?!  by KarmaAkabane425
Naruto : Reborn As...Shikamaru?! by Karma Akabane
..Fuck i died...though i don't know when, how, or even why. I died, that's all i fucking know besides that i still remember my past life..though i still don't know how i...
  • death
  • maybeoneshot
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Dyuria by jammyrolling
Dyuriaby Lentilinion
You would think teenagers would have a bit of sense in their heads but clearly not. Dyuria isn't the best place to live, admittedly. Everyone who has ever lived there ca...
  • teenagers
  • abusetw
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BTS different (full story) by THICC_vkook
BTS different (full story)by BTS_trash
a fantasy story on BTS (has a bit of vkook but it doesn't last tong)
  • completed
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A rant book type thing by alilbean
A rant book type thingby Silent Writer
Just my random diary???? {i quote lyrics a lot so uh yeh}
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holy what by z0ey-r
holy whatby heavenly father
ive been tagged :o
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The World without Colour  by Hermione2019
The World without Colour by It’s_LeviOsa
Set in the future, when resources are nearly all gone. Corruption plagues the government, who enforces extreme regulations on the citizens, all for it's own benefit. To...
  • book
  • resources
  • scifi
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