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(finished) Part 1: Highschool comes with many complications, confusion, and conflicts. It's hard to come out to people, especially if it's one of the first times. Noah t...
Frozen Solitude by Shell-Shell4
Frozen Solitudeby Shell-Shell4
Jackson Overland Pitchiner, popularly called Jack Frost, is the son of The Nightmare King. He was born on the Isle of the Lost. Unlike most teens on the Isle, he's a l...
High School Treachery | ✓ by moonchildkayy
High School Treachery | ✓by moonchildkayy
"The best defense against the treacherous is treachery." In Arlin Preparatory High School, where the students seem to live by this code, Lyndon Prince has beco...
The Thief (Descendants/Jay Fanfiction) by MarenaxoxoLOL
The Thief (Descendants/Jay Marena
IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE MOVIE DISNEY'S DESCENDANTS THEN I SUGGEST YOU DON'T READ THIS......or you can. Its up to you! :) Ellie is the child of the villain who is innoce...
Gothic Little by KikoH2010
Gothic Littleby Cry Fox
Kerin is your average 17 year old girl with an average American family. Hard working parents nice house, good school, the only thing that's different is her personality...
No More Goody Two Shoes [Emo Love Story] by batstarling
No More Goody Two Shoes [Emo batstarling
Samatha Molina was the happy-go-lucky, blonde sweetheart. She was happy in life, as it had always seemed. She never once had gotten into any trouble. Until the day she m...
Brett Talbot imagines by findthatfantasy
Brett Talbot imaginesby findthatfantasy
Exactly what the title says.
Descendant Hearts by LKWillowsX
Descendant Heartsby LKWillowsX
Lizzy Hearts is the daughter of The Queen of Hearts. She gets whisked off to Aurdon Prep with her best friends Evie, Mal, Carlos and Jay. Long live evil they started as...
[Book 1] Sofia The First: Once Upon A Princess by LeonaMherize
[Book 1] Sofia The First: Once Leonaein
Note: This will be a remake version of my first book of this story :) Date: September 18 Prince Hugo and Prince Axel of Welshire wanted to have a sister and so did their...
The Hunger Games: Annie Cresta by katpry
The Hunger Games: Annie Crestaby katpry
We all know that Annie Cresta is the victor who went crazy inside the arena, and is the person that Finnick Odair loves the most. What is her story though? Who was she b...
Rue's Games by OnHerToes
Rue's Gamesby Sara
When disaster strikes in the Hunger Games, Rue must fend for herself. Can she win the Games and become a victor? Beyond that, can she aid a rebellion aged only thirteen...
The Fires of Spring (Larry AU) by hipsta_pleasee
The Fires of Spring (Larry AU)by Fluorescent Adolescent
Harry is in a punk band. Louis is the new prep kid. It should be a problem. But it's not. or; The one where Louis has a slight depression that always nags in the back of...
Sofia The First: Once Upon A Princess by LeonaMherize
Sofia The First: Once Upon A Leonaein
Hugo and his family wanted to have a sister very much they all went to the village orphanage to adopt one... There they discovered a girl named Ally who...
Realiti Budak Asrama by FzHziq
Realiti Budak Asramaby faizhaziqismail
Membongkarkan segala aktiviti budak-budak asrama yang sangat 'baik'. Realiti yang mungkin boleh menukarkan fikiran mak anda untuk mengambil anda dari asrama (kalau mak...
Bombshell by dakristina
Bombshellby DA
Deanna Rhodes came to Northbend Prep for a new start. She wan't expecting to immediately be roped into a plan to take down the most popular kids in school: the Beau Mond...
Voodoo Child | #DESCENDANTS ✓ by jetstar1098
Voodoo Child | #DESCENDANTS ✓by Matilda Grace
#DISNEYDESCENDANTS || COMPLETE Parents are a sensitive issue on the Isle of the Lost. From a cruel mother to a single father with a missing wife, it is no walk in the p...
The Ignored Princess Meets the Tortured Prince by myspecialworlds
The Ignored Princess Meets the myspecialworlds
Kirsten Daniels, a very popular girl in school, and Lucas Thompson, one of the school's outcasts, get thrown together by fate. But will they try to keep their distance o...
a sun that never sets by nyxiekitsune
a sun that never setsby karlie nyx
After one year at Bridewater College, Honoria Song likes to consider herself a veteran. She still has the same goals, but she's grown up a lot in the past year. Through...
Thinking About Girls [SHORT VERSION] [SAMPLE] ✅ by Biscuit1220
Thinking About Girls [SHORT Missy
"Been thinking about girls lately." × × × Short version. ××× copyright © 2020 - Missy. ×
we smile at the moon by nyxiekitsune
we smile at the moonby karlie nyx
Honoria Song was at Bridewater College with goals: good academic grades, a strong social network, to improve her magic and to try things she'd never dared to back home...