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SPG HUSTLER SI LOLO PART 2 ( iamvashstampede
Under The Rain (Guevarra Series 1) by binibiningadik
Under The Rain (Guevarra Series 1)by binibini
I always hate the rain because of the danger it could bring. Started writing: March 15, 2021 Date completed: July 21, 2021
The Province Girl In Section Ruby by empty_notebook
The Province Girl In Section Rubyby Roxiee🦋❤️
Lynn Lesly Ocampo,a probinsyana girl who always been confused at the mystery of her family,will do anything to solve it even if she have to be the only girl on the most...
My Probinsyana Enemy  by AteBae_Bae
My Probinsyana Enemy by Ate Bae_Bae
A probinsyana girl named Bejay that born to be a girl's scout that accidentally caught the attention of the hottest and sexyiest famous vlogger/stremer and also her chil...
Hiding my Lie by d_novvy
Hiding my Lieby d_novvy
Dana Evyriene Vinzuella. A girl who is trying to find the love she wanted to feel.
Hate at First Glance (Squad Series #1) by SilentLover1326
Hate at First Glance (Squad i_amJustA_SilentLover
Rich, devilishly handsome, gentleman and influential Ilan lang iyan sa depenisyon ng malditang si Yra Zianah Guiliani sa kanyang ideal man Until she met Raven the exa...
Her Eyes is a Curse (COMPLETED) by casteriel
Her Eyes is a Curse (COMPLETED)by cm
he didn't want those eyes to meet again, because when his eyes met those eyes he didn't want to lose sight of those girl who have a curse eyes- Her eyes is a curse. Date...
The Art of Rainbow (BL) by Jamaven05
The Art of Rainbow (BL)by YoursTruly
Khalil Adrian, he always paint to calm himself and be in nature. He also paint to express his emotions towards the bad and toxic society but no body's perfect, he was qu...
Being The Bad Boy's Tutor (TEEN SERIES #2)ONGOING by kurisutikawai
Being The Bad Boy's Tutor (TEEN Himari Saki
She had a secret boyfriend. But her boyfriend cheated on her. Sa isang gabi nagsimulang magbago ang lahat. Pagising nalang niya nasa pinakaayawan niyang lugar na siya na...
A Precious Diamond In Province(On Going) by Bloodofcute
A Precious Diamond In Province( Aesthia Bloodsworth
READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. A girl named Eloise Jane Arilles, a charming and beautiful lady. She has an innocent and perfect face. She is also kind, so a lot of guy likes her...
The One That Came Back by kathnappy
The One That Came Backby Kath P.E.
Sometimes, the best way to move forward is to take a step back. Jessica was a city girl, but not anymore. She's back in town, living the life she never thought she want...
Protecting the Criminal's Daughter (Daughter Duology #1) by Bloodofcute
Protecting the Criminal's Aesthia Bloodsworth
READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. Chester Kaiven Devilles, an agent who is ruthless. He don't had family anymore. His parents died when he was a kid. And when he stepped on the rig...
The Policeman: Guilherme Custudio  by onsefourteen
The Policeman: Guilherme Custudio by onse
The Policeman Series 1 A neurosurgeon in private hospital na pagmamay-ari ng Tatay niya. But their relationship is not compatible, kaya kailangan niyang kumayod para ma...
The October Crisis by lovelibertyC
The October Crisisby Loveliberty C
They say that Canada is a wonderful country, where everyone is polite and nice. They say that Canada is a country where everyone is friends and where everyone is equal...
Poor Affection by hixlow
Poor Affectionby miss z
Reva Talia came from a wealthy family. Clan that dislikes lowly people, but can she stop that if her heart cries out the name Ishan? So she didn't follow what Ishan said...
Hetalia City/State/Province/Other Randomness!!! by DoctorPsyche
Hetalia City/State/Province/ DoctorPsyche
CAUTION: Full of headcanons and randomness in general. Not really sure if I should call these drabbles or one-shots or just stories so whatever. I just thought it would...
Dear readers, by Pryde7
Dear readers,by Pryde7
This is exactly what it sounds like. Basically a diary that can be freely read by anyone on Wattpad who wants to read it. Everything written here is true and it is all f...
Eligible Bachelor 3: William Davis (The Broken Rules) by IrishHeaven
Eligible Bachelor 3: William Irish_Heaven
[Completed] "Binali mo ang patakaran na ginawa ko, Heaven. Kaya nakaabang na ang parusang nilaan ko para sa'yo. Mamili ka sa dalawa hirap o sarap?" - William D...
I Do, Kinda (Dream Duology Book 2) by marie_magdalene
I Do, Kinda (Dream Duology Book 2)by m²
(This is the Book 2 of 'Say I Don't'. Please read the first book before reading this.) Roa woke up from a coma and as she did, she lost the people she loved. Everything...