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Two Parts Of Me by Insane_Insomniac13
Two Parts Of Meby XeroEnd
Let's just say Morro drives Lloyd to the brink of Insanity.
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Infinity - a Greenflame story by magicalcookie664
Infinity - a Greenflame storyby I try my best
"9 years ago, Lord Garmadon pushed his 8 year old son into a wardrobe and tried to kill him. He failed." Lloyd's haunted by his past, barely managing to appea...
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Always and Forever (A Ninjago Fanfiction) by Anime_Trash_for_life
Always and Forever (A Ninjago Kagehina Is OTP
Jay and Cole have always been best friends but when disaster stricks, only true love conquers all. Find out what happens in 'Always and Forever (A Ninjago fanfiction.)'
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"What Is Wrong With Me?"~ A Greenflame Story  by AlexIsWeird233
"What Is Wrong With Me?"~ A Alex
This is a separate storyline than like my other two. But, the story is about how after battling against a powerful creature, Kai starts behaving more aggressively to the...
Ninjago Texts by Rainbowaway
Ninjago Textsby Imeda
You ever wonder what would happen if the ninja made a group chat? What crazy shit would go down? Well, now you know! Let's be honest, a shit ton of memes, spam, and rand...
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Where Did it go so wrong.  The Overlords reign and Kai's Transformation  by moonriseprime
Where Did it go so wrong. The moonriseprime
The final battle didn't go as planned. The Overlord won, all but Kai in corrupted. Join Kai as he spends the next eighteen years gaining new powers, new hope and ultimat...
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A week to remember [GreenFlame/boyxboy] by Jessicahehe
A week to remember [GreenFlame/ Jessica
"Lloyd?" "Go a-away!" The 17 year old ninja yelled. "I know there's something wrong... Please... just know that I'm here if you need to talk...
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Greenflame and Brusieshipping by MC_lover
Greenflame and Brusieshippingby MC_lover
GreenFlame, Brusieshipping, and many more to be mentioned later on or developed. Also I don't really check up on my editor when I lost things, so... bye. ***Found pictur...
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Greenflame by ReadWriteWhatever
Greenflameby ReadWriteWhatever
It was an average day for the ninjas but, all good things come to an end. An old villain comes back with shocking news about one of the ninjas, would this effect the t...
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FORGOTTEN NINJA by Clanceshipper
Forgotten ninja "Some may say that over time pain vanishes. But you may be fooled if you think that. I know what pain is and how it starts. I know what betrayal is...
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The fever of love 2 ( greenflame fanfic ) by nagusuzu
The fever of love 2 ( greenflame Amuletheartchan 2
Let me explain. First this isn't copying. Second just read to fine out everything you need to understand. All I can say is that amuletheartchan finally gonna continue he...
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Ninjago Question and Dare by Star_OfTheShow
Ninjago Question and Dareby Star
I do not own Ninjago
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Kai x lloyd by whawoah
Kai x lloydby
Lloyd starts feeling weird around Kai, he knows hes not sick. He's in love, but Kai wouldn't love him. At least thats what he thinks. Does Kai actually like him too or d...
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Love Takes Time❤️🖤💚 by tinycupcakes_54
Love Takes Time❤️🖤💚by purplzzzz
A story that takes place during season 5. Kai never really felt any romantic feelings towards Lloyd, until Morro gets in the way. Is it possible for something as small a...
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Abused,but there's love (Greenflame/Dark/Love/Abuse) {Completed} by NinjaGem500
Abused,but there's love ( Lisha
When Kai messes up on a mission causing them to fail Jay,Zane,and Cole get angry at Kai. Kai keeps on apologizing to them witch causes them to get more mad they start be...
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Silently suffering by TakemeToJailBoiiiii
Silently sufferingby ArcticSnowKwamii
Zane had a horrible past and never talked that much about himself but when Cole noticed something wrong with Zane, Zane runs away very far comes back and gets kidnapped...
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Ninjago Smut (Oneshots) by AlyssaHQ
Ninjago Smut (Oneshots)by FennecFox
Damn I've sinned smh. My childhood is ruined by my own imagination. Also a lot of kinky stuff lol Stuff straight and gay ;)
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A Greenflame Love Story.  by Kgleaso2904
A Greenflame Love Story. by Music lover
Lloyd has a crush on Kai and doesn't know how to tell him along goes with Kai. This love story has lemon and maybe lovey dovey stuff in it to. I hope you guys like my...
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A fire's shadow by Blazetwin88
A fire's shadowby Blaze
(this is a rewrite of the original 'the power of nightmares' book. Previously named 'The shadow of the fire') Season one: Ninjago, a peaceful place that is under the pro...
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Down For The Count (A Lego Ninjago Kai Fanfiction) by Fire_Oblivious
Down For The Count (A Lego Fire_Oblivious
Kai gets sent out on a 'mission' all by himself but things don't go as planed when Kai doesn't come back... What will happen next? ❤️🌈💚❤️🌈💚❤️🌈💚❤️🌈💚❤️🌈💚 Okay...
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