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Pyaar: misunderstood  by EshaArya
Pyaar: misunderstood by Yudkbh_1990samaina_
Presenting a brand new story on AshDeep. Ye hai AshDeep ki kahaani full of love, misunderstandings and chaos! A little emotional story but you will fall in love! Jahan...
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Don't Breathe by MABlackmore
Don't Breatheby M. A. Blackmore
A demon lives in a forest, nearby the cottage Akira and his classmates are staying in. Or so the legend says. In hope that Akira would see his friend, Kazuya's, terrifi...
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Îngerul Iadului by soul_of_writer
Îngerul Iaduluiby PuTiN_ScRiItOrI_AzI
Acolo unde toată lumea este fericită și împlinită, versus acolo unde țipete se aud noaptea și totul este întunecat în toiul zilei. Ifera este obligată să se mute...
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inda rai ashe da rabo.... by MaryamAbdul559
inda rai ashe da rabo....by MaryamAbdul559
It's all about magic, sacrifice, pity, and true love
RAI TIME a book of quotes by CelestWillows12
RAI TIME a book of quotesby Magical Bean Gardener
This is legit a book of quotes from Rai's Lives on tiktok because there funny and they make me laugh All these things were said by lidwithoutajar so go check them out o...
The Noblesse Sister by KtheKat123
The Noblesse Sisterby Kylah Khan
Who would have known the Mighty Noblesse the, most powerful noble in all the land had a sister. Meet Cadis Everin D Mira A.K.A Raizel little sister, Join Mira's journey...
Is he the one ? by tHe_LiTtLe_mOrPhEuS
Is he the one ?by Rashi
HIGHEST RANK - #40 in teenagelove - #1 in yudkbh It is not a love at first sight. She likes him. Does he likes her? She has a crush on him...
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Past Coming Back by flsbasss
Past Coming Backby doodlebean8
15 years ago, a psychopathic dictator committed suicide, freeing from a chaotic and cruel rule. 15 years ago, a new government, filled with passionate people was created...
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Billionaire's Cinderella by Eilish10
Billionaire's Cinderellaby Eilish10
"What the hell is this? I nearly lost one of the important deals of my life. Can't you do one single god damn work without making any mistake?" roared the man...
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"Save me" by bloodybreeze
"Save me"by Frosty Mary
Being a Noblesse, having an infinite power does have a side effect. However, how would Rai deal with his Vampire instinct? What will Frankie do to help his dear master?
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Sameer Naina Ki Anhokhi Prem Kahani by sony120
Sameer Naina Ki Anhokhi Prem Kahaniby sony120
totally different....its all about love and care for each other...❤❤ how sameer and naina meet and get married and start their new life ❤❤
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A Wink by tHe_LiTtLe_mOrPhEuS
A Winkby Rashi
He confessed. I didn't. We were lovers still I didn't say yes to him. We didn't broke up. But we won't speak to each other. Weird na? That's my story.
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Noblesse x reader oneshots by frocake
Noblesse x reader oneshotsby Vanillaxx
I'm open to requests and this is basically all oneshots including (Rai) (Rajak) (Rael) (Frankenstein) (Seira) (Regis) (Shinwu) And many more! Please keep in mind this...
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Tai chi chasers: missing member by GothicZoey1024
Tai chi chasers: missing memberby Kelly
What if Finn was missing during the 1st season of the show Rai and the rest of the Tai chi chasers find someone in a ice palace will the chasers find out who the person...
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The Year 3906 by tHe_LiTtLe_mOrPhEuS
The Year 3906by Rashi
"Success?" She asked with hopeful eyes and aching heart. She prayed for a failure. "Hope so!" He replied hoping a failure for the first time in his...
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Rumor by ksacxzz
Rumorby i y a h
"Ikaw pala yung matagal ko nang hinahanap"
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A New Life a Noblesse Story by Frankyscrazylover
A New Life a Noblesse Storyby Evie Shoemaker
This story will follow the new lives of the ones in Frankensteins house it is going to continue on from Takeo's story After Raizel goes into eternal sleep Frankenstein...
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The Night by tHe_LiTtLe_mOrPhEuS
The Nightby Rashi
Dark night. Lonely road. Yellow light. Cold wind. Shining moon. Twinkling stars. I continued walking. Until I bumped into a stranger! Stranger? He had something I didn'...
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noblesse- an alternate universe by flsbasss
noblesse- an alternate universeby doodlebean8
In an alternate universe, the union was broken apart hundreds of years ago. As a result, Cadis Etrama Di Raizel's coffin is not found by the union, but rather washing o...
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WHILE WALKING. by shambhavisontakke
WHILE WALKING.by @shambhavisontakke861993
Samaina short story. It is a 2019 story where 2 people fall in love , but how you'll know in the story. SHAMBHAVI.❤
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