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THE KRYPTON'S LOVE  by themintmaxx
Kraeston's life took an unexpected turn when he suddenly crossed paths with a mysterious girl named zaiynx. Her enigmatic aura and captivating gaze left an indelible imp...
I Love You Razvan by BLACKLEIRA
I Love You Razvanby Miss Kia
"I am a complicated person. I have different sides of me, Well i guess. All of us has a different sides. A different sides that people would find it hard to underst...
The Windows to Your Spark [Transformers] by Transformer_012
The Windows to Your Spark [ Jay Meika
'In this moment I'm almost.. afraid, but not. His helm is only 1-2 feet away from mine as I study the features of his faceplate, stopping when I meet his optics. Vibrant...
13:00 (Epistolary Novel #1) by Shielababe16
13:00 (Epistolary Novel #1)by Shielababe16
Back subject ni Darius ang Practical Research 1 and he's Grade 12 student. Armie San Jose, Grade 11 student. Magkapartner sila sa Research. They will know each other onl...
Yesterday's Pain by DreamershineeLee
Yesterday's Painby Dreamershinee Lee
In our lives we always win and lose. But,in Jeana Nesca Engiliton she feels always hell and unfair. She always suffer. She prayed that if God can send someone to save he...
The Princess And I by annneo6
The Princess And Iby
In the world of Holypia, there are eight powerful fairies and they rule their palace. what if Ann gets a glimpse of the real world of holypia? how can she do it? will sh...
Summer Love by sArAmOsInGEvaMae
Summer Loveby Eva Mae Saramosing
This is a story that will bring happiness and sadness or any emotions you need to feel. A girl named Sarah went on their Boring province(for her)with her family to hav...
Until I Met You by wazzuppme
Until I Met Youby wazzuppme
Althea is someone that shouldn't be started to mess up with. She's a though girl and a cold person But her life suddenly change when she transfered to Montereal Univers...
A broken masterpiece by taurussiie
A broken masterpieceby lazyme
Aurlie Colette is a puzzle waiting to be solved. A never ending mazed. A complex combination of insecurities and doubts. Always leaving a trail of mystery. Her lack of p...
Open letter to the one who left me {watty's #9} by thescatteredhearts
Open letter to the one who left zane
This is a letter, a open letter, who left. Relate or not feel free to read it. Completed©2016 All rights reserved®
Break a wall,for Love by ellamaeeleven
Break a wall,for Loveby ellamaeeleven
This is true life based story❤
Connected by eunisaaaaaaa
Connectedby eunisaaaaaaa
Hope you support my story
Only One (A Cyriel x Dana Fanfiction) by HisEpicGirl
Only One (A Cyriel x Dana weishen
A Cyriel & Dana fanfic inspired by the Novel "For Hire a Damn Good Kisser" Written & Finished: April 24, 2012
I Tried. (Short Story) by biaaaaa18
I Tried. (Short Story)by lonely.
"I look at myself in the mirror behind me and stood up. I smiled for the last time and said to my reflection that I tried very hard but failed at kahit ang pagmamah...
Just Gangster For Revenge by Vivinaj
Just Gangster For Revengeby Vivinaj
Rintelle is a secret leader to get revenge for whoever killed her sister. So she hides from her enemy to not know her identity and also does'nt know that she seeks reven...
Too Young to Love. by Merathena
Too Young to Mera
Does age define love?
Wattpad Encounters by Laleilou
Wattpad Encountersby won
Wattpad characters (in different stories) interactions!
FEMME FATALE: Kahlani Dria Gonzales by geullisel
FEMME FATALE: Kahlani Dria Gonzalesby geullisel
This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, some places and incidents are products of the author's imagination and are used of fictitiously. Any resemblance of...