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Pinterest Fails. by craftycheetah
Pinterest craftycheetah
A collection of pictures guaranteed to make you feel better about yourself.
  • funny
  • pinterest
  • lolz
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This Authors Book Of Drawings by -PetalPJM
This Authors Book Of Drawingsby Peachyu
i was just super duper bored~ so i always scrible in school so.. wanna see it~? it maybe ugly and is full of fails.. but.. why not~?
  • anime
  • justbored
  • drawings
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The worst beauty tips probably ever by unicorndaydreams212
The worst beauty tips probably everby Unicorn4life
My tips I'm not a beauty genius This will Be makeup and other beauty products And hauls Updated when I want Probably gonna have makeup memes I'm nota girly girl this is...
  • hahalol
  • fails
  • idontknowwhatimdoing
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Randomness 😆👌🏼 by FNAF_1987_woowee
Randomness 😆👌🏼by CrystalElephantKazoo
Basically some of my drawings and sketches so yeah.( A lot of them are fails) But mostly some random pictures and weird things
  • weird
  • random
  • fails
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MY LOVE  by presarialashe
MY LOVE by presaria lashe pearse
Sike he saved me
  • fails
  • funny
  • great
Fnaf memes by scarletrose12
Fnaf memesby scarletrose12
This is randomness also I have a random obsession on fnaf don't ask ok
  • weird
  • randomness
  • funny
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Countries getting something right then hurting themselves by RebeccaMinton
Countries getting something Natalya Arlovskaya
This is gonna be hetalia characters getting something correct and then they hurt themselves in some way, I will take requests!
  • oneshots
  • anime
  • funny
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Splatoon - "That Moment" Compilation by Emberheart2210
Splatoon - "That Moment" Emberheart2210
I don't think I need to explain, the title says it all (^ω^) Inspired by @AdventurousMo, go check out their "that moment" collection!
  • splatoon
  • thatmoment
  • fails
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KNB (The Misadventures of Seirin) by mhixphinji
KNB (The Misadventures of Seirin)by Akoh Aye C. Aqo
A series of one-shots... where the basketball club of our beloved phantom bare themselves in various kinds of failures and mishaps... DISCLAIMER: I do not own Kuroko no...
  • momoi
  • basketball
  • fails
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Some Harry Potter Stuff by DuskPetals
Some Harry Potter Stuffby DuskPetals
Hier poste ich ein paar Dinge über Harry Potter, die mir so einfallen ^^
  • fails
  • harrypotter
  • lustig
My Worst Epic Fail Moments by PiggyCentral
My Worst Epic Fail Momentsby Epic Piggy
This is my book of Epic Fails. This book is going to have some really short chapters..... but WHO FREAKING CARES? Answer: Everybody. :'(
  • fails
  • woot
  • isuck
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I hate...   Autocorrect by Jayteesooner
I hate... Autocorrectby Selfie_is_bae
You think you're the only one who has weird/funny/embarrassing text me ups/bloopers? WELL THINK AGAIN!! This book is a short story of some funny text fails. ENJOY ALSO C...
  • selfie
  • awesome
  • lolololol
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FairyFails series 2 by coconutcow123
FairyFails series 2by coconutcow123
This series is about ariel the mermaid who ends up risking her life for the fish-man she loves but with a slight twist at the end
  • mermaids
  • funny
  • fantasy
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Funny Text Fails  by Anu_Abi
Funny Text Fails by Book_Addict
Get a laugh out of these texts that ended up being a BIG fail!
  • text
  • funny
  • fails
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Equestrian Probs by destryobrien
Equestrian Probsby Destry O'Brien
Problems, fails, and non-equestrian fails that I've experienced as an equestrian....
  • equestrian
  • fails
  • horses
Lol jokes by OscarNorth
Lol jokesby Oscar
This book is just funny things that have happened to me, other people or things I found on the Internet. Hope you enjoy
  • humour
  • lol
  • fails
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Book de conneries ultimes by -Enia-
Book de conneries ultimesby La bande au sweat bleu pastel
Toutes nos conneries concentrées en un seul livre !
  • gaffes
  • cestnous
  • fails
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Fails in Loveland  by valeloli04
Fails in Loveland by valeloli04
There's not only one, but many guys in this story; Claire Parks has been through it all, the expectations, the daydreaming, the embarrassing moments , the stalking, the...
  • fails
  • love
  • wattpad
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