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🥀 Act Like You Love Me 🥀  by SizzlinCosentino
🥀 Act Like You Love Me 🥀 by 🤠X_Marissa_X🤠
Mattia and Kairi make a deal to make mattia's crush like him, which leads to Kairi having feelings for Mattia. ••KxM•• Deadass, Ion even know any...
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KatsuDeku One-Shots // Vol. 1 by WastedBucks
KatsuDeku One-Shots // Vol. 1by 𝙒𝙭𝙨𝙩𝙚𝙙᪥
The original book was anonymously removed without me yeah that's just gReAt So everything is gonna be rewritten which is nOt fun at all. But at least my wri...
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(Superjail!) The Warden X Reader by Jinx_Ivory
(Superjail!) The Warden X Readerby Jinx Ivory
Superjail. The place where every horrible criminal goes to serve time and death. But what happens when a girl enters the prison? Trust me, its not so pretty! What will t...
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Idk here's some SovAme because why not by Bigdaddycommunist
Idk here's some SovAme because Bigdaddycommunist
idk I saw a picture and that inspired this mess of a enjoy??? please don't hate me ó-ò I'm just a simple SovAme shipper now I guess, yes I still like ThirdUn...
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Blaze x Daniel by ManilaPeaka
Blaze x Danielby ManilaPeaka
I cant decide if I'm really bad at remebering this exists or if I'm just stupid.
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Where do the Bad Kids Go? by Aubz56
Where do the Bad Kids Go?by HairyLesbi
It has all of the warnings in the first chapter, but I might add more later on. I do not own anything! It is only my storyline! I do not own DanPlan and I do not own the...
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Spaz and Noirette by Notafruit1752
Spaz and Noiretteby SeRgeAnt CiTrUs
Creek story (South Park) (I'm changing up the story a bit, not any plot points will be changed I'm just gonna try to make it more enjoyable to read) Tweek is a coffee...
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My Oc's! by A-Gay-Username_
My Oc's!by A Little Bi Bitch-
just incase I'm a lazy A-Hole that doesn't want to fill out the form...
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Random Pieces of Writing by PuppyHeccs
Random Pieces of Writingby Puppy Hearts
Random writing pieces that might become stories. Feel free to judge my writing.
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just random by virtueii
just randomby | 𝘳𝘢𝘻𝘶𝘳𝘢
❝ her memories were beads jumbled loose in a box, unstrung ❞ just to put some things in here that probably don't fit the whole art book aesthetic wahoo → imaged used for...
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Random part 5 by itswallhereboi
Random part 5by Ok boomer
Well Well Well Well Well Well Welllllllllllllllll I'm back at it again
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Good omens things by hi123hi456uu
Good omens thingsby Tired
contains memes,fanart,and random posts I found
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Mine by rainbowstickerz
Mineby Jloowho
Mark realizes that he's growing up and starts thinking of adult things. Adult things that he's not sure if he really wants to do with Renjun just yet, but then again the...
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Creepypasta Gay Oneshots by Nox_DarkStar
Creepypasta Gay Oneshotsby Nox_DarkStar
The title practically explains itself I will allow requests of ships and scenarios so please leave some in the comments
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Understanding by SpicePlant
Understandingby Spices
Understanding is a story about Countries wanting to understand how to forgive others and most importantly, themselves. America needs to let go of the past. He needs to...
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The Girl Accident by GwenSmith8
The Girl Accidentby BakuDaddy~
kirishima got hit by a quirk that makes him look like a girl for a few days bakugo see's kirishima and starts hitting on him kirishima decides to role with it thinking h...
The Bad Boy's Obsession by mesmerizing_boy
The Bad Boy's Obsessionby mesmerizing_boy
"An obsession with something is an unhealthy, extreme interest in it. When someone is obsessed, they've lost control of their feelings about the object of their obs...
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Hamilshots! Hamilton one shots lez go by WolfieCat22
Hamilshots! Hamilton one shots ToastandJam
Just like, the title says it all
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Pink! Lemonade by KittenKrystal
Pink! Lemonadeby KitKat
Here, another cringey/random story ;^; (I put too many gay tags on it-) Story is told mostly in Berry's POV (sometimes third person cause I find it more fitting)
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Heart of Grenades by X_BillCipher_X
Heart of Grenadesby Razzle Dazzle Dorito
A much sad BakuDeku (Katsudeku) breakup story. It would mean a lot if you read this. :3 I've been trying really hard to make a good story and be noticed :p
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