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The Forbidden Elemental (Ninjago x Reader) by ArisuraShirogane
The Forbidden Elemental (Ninjago Bingoong123
There is once a legend that by the time the moon meets the sun and the light burst, sacrifice have to be made. (Y/n) is just an ordinary orphan girl, but after encounter...
  • life
  • slice
  • ninjago
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Crappy Art Book by shortie_uwu
Crappy Art Bookby shortie
PLEASE LOOK AT RECENT CHAPTERS INSTEAD OF OLD CHAPS I BEG OF YOU hi i'm jagmi and i never learned how to fuckin read jkjk new year new cover uwu so uh i sometimes draw f...
  • fanart
  • random
  • draw
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Here's the mother fucking tea by Official_Puppet
Here's the mother fucking teaby Got what you wanted
Basically all my drama lol and I suck at handling crap so y'all gonna help me
  • drama
  • teenproblems
  • probs
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Dancer problems by tiffani163
Dancer problemsby Tiffani
Ahhhhhhh yessss we all know this Ranked #847 in humor
  • ballet
  • sotrue
  • probs
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Dancing with Dancers **1D Fanfic by doginadoggiepool
Dancing with Dancers **1D Fanficby Dog in a doggie pool
BOOK TWO (first: The Dancer) Sammie had watched them load up the tour buses without her; she watched the dance troop fly around America without her. She felt out of th...
  • gun
  • laim
  • updating
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why me? an Asa Butterfield Fanfiction by stephaniec114
why me? an Asa Butterfield stephaniec114
Faye, a mysterious girl with a dream to get a way from home and pain. She's lost someone close to her. Asa, the gorgeous boy who helps her find herself. And doesn't was...
  • boy
  • now
  • girl
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Peace And War. (Daster) by Unsettling-Fandoms
Peace And War. (Daster)by Irrelevant
OKAY. I'm not going to delete this and hey I might add on but yeah I dunno the plot seems shaky and stuff. But read it if ya want kay? ~Unsettling.
  • tenth
  • probs
  • doctor
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DREAM [prolouges.] by Misak_iYata
DREAM [prolouges.]by Misak_iYata
All prologues and prompts that I never got around to giving the justice they deserve.
  • relationship
  • multiplestories
  • action
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lust for life.random thoughts by girlsandmoney
lust for life.random thoughtsby .•.phoebe.•.
"cause we're the masters of our own fate"
  • idk
  • dodie
  • thoughts
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ill think of one later by illthinkofonelater
ill think of one laterby timelord
a girl who, while trying to just go throughout high school, finds herself dragged into many unfortunate situations
  • bts
  • high
  • teen
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another day  another cut by abbeyrose19
another day another cutby abbeyrose19
  • family
  • romance
  • self
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The Diary of a Moonwalker by meme9029
The Diary of a Moonwalkerby 80s
Daily Struggles of a Moonwalker
  • michael
  • moonwalkers
  • jackson
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Remedy of a broken heart  by aangele_
Remedy of a broken heart by Azhia (Ah-sha)
We all have everyday life struggles we face. Life isn't pretty it's sometimes draining. Some tend to fall into a state of depression battling yourself and those around y...
  • bestfriends
  • exbestfriend
  • teenfiction
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My Real Life Adventure by Itsjustmeyougirlmel
My Real Life Adventureby Suga_is_my_bias
So these r some things that happened in my family or at school and things like that so I hope u enjoy. Yes I even put things like fam probs so yup.
  • adventours
  • funny
  • famprobs
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My Favorite Songs by Au_Ca_Fa
My Favorite Songsby Śād łîttłë gįrł
Just some of my favorite songs I don't know why I'm doing this
  • probs
  • idk
  • random
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Introduction by lifewomagic
Introductionby lifewomagic
This is going to be about me, entirely about me, and about nothing else but me.
  • writing
  • probs
  • biography
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#fatgirlprobs by forallthosesilent
#fatgirlprobsby forallthosesilent
Sinclair St. Moses is a plus sized beauty pageant champion real life Barbie doll diva, and everyone around her knows it. When she kicks off #fatgirlprobs, it catches on...
  • probs
  • fat
  • eating
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Random Fandom Shit Lit. by Forget-Me-NotsAreRed
Random Fandom Shit Pour The Poison
Another one-shot dump that isn't Vocaloid. Hooray me! Cover by: justsetto (Yet again!) (MOM ILY SO MUCH IT'S EVEN PRETTIER NOW)
  • christalenz
  • heathersthemusical
  • ymir
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