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Broken Wings - Grey's Anatomy Story by charlotte010g
Broken Wings - Grey's Anatomy Storyby Charlotte's Reads
Derek Shepherd's daughter gets sick. With her life on the line there's just one way to save her but that requires bringing someone from her past that Derek thought he wo...
A legends son by Emma75897
A legends sonby greyssloan
this is about Addison montgomrys 15 year old son and his life
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God Only Knows by ryebread2
God Only Knowsby ryebread2
16 and a half year old Ryleigh hasn't had the best life. She has never met her mother and her father is a drug addict who abuses her regularly. The only thing keeping he...
My Sister's Keeper by stephanie_swan
My Sister's Keeperby stephanie swan
Meredith thought she met all the Greys. She thought she was done. Her mother died from Alzheimer's, her father was a deadbeat drunk, her stepmother died from the hiccups...
Remedy  by captaingreys
Remedy by MCU•Greys•CMinds•AHS
Sixteen years ago Amelia Shepherd got pregnant and she had a baby girl, Scarlett. Amelia decided on giving her baby up for adoption and getting clean so she could focus...
Seeking Comfort by benslerlovin
Seeking Comfortby Bensler Lovin'
A very elusive sniper is after Olivia and Elliot, wreaking havoc on New York City in the process.
Let the Rain ▸ Amelia Shepherd by lucypcvensie
Let the Rain ▸ Amelia Shepherdby cait 𓆸
❝say it loud and go from there.❞ After failing her surgical intern exam, Juliet Reyes was faced with two choices: leave the medical profession altogether or find someth...
Little Miss Montgomery-Shepherd  by kepzonafan
Little Miss Montgomery-Shepherd by kepzonafan
You're Addison and Derek's teenage daughter. The story is going to be long because it starts even before season 1... I hope it will be worth the reading<3 And I have...
It's me and you by badlandsh93
It's me and youby badlandsh93
Secret love between Addison and Meredith who is getting married, but to a wrong person, Derek. Who will she end up with?
Soothe by Bobbiejelly
Sootheby bobbiejelly
In Which Meredith teaches Addison how to self-soothe. Before Meredith married Derek, and After she'd almost told Addison she liked her. F/F. Meredith Grey/Addison Montgo...
Meredith Grey-Montgomery by meraddismytherapy
Meredith Grey-Montgomeryby meradd's adulterous love child
Story inspired from MEREDITH GREY-MONTGOMERY (ON HIATUS) by @spirals905 What if Ellis had another affair? What if one of her one night stands causes her to make a decisi...
Love The Way You Lie by Bobbiejelly
Love The Way You Lieby bobbiejelly
Derek Shepherd, your husband, hits you- but you stayed until you couldn't stand up anymore. Your best friend Mark Sloan helped you leave him and you two had some adulter...
Falling, Falling. Fell. by NiceMiniPotato
Falling, Falling. NiceMiniPotato
Both Addison and Meredith moved away from Seattle, albeit temporarily, looking for a change. However, they were each surprised as they discovered they were actually neig...
Second Person (The Diary of Addison Montgomery) by Bobbiejelly
Second Person (The Diary of bobbiejelly
You're 'in love' again. -Addison Montgomery As written to herself in her personal diary.
Runaway Train by Stephanie_M123
Runaway Trainby Stephanie
Amelia's life was at a crossroads. Most people had given up on her by now. After further fallout at home and with her mother, she no longer feels welcome in her own home...
With Time by BenandBailey
With Timeby BenandBailey
Miranda and Ben have a beautiful prom night...which results in a beautiful baby girl. Brielle Ezra Nichols, 16 years later. Brielle and Her mom come back to celebrate he...
Will I hurt you like they hurt me? by loveislikeicing
Will I hurt you like they hurt me?by Kay
Amelia's never felt so at home with Kai. She didn't fall in love, she didn't pursue a relationship with them because she needed it. She truly wasn't planning being in lo...
L.A by greyscalliemeraddie
L.Aby greys.sO..6
Addison Montgomery decided to head off to L.A leaving the past behind....but what happens when to people from her past Accidentally follows her there (meradd romance) (...
Walking Into Walls On Dry Land by Bobbiejelly
Walking Into Walls On Dry Landby bobbiejelly
Meredith Grey keeps finding herself walking into walls on dry land when she sees Addison Montgomery around the corner. F/F. MerAdd. meddison. Meredith Grey/Addison Montg...
Ten Times That Addison and Meredith Got Groceries Together by Bobbiejelly
Ten Times That Addison and bobbiejelly
(And also the times where they actually didn't...). F/F. MerAdd. meddison. Meredith Grey/Addison Montgomery. Rated M.