author's oc book by softmork
author's oc bookby 🍃
- just stuff to fill up your imaginations.
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CRY by CocoBreadGirl
CRYby cocobreadgirl
It still hurts.
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ASK OR DARE BFB [Editing] by GrishmaThePerson
BFB & BFDI (c) JackNJellify ____________________________________ So just, ask or dare! All you want! I know it takes 2000 decades for me to update this book but I'm jus...
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hi :) by qspearbinniep
hi :)by unknown
just my shit, how I really feel (the things I cant tell to anyone I know irl)
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Random Oc Stuff by ZiggytheTiger
Random Oc Stuffby ZigZagTiger
Basically a big book of random OC stuff
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New Stories by Agni_Fire_Dragon
New Storiesby Agni_Fire_Dragon
this will be an update for my other account
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Teen Posts🙃 by Jerinthomas586
Teen Posts🙃by Jerinthomas586
Most relatable teenager moments ......
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Why I have no friends... by Dolanbabi
Why I have no Dolanbabi
So like....this is my rant ,update on life, thoughts and funny book ig....
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Insomnia by WritingAt1am
Insomniaby WritingAt1am
Insomnia never being able to sleep. Sounds horrible but that's how the two met. Start:26/Nov/2018
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mᎽ ᏁᎾᏁsᎬᏁsᎬ ᏆhᎾuᎶhᏆs by Awesome_BruhhDucc
mᎽ ᏁᎾᏁsᎬᏁsᎬ ᏆhᎾuᎶhᏆsby BruhhDucc10056
Okay, so hi :) Tbh this is nothing, this is just me expressing my feelings towards different individuals. Some are depressing, funny and relatable. Soo have fun? (I'll a...
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Creepypasta zodiac signs by DumbestpersonEvEr
Creepypasta zodiac signsby The BlackSuicide
I love ticci toby also this is my first time doing this so this is my first story enjoy and there will be way more also if you hate on me its cool I don't really care an...
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#freaksandgeeks by livmoore-
#freaksandgeeksby livmoore-
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Power by RampaigerQueen
Powerby Kevin Owens’ wife †
In which I give you female faceclaims to use for your stories.
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Secretly a Wolf by absolutly_savage
Secretly a Wolfby Rexi_Lexiii
Meghan Davidson is a mostly normal girl.When she gets hurt she finds out the truth of who she really is,and who her mother really is.Can she keep her friendship and rela...
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Art Book + randomness by DaNevGal
Art Book + randomnessby Nev
I'll be posting all my art here! if you want me to specify lol: fanart oc's (maybe) anything lol
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Honestly, My life by ReeceAvenue05
Honestly, My lifeby ▪▫oofer the reindeer▫▪
Where did life take me? Why am I making this book? No one knows.
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another one of those days by What_Is_Life_Even
another one of those daysby optimistic black hole
random spam, memes, tag things, thoughts...whatever i come up with. //i guess it's just another one of those days when i'm missing everything//
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