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After the Stream (KiriKamiDeku) by lyzard_fan_fics
After the Stream (KiriKamiDeku)by lyzard_fan_fics
This do be a college au doe, ok moving onto the description now. Izuku and Iida are dormmates, but they're section of dorms is being put under construction after there w...
Attempt (Hawks x Male OC) by silverowlbells
Attempt (Hawks x Male OC)by silverowlbells
After another one of his relationships was ruined by the commission, Hawks decides to take his life into his own hands and fake date someone the commission can't get rid...
Spaz and Noirette by Notafruit1752
Spaz and Noiretteby M3rc
Creek (South Park) Enjoy Craig is a loving upfront asshole Tweek is a coffee bean who twitches
Whats a mate? (THIAM) by xiMaGh0sT
Whats a mate? (THIAM)by XimtheghostX
Hi okay, I hate this story it's written bad really bad hahha so I'm going to rewrite it and fix it! Enjoy at least The characters are not mine they are from Teen wolf...
The Agency (Try-Hard Part 2) by silverowlbells
The Agency (Try-Hard Part 2)by silverowlbells
(Contains major spoilers for BNHA and Try-Hard!) Jun and Katsuki have grown up and are now 22. Katsuki's working hard trying to become the top hero in Japan while Jun w...
Figuring Things Out: Blaze x Daniel by ManilaPeaka
Figuring Things Out: Blaze x Danielby ManilaPeaka
This fic is dead sorry 🤠
Danganronpa v3 chatfic by ZeroMori
Danganronpa v3 chatficby Yumeko Moriyama
My only goal for this is to have at least 1/2 chat and 1/2 fic. I've read a lot of chatfics, so a lot of inspiration comes from them. There's about two chatfics where yo...
yo yo yo supernatural preferences (DISCONTINUED) by dannystarbomb
yo yo yo supernatural sebastian
pretty straight forward, it's a book about preferences with the boys and angels and maybe Charlie
Where do the Bad Kids Go? by Sawamura_Koushi
Where do the Bad Kids Go?by bubblegumpinklips
It has all of the warnings in the first chapter, but I might add more later on. I do not own anything! It is only my storyline! I do not own DanPlan and I do not own the...
Over Again by StellaSheehyHebb
Over Againby Stella Sheehy Hebb
Draco regretted being rude to Ron Weasley on his first day at Hogwarts. No he wasn't in love, he could barely stand the guy. But maybe, if he'd been polite, Harry would'...
We Fall Again (Joji x Maxmoefoe) by _Silent_Kry_
We Fall Again (Joji x Maxmoefoe)by _Silent_Kry_
Fm D7 C Fm D7 C We Fall Again, We Fall Again... Fm D7 C Fm D7 C We Fall Again, We Fall Again. (Repeat Fm D7 C) When you turn around I lose visi...
Creepypasta Gay Oneshots by CursedNox
Creepypasta Gay Oneshotsby CursedNox
The title practically explains itself CURRENTLY UNDER REVISIONS AND EDITING I will allow requests of ships and scenarios so please leave some in the comments.
(OC - Daron X Alistair) Late Night Fight by courtstar4
(OC - Daron X Alistair) Late C. Rose
just a thing for some ocs between a friend and i, you might find that daron is familiar if you read that one other story, but ignore this
pics  by kookiecookie374
pics by kookiecookie374
Pics I can't have in my gallery cause it's "too suggestive"
a story i wrote for my DUMB yal class in may by tigerjaw
a story i wrote for my DUMB yal (tr)ashton
My class was made up of seven people and we had to write a story that took place in this made up town and everyone voted for it to be called Lazy Town so judge me. Thi...
The Love Between Friends by FangirlinOverFandoms
The Love Between Friendsby Marina
This is going to be a compilation of little stories about me, and 4 of my friends who all happen to love each other.
Smol Oneshots by shoujo-ayee
Smol Oneshotsby 🌷
i need a place to put these okay